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Product • By FabriTRAK®TerraCORE® Poly

TerraCORE® Poly

TerraCORE® Poly is an environmentally friendly substitution for fiberglass infill or as a stand-alone wall solution. TerraCORE® Poly is an acoustic product manufactured with a special blend of very low denier polyester fibers which enhance acoustical performance. It is available in both standard and high densities, white and black colors and standard 1" thickness with other sizes available. TerraCORE® Poly is manufactured without the use of water and 100% recyclable. The product contains over 80% post-consumer recycled material and does not use any added chemicals or binders. TerraCORE® Poly is VOC free and a safe, non-irritant, non-toxic and non-allergenic product. TerraCORE® Poly is an excellent choice to create a h... More

Project • By VicousticOffices

Vicoustic Office

The blueprint for the future office The new Vicoustic workplace displays the VicBooth Office sustainable ecosystem of phone booths, private spaces, and isolated meeting rooms for the future office, combined with our flagship VMT and Wavewood solutions and custom-design baffles. Caption Vicoustic's new offices in Charneca da Caparica, near Lisbon, were designed as a blueprint for the future office, as aimed by the company's Acousticians and Designers.  Caption This space is the perfect model of how the VicBooth Office array can be a far-reaching sustainable ecosystem of phone booths, private spaces, and isolated meeting rooms. Within the room, you can see a VicBooth Office 3x4 Conference Booth being used for meetings and pr... More

Product • By sofSURFACES Inc.duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles

duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles

Dramatically reduce the sound transmission of heavy weight drops in anyfitness facility with duraSOUND® Rubber Acoustic Tiles by sofSURFACES. duraSOUND was performance-engineered to minimize low-frequency impactnoise, control vibrations and reduce the transfer of audible structure-bornesound within building structures. Provide a better acoustic experience for bothyour customers and neighboring businesses with sound reductions of up to 38 dB!  Choose from plus or premium finishing options.PLUS SERIES SOLID COLORS: Plus Series is manufactured using 100% recycled rubber. Elongated rubber strands are utilized in the wear layer of the tile for increased durability and a smooth visual texture while color is achieved through our spec... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Clubco Coworking Brno

Clubco is a modern coworking space in the center of Brno, which offers attractive design elements and top IT infrastructure. The unique concept was created in international collaboration between Studio acht and Dutch designer Bart Vos. For the best acoustic and design results, they choosed products from LIKO-S portfolio - it includes our MICRA II glazed partitions, LESA II glazed wooden partitions, SMART-i-WALL multimedia partitions and acoustic booths. Caption "We chose LIKO-S systems mainly due to its comprehensive program and willingness to look for non-standard solutions for atypical elements, such as veneered profiles or visible MDF door leaves," said the authors of the architectural design.  Caption The intention of t... More

Product • By VicousticVicPattern Ultra Wavewood

VicPattern Ultra Wavewood

The VicPattern Ultra Wavewood panel is one of the leading solutions that Vicoustic offers in terms of the Absorption and Reflection Control System*. This is ideal to those who are striving for a balanced sound that can also, simultaneously, control any noise energy in a room, and still manage and create a living and bright sound in a particular setting. Made with melamine, a highly durable material, the VicPattern Ultra Wavewood panel is available in 8 different wood and metallic colors. Alongside this, the VicPattern Ultra Wavewood also uses our specially engineered PET wool, a sustainable material that maximizes the acoustic absorbing capabilities of the panel and contributes to Vicoustic’s aim to produce greener and more environme... More

Product • By VicousticVicOffice Suspended Divider

VicOffice Suspended Divider

This acoustic solution is composed of two suspended dividers that will help you to visually divide your office Sometimes you need to temporary divide your office to accommodate new spaces or better use existing spaces. To do this, Vicoustic has developed VicOffice Suspended Divider. As the name says these two units are suspended dividers that will help you to visually manage divisions in your office and at the same time control its acoustics since it has great sound absorber characteristics. More

Project • By VicousticShowrooms

Schallmeister Office Showroom

From a workspace to a living place, these office installations show the wide assortment of applications that acoustic treatment developed by Vicoustic can have. The diversity of applications of Vicoustic solutions is well expressed in the Schallmeister GmbH's HQ, in Herten, Germany. From the entrance with stairs on the ground floor to the meeting room and managing offices on the first floor, passing by the printer/media place, all the way the employee offices to the kitchen/social area and even in the bathrooms. Caption "Vicoustic has really improved the room acoustics in our rooms enormously", says Daniela Dohle-Raffalzick, from Schallmeister. "After optimization with Vicoustic, voices sound much more direct and also the reverberati... More
GEN_VMT Panel on house stairs
GEN_VMT Cloud for acoustic treatment
GEN_VMT Panel on three storey house
Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels on living room

