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Project • By PVAApartments

SO Apartment

The main concept of apartment is to create a comfortable and cozy space for a family of four persons who need both, a personal apartment and a place of leisure for them. Therefore, it was decided to divide the area into two autonomous parts: common, for meetings and recreation with friends, relatives and family, private family territory. The common part is united by a single style in gray shades: from light to dark. There are high quality porcelain stoneware tiles on the floor which imitate wood and become a warm addition to the interior. There is no usual corridor at the entrance to the apartment - the hall space is combined with the living room-kitchen and dining room. A wardrobe for outerwear and a guest bathroom are conveniently hidde... More

Project • By Atelier GitterleApartments


Remodeling of an attic apartment above the roofs of Tyrol. The existing apartment in the attic was completely remodeled, the rooms were reorganized to meet the needs of the owner-family with four children. The roof was additionally insulated and newly equipped to meet the requirements of fire protection. The renovation of the floor structure made it possible to completely renew the building equipment - water, electricity and underfloor heating. The center of the redesign is marked by the spacious living room with the kitchen designed especially for the family, around which the bedrooms and the bathrooms are arranged. The remodeling creates space for an additional bedroom, the replacement and enlargement of window elements and the bright... More

Project • By GAO architectsApartments

Apartment Belle vie

When designing the Belle Vie Apartment, we drew inspiration from the dynamic lifestyle and sophisticated taste of our clients – a young, modern family. The apartment is divided into a main living area, multiple bedrooms and a bathroom. Our main concern was the fluidity and interconnectedness of the main living area, which was achieved by adding a unified ceramic coating to the wall dividing the entrance and the living area. The sophisticated ceramics with its natural texture and timelessness further emphasizes the monumentality of the load-bearing wall and transforms into the interior's main element – its texture and colour dictated the colour palette of all other furnishings. Another wonderful detail connecting the apartment in... More

Project • By GBG Building Services LtdApartments

Hampstead, London- Luxury flat refurbishment

Amalgamation and high-end refurbishment of two flats in Grade listed building dating back to the 1800s in the historic part of Hampstead.We fully rebuilt interiors to new architects’ plans for a proposed layout for two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, study, utility room, and an open plan kitchen reception.The apartment has undergone a tremendous amount of work, and it was our typical back to bricks renovation.  From complete insulation to all walls, soundproofing, leveling, structural works, new partitions, ceilings, and floor substrates.  Plastering, high-end decorating, cornicing, new MEP services, as well as bespoke hardwood windows, parquet flooring, high end bespoke furniture including the stunning kitchen.... More

Project • By mado architectsApartments

13Chenar Residential

The 13Chenar residential project referred to us when the construction process was suspended due to the client dissatisfaction. The building was designed by bubble deck system which liberates the interior from structural elements and moved them toward the edges of slabs.They just finished the fourth slab when they asked us to revise their project. We refused to design just a simple facade and proposed a serious set of changes both in architecture and facade. Because of the imposed structural system limitation in making hollows, we decided to focus on the edges of the building and define a hierarchy from outside in. In order to do so, we designed all the units requirements in the space between the core and the shear walls and considered the l... More

Project • By ARAM ARCHITECTSResidential Landscape

Remodelación Casa GA en Chiclayo, Perú

Our client needed to remodel their house of more than 400 m², which we found only in tarred walls and ceilings, without countertops or wiring, there was no stair where it was designed nor its coverage and many of the corridors to the rooms were exposed without enclosures . In addition, some changes were needed in the distribution as well as advice in the choice of finishes. Given our experience in completed projects, decided to work with our team for which we established a work schedule, consisting of two stages: one to perform the remodeling and final work completion and another design and supervision of finishes. see more see more: https://www.aram.pe/proyectos/remodelacion-casa-ga More

Project • By Otoni ArquiteturaApartments

Apê Consolação - Apartment

Our project tried to bring more personality to this apartment. Less walls and compartments. More space, light and amplitude. No excesses, as far as a very urban lifestyle. More

Project • By FRAZZI ARQUITECTOSApartments

Jose Cubas Condo

DESCRIPTIVE MEMORYThe building opens to the city... It may be observed from the railway station… Its cutout can be seen as one approaches it from The park and gets immersed into the grove of the seminary…The facades multiply... The building appears just as it is, without hiding its noble materials and simplicity, which make it to look strong and unique…Due to the closeness with the railway station, the Villa Devoto seminary and the nearby greenhouse, the building appears as being “liberated” thanks to the distension generated by the open spaces with trees.The presence of the centenary tipa trees along the seminary sidewalk, with their particular height, foliage and yellow flowers, embraces the building and ... More

