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Projet • By LAB ArchitectsLogement

Housing Celovska 175

The residential building Celovška 175 is located in Šiška, in an area where multi-apartment typology predominates in the north and south, and single-apartment construction predominates in the east. Caption Therefore, one of the goals in the design was the fact of how to place an object in the space that will connect the wider area. At the same time, we were aware that the building will co-create a new image along Celovška cesta. Despite the simple and logical design of the building, we wanted above all to surpass the existing construction in terms of design. Caption We designed four typical residential floors, which we arranged "randomly" vertically, around a central communication core. Following the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingPaysage résidentiel

The Campton

The Campton is a newly developed property in Hong Kong. As a response to the theme "The Future is Life", the aluminum façade is adorned with a golden copper mesh, which is inspired by the elements of QR code and the Matrix. Horizontally bendable Flexglo™ F22 with 3000k and vertically bendable F23 with 4000k are used in this project. The goal is to create multiple vertical highlights illuminating from a far distance, which echoes the futuristic theme, thus outlining a unique boutique-style living environment. This spectacular lighting makes the property a trendy landmark in the city. Caption   En savoir plus

Projet • By RENSONBureaux


Hilverdaflorist Offices, The Netherlands  - Structure coated linarte façade sections. -(Straight Even 25). Linarte Wall cladding. With Linarte, façades or façade sections can be finished to create a sleek whole using vertical profiles in various designs, both inside and outside. Gates or doors can also be clad with Linarte, allowing them to blend seamlessly into a uniform façade. Caption The façade system offers many design possibilities thanks to the various vertical aluminium façade panels that can be used and the integration options for, among other things, doors, lighting, logos and fire extinguishing facilities. Linarte is available in virtually all finishes, such as RAL, NCS, co... En savoir plus

Projet • By Atelier Bracket ArchitectsCentres commerciaux

Mango Hypermarket

Redefining the retail shopping experience, and organizing the layout in sequence follow people's shopping habits. Store layout begins with a series of checkout counters and product shelving/display followed by a buffer space in between. The store holds a wide range of products, produce, soft drinks, chilled produce, roastery, dairy products, food & non-food products, bakery, butchery, households, and garments on a 40,000 sqft shop floor. The layout is organized on the ground floor, to begin with, produce and ends with butchery and the rest are placed in between.Structural Challenges. Caption Caption The building is located on a convex curvature of the main road. 30 m offset is provided at the front for parking and buffer spac... En savoir plus

Projet • By ArchitectkiddBureaux

Now 26

Architectkidd has completed the design of a building using steel tubing as its primary material. Spaceshift Studio The building, a production studio and offices for a television station, is a renovation of an existing structure. During the initial stage of the project, the removal of the old cladding exposed the existing steel structure along with the electrical and services installation. 19mm steel hollow tubes were selected as an economic and utilitarian material to compliment the structure and systems remaining in place after the renovation. Spaceshift Studio Spaceshift Studio Spaceshift Studio The use of steel tubing allowed the design to be developed ‘inside-out’. The tubes were used throughout the int... En savoir plus

Projet • By Miguel de la TorreCentres commerciaux

Liverpool La Perla Facade

The project is located in the La Perla Shopping Center District, in the City of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. It is an exercise in urban integration that combines modernity through architecture and tradition in the activities of the community in Jalisco. Caption The facade converges at a vertex that forms the union of two avenues, it is formed by a grid of triangular modules with flat pieces and in low relief, forming a subtracted pyramid, which when rotated allows multiple variables, and when combined it manages to transmit the sensation of movement. The texture rotates along the walls of the façade, which points and accentuates the main access to the store. In addition to the set of reliefs, the same geometry has been transferred... En savoir plus

Projet • By Thomas Kröger ArchitektenLogement

Wohnhaus Erhardtstraße

The special location of the narrow and at the same time deep building site directly at the rushing Isar, flanked by listed buildings, the German Museum vis-a-vis and the Gärtnerplatz with its virulent hustle and bustle in the back, offered ample reason to deal in detail with the proud Munich cityscape. The aim was to complement the historic boulevard with a pleasantly integrated, elegant and at the same time identity-creating residential building as a city building block. The design elements of the neighboring historic facades with their heterogeneous structures were taken up in scale and translated into contemporary material and design. © Philipp Obkircher The high craftsmanship of the facade design forms the prelude to a b... En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingBureaux

