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Project • By ATG DesignApartments


RD-2 is a residential project that was completed in June 2020. The owner himself is an explorer and a deep lover of souvenirs connecting him with good memories and travel experience. Thus was important to provide a design complimenting his passion for exhibiting trophies and special objects. On the other hand, he is a very open and down-to-earth person and was essential the design to reflect upon his character by incorporating a natural aspect within the interior through the materials like marble, stone, leather, wool, silk. Mihaela Draganova The design successfully reveals its initial idea of creating a museum-like place and at the same time provides the needed comfort of the home living inviting for relaxation. The sleek and mirror... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaApartments

NS Apartment

With an original segmented floor plan, the project for the renovation of this 400 square meters apartment in São Paulo city united the spaces and integrated the entire social area. Seeking to create a visual unity, the main living wall was entirely covered in wood panels, which through mimicked doors – opening and pivoting – from floor to ceiling, give access to the TV room, kitchen, toilet and intimate area. On the walls with windows, the L-shaped joinery is an important element, responsible for space for books and exhibition of the client’s pieces of art, uniting living and dining and also serving as support for both spaces. Ruy Teixeira In this project, the material palette was chosen taking into account th... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaApartments

MD Apartment

In the renovation project of this duplex apartment in São Paulo, the Bernardes Arquitetura team sought to create large and integrated spaces. The staircase, of a sculptural character, appears as the element of vertical circulation that connects the floors and has its presence revealed through the open gap in one of the walls of the room. The first floor has a navona travertine floor, the same stone that lines the staircase. Ruy Teixeira The social space consists of the living room in two rooms, the dining room and the office. The living room incorporates the old balconies. At the limit of the guardrail, new frames and planters with small bushes are arranged. The furniture is designed by important names in Danish Design like Han... More

Project • By ESTUDIO MMXApartments

DPS Apartments

The building’s design is an exploration based on the traditional housing complexes and typologies of del Valle neighborhood in Mexico City; an urban layout where the street blocks feature pan coupé corners that create broad intersections. As a response to this specific situation, the scheme and building incorporate a diagonal sequence of spaces that transition from the public realm of the street towards the intimacy of the interior and private terraces and gardens. Caption Inside the scheme, the apartments are organized in such a way that there is no “back apartment”. The latter is possible through the combination of single and duplex typologies that have a relation towards the interior patios and gardens but... More

Project • By The Works InteriorsApartments

Casa K

Nestled on the third floor of a plush apartment that sits on a 1000 sq yard corner plot, this home in the heart of lush green New Delhi redefines bespoke luxury and handcrafted elegance.  Built for TWI patrons who are connoisseurs of art, handpicking artefacts and trinkets on their travels, the space is envisaged as a luxe spatial ambience that is contrived through clean lines and modern decor to evoke meaningful experiences and timeless living. This home narrates the tales of a fondly-lived experience through each and every corner of the house, as was aspired for by the inhabitants.  Amit Mehra Spatially, the house accommodates a luxurious living space, a dedicated dining area, a classy lounge and three bedrooms, all of whi... More

Project • By Thomas Kröger ArchitektenApartments

Apartment K

At the height of the treetops of the wooded Jewish cemetery in Prenzlauer Berg, the small penthouse apartment is located over two floors on a side wing of an old Berlin building. © Thomas Heimann The special location and the residents' desire for intimacy and openness gave rise to a spatial plan with different floor levels and a coordinated carpenter's finish whose materiality and colorfulness are three-dimensional, space-creating. Color-contrasting joints in the dark rubber flooring are continued in the joints of the butt-sanded fiberglass surfaces of the cabinets and wall panels, which resemble paper in their feel and translucency. © Thomas Heimann The lower floor houses the bedrooms, bathrooms and workrooms, and the... More

Project • By Think ForwardApartments

By the Sea

By the Sea is an interior design project of a 135m2 apartment with a spectacular sea view, located in a luxurious new residential building in Burgas, Bulgaria. The design is inspired by the nearby seascape, captivating the serene feeling of the Black Sea azure shades, the glittering sun reflections, the golden sand dunes, and the blazing sunrises. Think Forward Think Forward   The apartment consists of a living room, a master bedroom, a second bedroom, a children room, two bathrooms and a vast terrace. The design approach is contemporary and minimalistic, withstanding the passage of time. All materials and products are selected as an interpretation of the seascape, such as Boen light wood sand-like flooring, the azure blue... More