Project • By FCStudioApartments


The most important piece of this project is the bookshelf in corten steel that divides the social and private area. It configures the space and provides niches for storage and display of objects. The social area interact strongly with the kitchen, which works almost like an extension of the living room, eliminating the barrier between social and service area. The color, size and language of each piece were carefully determined, so the atmosphere was consistent with the sensations sought in each environment. Its a contemporary apartment. Bedrooms follow the same idea, with specific design pieces for a free appropriation of the space. For the common area on the roof, we chose design pieces that provide social interaction. More

Project • By FCStudioApartments


In this project, we have a total integration between the kitchen and living rooms, which form a single bright and flexible space, allowing varied types of occupancy. The dorms, oriented on a perpendicular axis to the social area, receive intense natural light through the large openings along the façade. The warmth of the wood of the ceiling and floor, contrasts the gelidity of the concrete and steel, all in harmony with the proposed furniture. The most pregnant colors and fabrics were applied at specific points, creating a contemporary identity to the spaces, breaking the monotony of a same color palette. The duplex version gives access to an extensive private rooftop, with an area equivalent to the apartment. In it, we work in the same way... More

Project • By Tobi ArchitectsApartments


Location: RC PalermoUkraine, DniproArea: 68 m2Autors: Nastya Zaharchenko, Toma Podolyanko, Gor AkopyianThis interior has a character, it is “simple” and “complex” at the same time, it does not have classical compositions.The interior looks like it was assembled by the owner in a few years. We tried to achieve the cosiness of classical American interiors, but in the modern context due to a leather red sofa, dark colors, mats made of matting, a table made of wood. Also there is no white color, the walls and ceiling are painted gray-beige to avoid strong contrasts and make the atmosphere more cozy and relaxing.The abundance of plants, warm wood, open shelves for books and wine are balanced by the linear geometry of the panel behind the TV, the... More

Project • By M&S ArchitektenHotels

Hotel and residential building Tulln

Revival of a historic siteWe planned a 3*** plus hotel with 78 rooms and two residential buildings with lots of green space on the site of the former fire brigade school in Tulln (Lower Austria). Within the historic center of Tulln close to the banks of the river Danube we were inspired by the sight facing the city and the river. By dividing the estate sufficient space for two residential buildings was created next to the hotel.Fairgoers, seminar participants and also cycling tourists are the target audience for the hotel. For the designing of the hotel façade we reacted on the traditional window surrounds of the historic houses in Tulln and interpreted them in a new way.The plastering of the façade is executed in rough broom finish and gli... More

Project • By Fabio FantolinoApartments

Sette House

A contemporary reinterpretation of the 70’s, designed by Fabio Fantolino, not far from one of the most prestigious squares in the city of Turin.The interior of the apartment is characterized by ample external views while the use of wood and colour enhance the ambience.Inside the large lounge, the suspended bench beautifully accompanies the eye from the american walnut bookcase along the windows, becoming functional seating, interrupted by the columns on which electric blue appliques are suspended, giving a touch of typical colour from the 70's.The contrasts between structurality and the design of furnishing accessories are also enhanced by the colours and materials chosen. In particular, the neutral wool rug, the Edmond Flexform sofa in cot... More

Project • By Tobi ArchitectsIndividual Buildings


Location: Muscat, OmanArea: 170 m2Authors: Nastya Zaharchenko, Toma PodolyankoThis interior is special for us, as it won first place in the K-17 contest, in the Interior of a private house nomination.The owners of this house are very anxious to bring in the modern minimalistic interior of the saturation and comfort of classical Italy. At the time of development of the design of the project, the house was almost completed, we decided to change only the form of the interior openings from square to arched.The first floor includes an entrance hall, a guest bathroom, a combined living-dining room-kitchen and a bedroom with a bathroom.The peculiarity of the classic Italian interior is the same floor in all rooms, for greater practicality, they st... More

Project • By Tobi ArchitectsIndividual Buildings


Location: RC Panorama,Ukraine, DniproArea: 88 m2Authors: Nastya Zaharchenko, Toma PodolyankoThe interior of this apartment is designed for a young family that appreciates the functionality and modernity, as well as the warmth and comfort of this house.To achieve visual expressiveness, we used many shades in the interior, but all muffled and different by heat. In the cold gray-green color, the bathroom and the wardrobe are painted, in which are capacious bookshelves. In a long row of cabinets in a warm tree, there is a place for a boiler, washing and drying machine, which made it possible to make room in the bathroom. Light monophonic parquet with thin dies well contrasts with dark textile curtains, sofa and carpet. On the wall behind the TV... More