28 Stanley

28 Stanley [28SS] is a 31-floor building located right in the heart of Central, Hong Kong.  Classified as a “Grade A” building, the highest rating of aesthetics and functionality, the architecture is perfect for prestigious offices & fine-dining restaurants. The lighting director chose silicone encapsulated Flexglo™ F23 LED lights to light up the facade. Caption Small F23 light strip are fitted along a number of parallel lines to make the dynamic yet uneven facade to pop out in the bustling central business district of Hong Kong. The various illuminated long lines make a great adoration to the skyline. En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingThéâtres

Biostaden Cinema

Biostaden Cinema is a movie theater in Uddevalla, Sweden. Flexglo™ F21 LED light has a wide beam angle of up to 160 degrees, perfect for signage lighting. The lighting engineer picked red for the light fixture to match the brand color. F21 lights are flexible enough to be aligned along the curved shapes of letters and brand logo, delivering continuous and uniform lighting. Switch on the power and the letters will look like float off the air. This not only helps moviegoers locate the theater easily, but also enhances brand memory and eventually drums up businesses.  Clear LED lights have a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, helping save electric bills for end users. The PVC C-Mask™ technology protects the surface from UV,... En savoir plus

Projet • By Clear LightingPaysage résidentiel

Shau Kei Wan

Shau Kei Wan is a neighborhood in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island. Flexglo™ F22 LED lights are deployed to illuminate the sculptural geometric facade of one apartment building there. The horizontally bendable F22 light fixtures are mounted invisibly below the black line and create an indirect warm glow to give the low-profile building a striking visual identity. En savoir plus

Projet • By A&M ARCHITECTSBureaux

Office Complex in the heart of Athens

Following ZOIA’s invitation to submit a design proposal in a closed competition between well-known Greek firms, A&M was selected to carry the radical renovation of a 4-storey office building on Vasilissis Amalias Avenue in the heart of Athens. With the aim of incorporating a contemporary face to a building that communicates with the Historical Center of the city along with all the surrounding archaeological monuments, a new façade was designed to coexist harmoniously with the location’s rich history and its surrounding historical elements. Originally constructed in 1977, the property consists of 4 stories and 2 basement levels and rooftop with a panoramic view to the city.  A&M Architects With A&M&r... En savoir plus

Produit • By JansenVISS RC


Façade anti-effraction: solution système testée pour une protection accrue des ouvrages Pour assurer une protection supérieure des ouvrages, Jansen lance VISS RC4, un nouveau perfectionnement de la solution système anti-effraction RC3. Avec VISS RC4, Jansen répond au besoin croissant à la fois d’une sécurité élevée et d’un usinage et d’un montage simples. La construction VISS RC4, visuellement identique à la façade VISS standard, ne laisse apparaître aucun élément anti-effraction visible. Il est ainsi possible de réaliser différentes exigences au niveau de l’ouvrage, dans un ensemble homog&egr... En savoir plus

Produit • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretS 36 T

S 36 T

S 36 T system is an economic and tested sliding system with thermal barrier, which has low aluminium consumption. The sash applications up to the 120 kg is possible. It is compatible with the S 36 KS system. Beside having diverse opening options, it is also suitable for various glazing options. En savoir plus

Produit • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretDS 70

DS 70

New Generation Door and Window System interal DS 70, the new member of the Door and Window systems product group, has been designed as a system after developments of the most preferred ST series which will fit perfectly into all architectural styles in global markets, with its high performance values ​​and different finishing details. In addition to its sleek design, interal DS 70 Door and Window system can answer to all of your expectations in your projects with the advantages of performance values ​​such as 1200 Pa waterproof performance, 34 mm thermal insulation barrier and low aluminum consumption. The new generation system interal DS 70 offers the best price-performance criteria and gives your facades an elegant look with the new gen... En savoir plus

Produit • By Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve TicaretSL 45

SL 45

SL 45 is a sliding system with high thermal insulation values, provides aesthetic appearance with its 45 mm narrow profile section and maximizes visual contact with the external environment. Thanks to the glazing bead profiles and accessories with no screw usage, SL 45 system also offers low workmanship and installation costs.  Stainless steel and high resistant polyamid rail profiles provide silent movement compared to traditional and conventional systems. En savoir plus