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Concrete roof tiles

Find products and manufacturers of concrete roof tiles. Request information and download catalogues. Filter on availability and brands. Sort your selection on featured or recently added.

All about Concrete Roof Tiles


Concrete roof tiles are a popular option among roofing contractors and property developers for a number of reasons. Firstly, these types of tiles are extremely versatile as they can be found in a multitude of designs, colors and shapes. Furthermore, concrete is a very tough material that is difficult to damage.

Maintenance remains at minimal levels with concrete roof tiles. Occasional cleaning needs to be done to remove mildew and moss. Needless to say, concrete tiles are highly durable and easily last more than 100 years. With high fire resistance properties, concrete tiles reduce the impact of damage that fire accidents could cause.

Visually appealing, multicolored patterns on roof can be achieved with concrete tiles. There are concrete products available that emulate materials such as wood, shingle and slate. Reasonable eco-friendliness can be associated with concrete as a roofing material. In the long run, concrete is also highly affordable compared to other options like clay or slate tiles.

Matching every roof style imaginable, concrete roof tiles fulfill almost all types of design theme and roofing solution. Another benefit of selecting concrete tiles is their uniqueness and distinctive appeal. In addition to offering a wide variety of functional advantages, concrete tiles with attractive designs and patterns improve the overall appearance of a home or building considerably.

Concrete tiles promote improved circulation of air below and above tiles and release heat energy better. Ease of installation is another good quality of concrete roof tiles. An impenetrable roof can be achieved as these tiles are interlocked and secured to a roof on each row. High quality finishes make concrete extremely resistant to deterioration. Some of these tiles can also be used as a decorative feature on exterior walls or gables.        

Manufacturer Spotlight : Marley Eternit     

As a renowned manufacturer of roof tiles, Marley Eternit has done a commendable job in shaping the roofscape of modern United Kingdom. Their comprehensive selection of pitched roofing tiles is available in different styles and designs including modern, contemporary, rural and urban.

Marley Eternit is vastly experienced in the roofing industry with an inspiring product line ranging from conventional clay tiles to fiber cement slates and concrete tiles. In addition to excellent product variety this manufacturer offers as a roofing solution provider, they are deeply committed to delivering sustainable and environment-friendly concrete roof tiles of exceptional quality and durability.

Another advantage of associating with Marley Eternit is their skilled team of design consultants who can offer advice, guidance and support through every step of the build process. Installation becomes a breeze with Marley Eternit concrete tiles. These products are equipped with a rare combination of proven performance properties and high aesthetic characteristics that emulate natural products in the best way.    

The Best Concrete Roof Tiles Brands on Archello

No matter whether you are a roofing contractor, homeowner, building contractor, architect or interior designer; you can go through our product selector to identify the most relevant concrete roof tiles solutions that can be integrated into your specific project objectives.