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Concrete flooring

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All About Concrete Flooring

Concrete is an ideal architectural material. With its distinctive beauty, it brings life to interiors with varied finishing techniques and vibrant colors. It combines with other building materials to create a perfect harmony. Concrete floors are extremely easy to clean and durable. In colder regions, concrete is an appropriate material for flooring and roofing as it absorbs solar radiation. A simple concrete floor treated with chemicals, also known as polished concrete, is a sophisticated choice for flooring in modern architecture. The surface can be decked with decorative techniques like painting, stamping and staining to blend with any interior.

Concrete flooring, being extremely hard and strong, is a suitable flooring option for industries and residences, indoor as well as outdoor spaces. It is undoubtedly one of the most resilient flooring options, with a capability to resist risk of scratching, temperature variations and fire. Additionally, concrete flooring can also act as a base for various temporary flooring, like rubber mats, soft play mats or artificial turf. Due to its strong nature, concrete flooring requires minimal maintenance. Modern techniques include adding dyes or coloring agents to give concrete flooring a unique finish. Its modern and rustic style, combined with the right accessories makes it ideal in enhancing aesthetic appeal.

With concrete flooring, there is an array of best-value flooring options which offer durability and flexibility. The wide range of flooring options include polished concrete flooring, epoxy flooring, colored or decorative concrete floor with matte or glossy finish. Providing the best option, which suits the consumer’s personal specifications and requirements is a trademark of leading companies dealing with rubber flooring manufacturing.

Although concrete floors are exceptionally resilient, these will eventually lose original luster with a lack of maintenance. Daily maintenance includes dusting and mopping with a floor cleanser. A neutral-ph cleaner is recommended for periodic maintenance to remove stains that can abrade the surface of polished concrete. The maintenance regime required is decided by the amount of traffic the floor receives. Outdoor or industrial areas will require more frequent cleaning than residential floors.

Concrete cracking is inevitable and natural, but generally does not compromise with the strength of the floor. Concrete, when first poured is a liquid and hardens into a solid. This shrinking often results in thin cracks. Sometimes cracks are also caused by vigorous environmental changes and weakly laid foundations. Rehabilitation of cracked floors can be done through concrete resurfacing. This process involves patching the spalled areas by spreading the resurfacer in all recesses. With a variety of decorative overlays, the surface imperfections can be disguised in an appealing manner. 

Concrete can do much to augment the interior of any personal or commercial building. The magnificent bright colors and luster instigate a beauty that when combined with lighting creates a deeper meaning to the overall beauty of any setting.