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Rubber flooring

Find products and manufacturers of rubber floors. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on material, colour, appearance, configuration, technical characteristics and brands.

All About Rubber Flooring

When it comes to flooring, consumers mostly opt for tiles, wood or granite. One of the most versatile and durable flooring choices that has appeared in recent years is rubber flooring. Made from natural tree rubber or synthetic materials, this is mostly chosen for surfaces associated with heavy foot traffic. Rubber flooring is suitable for offices, hospitals and gyms. Due to its aesthetic appeal, rubber flooring has gained preference among interior decorators and tile installation specialists. No matter what space owners intend to renovate, resilient rubber flooring provides ample opportunities to enhance aesthetic appeal.

The flexible and durable properties of rubber make it comfortable and long lasting. Rubber has an inherent slip-resistant property, which makes it a safer choice for homes and commercial spaces with high footfall. Rubber is an excellent absorbent of sound and impact, ensuring it stands the test of time in high traffic. Its insulating nature helps prevent buildup of static electricity, making it a popular flooring choice for electrical stores. Often hospitals opt for rubber flooring as it resists growth of bacteria and prevents germs from spreading. Natural rubber being a renewable material leaves no hazards to the environment.

The rubber flooring industry has been proficiently involved in offering quality products and versatile installation options like interlocking tiles mats and rubber rolls in various dimensions that suit consumer’s requirement. High density rubber mats are available in various sizes to fit or replace.

Rubber flooring provides easy cleaning and hassle-free maintenance. Initial cleaning involves the vacuuming of loose dust and debris, followed by mopping or mild detergent wash. In the case of heavy stains, use a detergent with a low speed monobrush and light abrasive disc. Avoid damaging the rubber by providing protective soft feet to heavy furniture. All cleaning processes that include water should not be carried out in sun as this may cause staining. Take care with hot and/or heavy objects, excess water, pet’s claws and direct sunlight, which can all fade the color. Periodic maintenance with a metalized emulsion is recommended to ensure the floor retains its original appearance.

Rubber flooring now offers a plethora of varied colors, stylish patterns and attractive textures. The hard surface also suggests customization possibilities from painting to printing with colors blending in a varying intensity. The visual effect holds the reigns to an amazing décor, indoor or outdoor.

Spotlight Company – NORA

Established in the beginning of 1949 as manufacturer of rubber floor coverings, NORA is from Weinhein, Germany. For over five decades, with its path breaking technologies and excellent quality, this company is an example of perseverance and sustainability in the industry. With the introduction of hammer blow design and granular designs, NORA have proved their commitment to continuous innovation. NORA is an experienced team and is incentivized to ensure customer satisfaction. With its exquisite nature-influenced designs and  subtle gradations, rubber flooring at NORA offers inspiring design.