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Project • By Flussocreativo Design StudioPrivate Houses


The green factor. A chromatic thread that outlines the aesthetic of the apartment, but also a consistent choice of environmental sustainability for a total green spirit. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman VERVE was realized inside a recently built three-stages building in a small town in the Brescia area. The client is the young man owning and living on the second floor. He sees his personality, sporting passion and love for nature reflected in the realization of the work. The taste that characterizes the interiors is dissolved in the eclectic decorative detail, where green, present with its various declinations, is the undisputed protagonist. However, the chromatic choice of materials and finishes also has a symb... More

Project • By Studio 3MarkApartments

Casa M&M

The apartment is located in a building built between the 50s and 60s of the last century in Cuneo. The approach was consistent with the original style, both in the distribution of spaces and in the use of materials. The project maintains the typical central corridor system for distribution to the various environments. An iron portal was created that divides the living area from the corridor and therefore from the study and sleeping areas. The kitchen was open space joined to the living room and was moved to a smaller room but still connected to the living room. The corridor has now also taken on the function of a reading area with the installation of a self-supporting bookcase. More

Project • By Bean BuroApartments

Hong Kong Garden / Theatre House

Mid-Levels, Hong Kong “Theatre House”   “This is a Live/Work/Play apartment for a family with children in the hilly Mid-Levels of Hong Kong. We created an elegant architectural setting which provides the flexibility that a contemporary family requires.” – Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   “Inspired by the idea of a ‘theatre set’, we created a continuous timber wall across the entire apartment with metal portals that opens up into the different internal worlds of each room. It also creates a prominent backdrop for the lounge and dining spaces.”   – Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   The Brief: Live/Work/Play for a family in the c... More
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Project • By Chado Architectural studioIndividual Buildings

Private dwelling house

The house for a family of four uses the idea of ​​contrast between the monumental "shell" - and the transparent "interior" filled with light and air. Squat forms made of reinforced concrete are faced with bricks and stones, and panoramic glazing opens up a view of the interior, which becomes a full-fledged element of architecture. The symmetry of the building is dynamically emphasized by the chimney of the double-sided fireplace that runs right through the center of the façade.   The house for a family of four uses the idea of ​​contrast between the monumental "shell" - and the transparent, light and airy "interior". Squat forms made of reinforced concrete are faced with bricks and stones, and panoramic glazing opens up a view... More

Project • By Riccardo Valsecchi StudioApartments

Appartamento Lungolago

Published by: Riccardo Valsecchi Studio Location: Lecco, Province of Lecco, Italy   More

Project • By Bureau Brisson ArchitectesPrivate Houses

Transformation of an appartment in Prilly

Located on the second floor of an early 20th century character building, classified with a rating of 3 in the architectural census, the Ombreval apartment has undergone transformations over the last few decades that have gradually caused it to lose its heritage qualities.With a limited budget, the project is concentrating efforts on a few key interventions in order to restore the character of the space, free of any element deemed superfluous. The large vestibule thus regains its original proportions. The dark blue linoleum floor seats the space and allows the elements of the embrasures that frame the circulation to express themselves.In the living room, the original renovated parquet flooring restores warmth to the main room of the house. T... More

Project • By Home Design StudioResidential Landscape


We created a new project in Wrocław in a truly masculine style "strong man". Wood, stone, leather, glass - are the main materials of the apartments.   More

Project • By Ahead ConceptPrivate Houses


If the essence of space is to represent the appearance of the dweller, then our purpose is to let the inner world of the dweller to be established in the actual space. Stage is a theatrical space, linking the classical opera style with walnut material, and using strong contrasting colors to make each space in the field have its own attributes. The semi-open compartment relationship increases the flexibility of the space in the future. The arch with red copper wall divides the living room, the leisure area and the dining room, but it is also the visual key to connect the three spaces. The red copper will oxidize with the passage of time, which makes time meaningful to the space and is a clever makeup. It can make the space classic and eye-ca... More

