2019 S/Alon BMW Wallis Exhibition

2019 S/Alon BMW Wallis Exhibition

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Ano do Projeto

S/Alon Budapest

Aluinvent como Lighting wall

At the 2019 S/Alon design fair, we were invited to take part in the development of the lighting installation wall for BMW Wallis. The team was commissioned to create a design for an aluminium foam panel wall decoration which could be backlit. Part of the brief was to hide all wall fixings and joints to create a truly unified fully seamless wall piece. During construction, we used screws to fix the Aluminium foam facade to the console-railing system. The flexibility of the console-railing system enabled us to easily adjust it to the interior wall dimensions. This allowed us to complete the installation in a limited time span. The desired lighting effect was achieved by the installation of RGB LED strip lights, which could later be modified to the desired colour by the client.

Créditos do Projeto
Lighting wall
Folha de especificações do produto

Lighting wallAluinvent
Folha de especificações do produto
Lighting wall
por Aluinvent
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