Wild Thing
Wild Thing
Ghislaine Viñas
Flavor Paper
United States

Say goodbye to long, bumpy plane rides and instead bring the tropical vacation straight to your home with Wild Thing, which is created in collaboration with Ghislane Viñas. Taking cues from classic banana leaf and palm patterns, Wild Thing takes the print to a new modern aesthetic with enormous, photorealistic leaves beautifully laid out in a non-repeating mural. Consisting of photographs taken by her partner and husband, Jaime Viñas, Ghislane’s vision of a tropical paradise is brought to life. Wild Thing is offered in four standard colorways, and with the option of full customization you can make your vacation as hot or cool as you please. insert palm tree emoji here


Please remember scale and color ways are customizable at Flavor Paper!

“I’ve been a bit obsessed with anything jungle or tropical lately, and a month-long trip to South Africa, where I spent my childhood did nothing but fuel that interest. I’m excited to see how the design will be used in different interiors.”

— Ghislaine Viñas


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