The new shopping centre «Welle 7» in the Swiss capital Berne has attracted the attention of national media in Switzerland. The project by Migros, Switzerland’s biggest retail company, is located next to the main station and aims to offer everything for commuters, passersby, and enterprises. Bruag has played its part in giving the building not only a unique concept, but also a distinctive mark to the interior design.


Individually perforated wall- and ceiling claddings on all floors are improving the atmosphere and give the building its unique look. For the wall claddings, perforated MDF-panels have been shaped in order to remind customers of the name of the building, which can be translated as “wave”. For the ceilings, the architects used perforated MDF as well as Plywood fillets, which were both produced in an individual design. Thanks to the bespoke production, recesses for lights and the building’s ventilation have been included, making the final installation much easier and more efficient. Despite the time-consuming planning effort and the individually produced elements, Bruag was able to deliver the necessary additions during the construction time, which enabled the installations to be in time.


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