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Project • By Roos ArchitectsApartments

Silverton Townhouses

Multi-storey flat building in Pretoria, South Africa More
Clubroom 3D Rendering
Clubroom Finished Photo
Courtyard & Pool 3D Rendering
Trellis in Courtyard 3D Rendering
Rooftop 3D Rendering

Project • By 3DAS [3D Architectural Solutions]Apartments

Federal Hill

Share good times with friends and family at these luxury Baltimore apartments inspired by an authentic Federal Hill neighborhood. It’s an environment designed for celebration and for bringing people together like never before. Revel in living well at Alta Federal Hill. Interior and exterior 3D renderings were completed to showcase Alta’s residential amenities.   Outdoor enterainment area in the courtyard.  Caption Rooftop overlooking the city of Baltimore. Caption Clubroom / fireplace lounge overlooking the courtyard. Includes a see-through fire place. Caption Typical 1/1 apartment interior. This view includes the kitchen & living area. Caption More

Project • By Lunas VisualizationApartments

3D interior visualization of a Stalinka apartment

The small studio is located in Stalinka, a typical apartment block built in the 1930’s-1950’s that used to house the Soviet elite. Caption The images produced showcase its principal characteristic – a sense of space and enormous size featuring high ceilings of up to 4 meters, wide window sills and thick walls. Caption Caption The studio is designed by Tatyana Shishkina for a young free-spirited lady. Despite its quite compact size, the apartment comprises a number of ergonomically designed areas that we rendered in finest details. Caption More

Project • By mimAR | 3D Architectural Visualization CompanyResidential Landscape

360 The Residences Islamabad

360 APARTMENTS: Amongst the lush green trees, stands high the 360 Apartments that are located in the heart of Margalla hills. It is a modern building that provides residential apartments that are divided into four towers. A secure and gated community that provides a world of its own, exclusive to its residents only. Equipped with the state-of-the-art Infinity pools, swimming pool, rooftop gardens, rooftop restaurant as well as an outdoor play area for the lively children, it is a perfect place to stay. There are also protruding volumes that make up the terraces to provide an even more breathtaking panoramic view towards the Margalla hills, Murree hills and Rawal Lake. More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments


Among many calm, simple, and relatively homogeneous interiors of Yerevan, Apartment #40 is a different ball game.  The mood inspiration is retrieved from a local hookah lounge: neon, dark environment, and intimacy. In addition, owners wanted a particular accent on the presence of tropical plants: they enhance the magic of the place. Furniture elements are mainly of soft textures to offer ultimate comfort.  In contrast, the tables and the kitchen area are more solid.   We implemented the design for bedrooms in a softer manner, keeping the necessary warmth for rest. Last but not least, the terrace offers a new view of the city.  Imagine sipping your morning coffee in the cozy spot we created!   More

Project • By Lunas VisualizationRestaurants

Bodega Negra Interior restaurant visualization

3D interior renders of a kitsch restaurant in Doha, Qatar, either enchant you from the very first glance with its compatibility of the incompatible or repels forever. One thing for sure - such an extravagant design can leave no one indifferent. More

Project • By ENECA RenderingHousing

Lake Tahoe Dream Home

Built in the style of New Mountain architecture, this dream home on Lake Tahoe in California offers a modern twist on the traditional, rustic mountain house. The eclectic mix of furniture and accessories with unexpected bursts of bright colors and soft textures add to the cozy atmosphere. More

Project • By Pixarch Architectural VisualizationResidential Landscape

Park View Signature Apartments

Pixarch Architectural Visualization always does the things with inimitable approach and Parkview Signature Apartments were no exception. It was our job to paint a realistic, understandable and desirable picture using the blueprint so a viewer or a prospective buyer can see the final outcome. Pixarch used modern practice to give the project a digital life. Parkview is a modern building, in the heart of LAHORE City, which provides housing with state of the art amenities and accessibility. Located just a few minutes away from Gulberg and the colonial Mall Road, Park View Apartments are easily accessible from every corner of Lahore. For this project, the 3D modeling, texturing and detailing were carefully created to the finest detail as to ca... More

Project • By Amoretti BrothersPrivate Houses

kitchen design

Concept design of Luxury  Kitchen with Amoretti Brothers custom range hood, backplash, sink and accessories More

Project • By NID INTERIORApartments

Modern interior design of 2 bedroom apartment

The idea of ​​interior design of a 2-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​65 square meters provides a spacious living space with a modern, minimalist design, using just enough necessary interior items in life, both ensuring usability and not being too greedy, making the space stuffy. -----------------☆ ☆ ☆ ---------------- ➡️➡️ ➡️ NID INTERIOR ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️Tư vấn - Thiết kế - Thi công nội thất☎️ Hotline: 090 337 12 91???? Địa chỉ: 189, Đường số 128, Phước Long A, Quận 9???? Website: https://noithatnid.com/???? Email: noithatnid@gmail.com???? GG Map: https://g.page/nid-interior?gm More

Project • By ENECA RenderingApartments

Turquoise bedroom interior design

Vibrant ocean design that immerses you right in the ocean. Close your eyes and pretend like you're on the beach. Feel free to message us to get high-quality visualizations for your project!  More

Project • By mado architectsApartments

13Chenar Residential

The 13Chenar residential project referred to us when the construction process was suspended due to the client dissatisfaction. The building was designed by bubble deck system which liberates the interior from structural elements and moved them toward the edges of slabs.They just finished the fourth slab when they asked us to revise their project. We refused to design just a simple facade and proposed a serious set of changes both in architecture and facade. Because of the imposed structural system limitation in making hollows, we decided to focus on the edges of the building and define a hierarchy from outside in. In order to do so, we designed all the units requirements in the space between the core and the shear walls and considered the l... More

Project • By FCStudioApartments


This project's starting point was a large piece of furniture that crosses the entire apartment, reinforcing the idea of integration. Designed as a studio, this apartment represents the contemporary way of living. Everything happens in a single space. On the opposite side of this piece of furniture, the same happens. Laundry, kitchen, and office are part of a single piece. The concept of unity is also reinforced by the use of the same chromatic on the walls, floor, and ceiling. The lighting design highlights the horizontal lines and visually expands the space. As a result, the project becomes flexible according to the need of each moment.Building Vila Madalena Connection   |  Construction and engineering by Engetécnica   More

Project • By BeSenseApartments

Interior design 7`YA / Дизайн интерьера 7`YA

Apartment in Lviv for a young family with an area of ​​101 sq.m. In this interior, the main feature is monochrome and a huge variety of shades of gray. Playing on the nuances of colors, our team created a "soft" and "quiet" airy interior, where each room smoothly flows into one another. It is important to note that for us the main and important task was to create exactly the space in which each family member would feel comfortable, as well as the opportunity to invite guests.Since the clients were satisfied and the project was planned to be implemented, we believe that the task was completed.   Project  Year: 2019 Location: Lviv, Ukraine. More

Project • By Teodora Rankov Interior DesignHousing

Young Family Home

Family Home Renovation More