Project • By Serge Schoemaker ArchitectsApartments

Amsterdam Maisonnette

Since the 1990s the former warehouses along the Entrepothaven in Amsterdam have been repurposed for living space. Serge Schoemaker Architects converted an existing maisonette inside ‘Dinsdag’, a nineteenth-century warehouse, into a comfortable and stylish urban apartment. The result is an oasis of calm in a vibrant residential neighbourhood. MWA Hart Nibbrig Built in 1899 on Cruquiuseiland in the Eastern Port Area, Dinsdag warehouse is part of two huge storage buildings, 30 metres deep and 100 and 200 metres long. In response to the growing demand for homes in Amsterdam, these distinctive industrial structures have all been transformed. MWA Hart Nibbrig Featuring brickwork facades, sturdy timber floors and cast iron... More

Project • By Antonio Vázquez | Architectural PhotographyApartments

C10 House

Alvaro, the owner, is a landscape designer and seeks to create new sights into his house. Antonio Vázquez The proposal extends the possibilities of a very limited surface home by entrusting the result to a work on the total volume of the flat. Antonio Vázquez The former distribution had 5 different rooms with a restricted highness of 250cms on each one.  Antonio Vázquez The project unveil all the volume capable of the house in order to understand the space as a whole. The Z-shaped floor allowed us to solve the program in a very simple way, dedicating one side to the kitchen and the other to a small bedroom suite where the room, dressing room and toilet are distributed in a millimetric way. Anto... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

Shades Of

In order to offer a privileged view of the surrounding city, the renovation of this apartment in the historic center of Monza started with the inversion of the existing living and sleeping areas. Caption   Caption Instead of opting for a rigid division of the interiors, the project is configured as a series of spaces seamlessly connected, eliminating separations and doors as much as possible. Caption The prominent element of the living room is the bespoke corner kitchen, which hides the access to the rear anteroom and defines the dining space as a scenic backdrop. Caption Caption Materials, colors and furnishings recall the 70's with light irony, helping to create a welcoming and relaxing apartment. Capt... More

Project • By ArchimorphicApartments

Runjiang No.1

Runjiang No. 1 Project, built by Archimorphic in Shijiazhuang, covers large flat-floor apartment products and high-quality light luxury small apartment products, and is committed to creating an iconic, luxurious scale of the futuristic community! The district is located in the high-tech zone on the east side of the main urban area of Shijiazhuang, with convenient transportation, adjacent to Shijiazhuang East Railway Station, Xinyuan Expressway and Huangshi Expressway, surrounded by urban trunk roads and Heping East Road, East Second Ring Road, etc., and is located near Metro Line 1, with superior traffic and pedestrian accessibility. Caption The innovation in the general floor plan is a highlight of this design. In order to highlight... More

Project • By Bernardes ArquiteturaApartments


With a very segmented original plan, the project for the renovation of this apartment united the spaces and integrated the entire private area. The family nucleus consists of the children’s suites, joined in a large suite – with the possibility of conversion for two in the future -, the couple’s suite and a private living room. A continuous circulation axis, all covered in wooden panels, was created between the living and dining room and the private area, giving access to the office and the service areas. In the dining room, a light stainless steel bookcase on the sideboard with a mirror in the background reflects the landscape of the Guanabara Bay and the Sugarloaf Mountain. Ruy Teixeira The materials were chosen co... More

Project • By MBH ArchitectsHousing

Trestle Apartments

Claiming its name from the type of supporting framework used in railroad construction, Trestle Apartments is a new 28,601 square-foot residential development consisting of 202 units—six, three-floor residential buildings and two, two-floor retail buildings. Trestle sits on the larger campus of the San Carlos Transit Village, a mixed-use development designed around the San Carlos Caltrain station. The site was originally designed and contracted under Christiani Johnson Architects (CJA), which continued when CJA joined Alameda-based MBH Architects. For the housing and retail component of the mixed-use development, MBH created a TOD (transit-oriented development) at the station while preserving the historic train depot.  Caption... More

Project • By studio AEIOUApartments


The building modifications consisted in the removal of vertical non-load-bearing structures and the design of a completely new layout. The diagonal layout changed the apartment from 4 + 1 to 4 + kk with rooms with separate entrances, while their location and orientation achieved greater efficiency in space. The apartment in a residential building in the spirit of socialist realism is designed from a combined load-bearing system, namely from reinforced concrete pillars, girders and brickwork. The reconstruction therefore focused on exposing the original load-bearing structure and coloring it with various shades. Caption Caption Another task was the maximum use of all spaces with respect to the requirements of the investor. The cen... More

Project • By ZentralnordenApartments


In order to make better use of the total floor space of the small apartment in the Kreuzberg district of parts of the corridor were connected with adjoining rooms. Patrick Nitzschke-Kuhnert The goal was to create a generous, bright spatial structure for the shared apartment, in which almost sculptural-looking fixtures are juxtaposed with the rough, untreated substance of the old building. Central functions are now centered in the floor plan. Patrick Nitzschke-Kuhnert The eat-in kitchen, hub of dialogue and hospitality, is docked onto the floor-to-ceiling cube. It houses important functions such as the bathroom and "attic" without this being apparent at first glance. More