Nando's Oshawa

Nando's Oshawa

Jeremiah Jeffery Edmonds
Oshawa, Canada | View Map
Ano do Projeto
Hill Peppard


II BY IV DESIGN como Arquitetos de interiores

Operating globally in 35 countries, Nando’s is an international restaurant chain that originated in South Africa; known for their Portuguese-style flame grilled chicken and welcoming hospitality, Nando’s is extremely proud of its Afro-Portuguese roots. This heritage is celebrated in the food, as well as, the art, music and design of every location; however, each “Casa” possesses a unique personality and style.

Drawing cues from Mozambican/Portuguese culture the interiors for the Oshawa casa are a combination of earthy textures, rich warm colors and whimsical design elements with a hand-crafted appeal. Central to the design a conical shaped, coffered wood ceiling defines the main dining area and dramatically frames a grouping oversized woven pendants. Painted table tops literally burst with color, South African art adorns the walls and a playful zig-zag stripe runs across the floor, up the back of a shipping crate inspired dining niche. An inviting and lively environment this Nando’s location is all about the details.

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