Project • By VicousticHousing

Acoustic Home Design

The acoustic treatment of a three-storey single-family house with VMT acoustic solutions. A private client requested acoustic panels in a three-storey detached house. The family complained of impulsive and annoying constant noise throughout the house. "When the children of the family play, they can hear their shouting and jumping echoes throughout the house."    The first step was to find an acoustic solution without changing the interior design of the premises. For this reason, the panels had to be discreet and fit into the interior without being an accent. Caption Thanks to the thorough inspection and specialized measurements, the team estimated the time for attenuation of sound energy in each room. The measurements were... More

Product • By VicousticVicWallpaper


VicWallpaper VMT is a revolutionary new way of acoustic and thermal isolation, for residencial and commercial applications. This acoustic wallpaper was developed to perform over medium to high frequencies, is ideal for improving speech and intelligibility on places like meeting rooms, living rooms or classrooms. Manufactured in recycled and fire rated EuroClass B PET, VicWallpaper VMT is easy and fast to install, not requiring any specialised and expensive labour. The VMT line acoustic panels were certified for Indoor Advantage™ Gold Building Materials by SCS Global Services, meaning they conform to the standard recommended for the school classroom and private office scenarios. More

Product • By VicousticVixagon VMT

Vixagon VMT

Vixagon VMT is a perfect solution to cushion and reduce sound levels in a cost-effective way. Vicoustic’s standard patterns and solid colors for the Vixagon VMT are stylish and work in many different aesthetics and particularly in strongly designed architectural spaces. This product can be used on walls and ceilings and adapted easily owing to its unique shape. A smaller and more compact version of Vixagon, Vixagon Mini, is also available, offering all of the same acoustic solutions, just in a smaller and more manageable size to create more intricate and creative patterns. The Vixagons Mini are packed in a really innovative way: we are using the same material as the product itself as packaging material. This will give the bonus of hav... More

Product • By VicousticViCloud VMT Flat

ViCloud VMT Flat

ViCloud VMT Flat is a simple and light weight, suspended acoustic solution that is ideal for restaurants, open plan offices, convention centers, atriums, or any public space where there is a great concentration of people and where background noise, created by a room full of conversations, can quickly build up. Being a suspended acoustic element, it presents twice the area of absorption material than a common acoustic panel, making it a very effective solution for venues with high ceilings. The minimum installation height of the clouds is 250mm and the maximum is 1180mm from the ceiling. In addition, by using Vicoustic Virtual Material Technology, ViCloud VMT Flat is customizable and adaptable to meet your architectural needs. For exquisite... More

Product • By VicousticViCloud VMT 3D

ViCloud VMT 3D

A light weight and uncomplicated acoustic solution, ViCloud VMT 3D hangs in the ceiling suspended in the air to support and manage sound where there is a lot of background noise, conversation and disruptive sounds, such as restaurants, open plan offices, convention centers and atriums.  Available in a range of shapes and colors, ViCloud VMT 3D are ready to be installed without the need of professional assistance and in lots of different of spaces.  Being a suspended acoustic element, it presents twice the area of absorption material than a common acoustic panel, making it a very effective solution for high ceilings venues. The minimum installation height of the clouds is 250mm and the maximum is 1180mm from the ceiling. In ad... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Geo Incubator Brno

A place of innovation Water and minerals used to be considered as the inexhaustible wealth of the planet earth. Fortunately, this view is changing in many countries, and more attention is being paid to where, how and why these raw materials are mined or consumed. The Brno Geo Incubator was created for this very purpose. It supports the establishment and development of start-up companies with innovative technologies and methods in the field of geophysical and geological exploration of oil, natural gas, water, and other mineral resources. Their new innovative center was established in the center of the city of Brno in the Czech Republic.   Diverse spaces Due to the large combination of different activities that the company performs a... More

Project • By VicousticRestaurants

Be Live Restaurant

A Hotel Restaurant received a full acoustic treatment evolving Custom-Made solutions to match the aesthetic expectation of the client. This Restaurant in Algarve, from the Be Live Hotel Chain, is proof how Custom-Made acoustic solutions can result both acoustically and aesthetically. In this case Custom-Made Flat Panel VMT covering all the walls and suspended ViClouds VMT were considered the best choice. Overcrowded and noisy Restaurants in hotels can turn a nice family vacation into a stressful experience. Typically, new Restaurants have very hard, reflective surfaces, such as glass, concrete, plasterboard, among others. In such environments, sound is strongly reflected many times around a room’s surfaces taking a long time before... More



Ecoustic Sculpt Ceiling Tile - Cove is a striking acoustic ceiling tile from the award-winning ecoustic Sculpt™ system. Cove was designed by Seda Camgoz from Large Arts, and is based on simple geometry that encourages the eye to look towards the sky.- ecoustic Sculpt™ designs are ceiling tiles created in profiles from Instyle’s ecoustic® SC PET panels that are both acoustic and fire tested.- ecoustic Sculpt™ also provide a simple and quick installation ceiling tile system for use with suspended ceiling grids of both 9/16th (15mm) and 15/16th (24mm) grid sizes, in 4ft x 2ft format****Ceiling Grid type, 9/16” (15mm) or 15/16”(24mm), must be specified at time of order. Tiles are custom produced to match... More