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Project • By ZJAAquaducts

Weguitbreiding A1/A6 Diemen – Almere Havendreef

Between Amsterdam and Almere It seems an odd question: is it possible to drastically improve the infrastructure of the northern part of the Randstad, between Diemen and Almere, and at the same time preserve the Dutch landscape and improve ecological values? The question becomes even more odd when one realizes that this entails a stretch of motorway of 23 kilometers, where extra lanes are added to the A1 and A6 and some 50 structures including bridges, ecoducts, bicycle tunnels, fly overs and even an aquaduct leading under a river are part of the plan. And yet, one can conclude that the answer to this odd question can be a resounding yes. This complex infrastructural landscape is part of a larger project to improve the connection between S... More

Project • By ipv DelftAquaducts

Steenbergen Aqueduct

The Dutch government wanted to extend one of the country’s main motorways, the A4. Near the city of Steenbergen, the extended A4 would cross a waterway called Steenbergsche Haven, which connects Steenbergen with open sea. In order for sailboats to still be able to use the Steenbergsche Haven, building a bridge wasn’t an option. Therefore, it was decided to build an aqueduct.Various parties came up with a conceptual design for the aqueduct. Engineering firm Mobilis TBI Infra asked design and engineering office ipv Delft to come up with a winning design. We successfully stepped up to the challenge. The design comprises the aqueduct itself and a nearby overpass, as well as the entire landscaping of the two.Three things stand out in this desig... More