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Produkt • By InnovationsContoured Suede

Contoured Suede

A practical luxury, Contoured Suede pairs a soft fibrous surface with an allover embossed pattern that complements the directional nap of the suede. Organic, swirling lines add dimension to the textile wallcovering while controlling how light plays across its elegant surface. Borrowing a technique typically used for automobile upholstery, Contoured Suede’s polyester and cellulose construction makes it a very usable and touchable suede for light-traffic hospitality and residential interiors. Mehr

Projekt • By PLUS ULTRA studioWohnungen

ALM | Domestic Jungle Apt

Two levels for a young family of four: the project has been an opportunity to experiment with new combinations of materials, colours and textures, creating different scenarios within the same apartment. The reuse and refurbishment of the large space of the attic allowed to experience an unconventional layout with the living area extended on two levels: on the lower level a cosy and spacious entrance area in continuity with dining area and kitchen; on the upper level a large living area characterised by sloped ceilings and a large terrace. The lower floor plays on the presence of greenery, real and illusory: in front of the entrance a large wall covered with a "palm jungle" motif wallpaper, by Cole&Son, hides the door towards the sleep... Mehr

Produkt • By InnovationsRangoli


This Type II vinyl wallcovering reinterprets traditional motifs made of sand and flower petals into colorful, large-scale prints on metal foil. Mehr

Projekt • By GLAMORA S.r.lHotels


Among their other functions, both utilitarian and aesthetic, large-scale wallcoverings create truly immersive environments. Spanish architects Boconni Projects recognised the potential of Glamora’s wallcoverings to create an exotic parallel universe when it refurbished the lower ground-floor breakfast room at Valencia’s landmark Meliá Plaza Hotel. In this subterranean space reminiscent of the streamlined lower deck of an Art Deco ocean liner, Juan Boconni, CEO of Boconni Projects, and his team brought the outdoors in, lining its walls and ceiling with Glamora’s Exotic design, which features oversized, luxuriant palm fronds and other lush vegetation that you might find in a conservatory. According to the architects,... Mehr

Projekt • By PuertoyMartín ArchitectsPrivathäuser

'Blue House'

The design of ‘Blue House’ was determined from the very start of the process by the exposed concrete beam that runs parallel to the facade, dividing the apartment in two areas: the wide, sun-drenched space by the windows and balcony, and a long, narrow and much darker space on the entrance side.   To address this situation, we designed a ‘blue-coloured’ millwork piece along the entrance wall, extending the color on the ceiling towards the beam. This built-in piece provides with a working area, storage space, and a hidden washer & dryer set. Eventually, it could also hold an extra sleeping unit for guests with a comfortable couch below the shelves.   The open kitchen sit... Mehr