Chimbarongo 12-Light PET Lamp

Pet lamp
Chimbarongo 12-Light PET Lamp
Chimbarongo 12-Light PET Lamp
Pet lamp
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Chimbarongo, known in Chile as “The Wicker Capital”, has a long tradition of working with this material. As one of the main global producers of wicker, Chile has definitely offered us one of the most complete experiences in the basketry tradition and each of the processes it involves: the harvest of wicker, storage and preparation prior to weaving. Wicker is famous for its flexibility, but still remains a rigid material, usually handled by men who work with wet stems to make it more flexible. Nowadays, Chilean artisans use their own tools to measure the width and thickness of the wicker stems. During the weaving process of the PET Lamp, they use wood moulds, previously designed in Madrid, to maintain the shape, and specially calibrated stems that harmoniously join the plastic stripes of the PET bottle.

The challenge of this project is to achieve a contemporary design product that adheres to the principles and structure of traditional wicker work, with the hope that one day it could be transformed into an alternative form of social integration.

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