Attractive Moment
Attractive Moment
Mikiya Kobayashi

ATTRACTIVE MOMENT is a collection of wallpapers designed for Sangetsu that extracts beautiful moments hidden in everyday life. The circumstances that sometimes feel negative may also have a beautiful charm.

A "crack" created by dropping a plate, a "wrinkle" on a leather product, the "rust" coming out on a bicycle left outside over the time, or a "bleed" created by spilling ink or food, even the moment when you go out and the "rain" suddenly starts falling; all these moments have their charm and can be seen in a beautiful way.

In this collection, CRACK, WRINKLE, RUST, BLEED, RAIN are the inspiring motifs of such hidden beauty, extracted to create the wallpaper design.


The design expresses the hidden beauty of the contrast between the fine crack lines that may occur in a dropped ceramic object and the glossiness of the surface. The texture and colour gradations creates a 3D effect, which is even enhanced when exposed to light.


Wrinkles in leather are considered a defect, but they have been turned into an attractive pattern by changing their scale. The depth of wrinkles is expressed through changes in the colour composition and gradation.


The rust has a negative feeling when partially appearing on objects, but covering evenly an entire wall with such a pattern can express a comfortable warmth, thanks to its natural texture.


Inspired by drops of ink on Washi paper, the design carefully examines the colour gradation to give the impression of ink penetrating in the wall. This delicate expression turns into an attractive pattern when repeated on the wall.


The surrounding scenery, car lights, and street lights can be very attractive during a rainy day. This pattern translates the view of a rainy night seen through the window, with an effect of raindrops reflecting city lights on the wall.