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Metal roof tiles

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All about Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roof tiles are one of the most ideal options for reliable exterior roofing application purposes. Available in a wide range of styles, types, and colors, these types of roofing solutions are renowned for their dependability, cost efficiency and optimal functionality. Building contractors and architects choose this option to make a bold architectural statement or effortlessly compliment various types of homes or buildings.   

Metal roof tiles can easily compliment any residential or commercial building. Long lasting results can be achieved with this type of roofing solution. An efficiently installed metal roof is highly durable and protects a home or a commercial building against all types of hostile weather conditions including hail, snow and rain.

Easier to manage as compared to long-run panels and lighter than clay or concrete tiles, metal roof tiles provide appreciable transport cost savings and offer a longer lifespan than many other types of roofing products. Metal roof tiles can be installed easily without worrying about lugging heavy tiles up ladders. In addition to the easy installation process, maintenance is quick and easy as well.  

Metal has always been a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Due to its sustainable properties, metal tiles have become an inevitable part of green building construction practices. It has been estimated that 30% to 60% recycled material is used in metal roofing. Moreover, metal roof tiles can in turn be recycled completely. In order to eliminate the negative environmental impact of disposal, installation of metal roofs can be done over the current roof as well.

 In addition to offering long lasting durability and long term benefits, a Class A fire rating can be associated with metal roof tiles due to their noncombustible nature.

With wide variety of profiles and authentic designs, metal roof tiles meet the needs of conventional and modern architectural styles. Excellent earthquake resistance is an added benefit of metal roofing tiles. Another key aspect is that these tiles also reflect sunlight to reduce the impact of heat inside a building.

Leading architects and roofing contractors recommend metal roofing as a long term option compared to other materials. Unbiased analysis and comparisons clearly pick metal as the most viable roof material option. When all benefits are assessed properly, it is easy to understand the ever evolving popularity of metal as a roofing solution. 

The Best Metal Roof Tiles Brands on Archello

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