Project • By Ulyanov Architects, LtdApartments

Apartment "Victor Hugo"

The monochrome black and whitе interior of this apartment is exposed through a palette of materials ranging from glossy trough plaster, ceramics and concrete to stone. The strong contrast of these colors is reduced by the soft texture of the wood, which becomes a slight accent and gives coziness to the space. Without adding unnecessary color, the white light of the decorative lighting sharpens the differences of the materials and shows the depth of the volumes. The apartment consists of a living room with sofa zone, dining zone and kitchen, two bedrooms with balconies and two More

Project • By 2prostoryApartments


Apartment - Mnisek Pod Brdy Project Year : 2019 Location: 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czechia Published by: 2prostory   More

Project • By BeSenseApartments

Interior design 7`YA / Дизайн интерьера 7`YA

Apartment in Lviv for a young family with an area of ​​101 sq.m. In this interior, the main feature is monochrome and a huge variety of shades of gray. Playing on the nuances of colors, our team created a "soft" and "quiet" airy interior, where each room smoothly flows into one another. It is important to note that for us the main and important task was to create exactly the space in which each family member would feel comfortable, as well as the opportunity to invite guests.Since the clients were satisfied and the project was planned to be implemented, we believe that the task was completed.   Project  Year: 2019 Location: Lviv, Ukraine. More

Project • By Art GroupApartments

Apartments «Park Rublevo»

This project is literally DIY. We haven't got such many handmade things before. We created the whole collection of unique prints which we are going to use everywhere: on carpets, tile, mosaic and designer furniture. We have long corridors which are going to be an art exposition; we have broken tiles that is going to be a mosaic. This project is going to be the most difficult one in 2019. But we are not afraid. We are preparing. Mosaic in the hall and the kitchen is a very interesting topic. Each of the four hundred tiles will be hand-painted by specialists at our South Italian factory. When it will arrive we will crush it and then collect again. Our team will be happy to collect these «puzzles». In the end we will have one more un... More

Project • By Art GroupApartments

Architect's apartment

Apartments on Novaya Riga highway architect bought for herself but not for everyday life, more likely the hotel room there she can spend her weekend.There were 6 meters ceilings in 45 meters apartments that's why architect made console floor.All these manipulations allowed to increase living area on two third.The furnishings are made up of things brought from journeys - not only Asian.For example, crystal chandelier for living room carried from Maison Object exhibition in Paris.Antique chest of drawers that stands next to decorative blue banana leaves has been found on the flea market in Lille.Looking on the pictures, tissues, lamps, you can easily make a map of favourite routes of apartments owner and highlight places that are mostly notic... More

Project • By Tobi ArchitectsApartments


Location: Dnipro, UkraineArea: 120 square metersThe project of the apartment’s interior for a very beautiful family with two children. Upon their request, we created a bright and eclectic interior in which a very modern kitchen and a stucco fireplace, a bright blue sofa and a green seat in the hallway could be good for each other.The kitchen is strict and minimalistic, it will balance a rather bright and filled interior. On the apron there is a mosaic of Bisazza Halo-Halo, which is pricked by hand, and its graphic print was invented by the Italian designer Paola Navone. A table top made of solid wood adds warmth and naturalness to black furniture. The black and white tile on the floor — one of the family’s wishes — connects the corridor and... More

Project • By Ki DesignApartments

GG Apartment

The apartment is located on the top floor of a 20th-century building in the Ukrainian capital. Prior to the renovation, a single staircase connected the ground floor to an upper level that was completely disused.As part of the renovation, the team combined a new staircase with a slide that descends from the top storey, through the kitchen and into the living room below.The upper level was meanwhile converted into a master bedroom with adjoining dressing and shower rooms, along with a guest bedroom, private bathroom, and an office.Throughout the apartment, walls are painted in accordance with a muted colour scheme of warm whites, light greys and graphite. Timber panels cover the partitioning wall between the kitchen and living room.Hexagonal... More