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Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


The house is located in a slopy terrain which has the virtue to be localised in a fairly high topographic altitude, due to this, with visual orientation to the litoral mountain range, the urban center and the sea. It also takes part in the formation of Vallpineda residential area, one of the first urbanisations that were developed in the city of Sitges. Jose Hevia Jose Hevia Not only the initial observation of the site revealed that the original topography of the empty plots had been modificated notoriously in the past, but also they had been disagreed with the urbanistic regulations about the land movements that were allowed to do. In fact, both neighboor’s adjacent plots had land increseaments because it was wanted to hav... More

Project • By studio AEIOUApartments


Building modifications and interior design first consisted in the effective use of the existing living room. Gradually, however, the assignment expanded to other areas. The division of the social part created a place for a new living room and bedroom. The layout of the living room is new, the sofa is moved to the corner and improves the functionality of the entire space, as well as is better connected to the dining room and kitchen. Caption Caption Above the sofa is a set of shelves with cabinets and next to it a fireplace insert. Opposite is a chest of drawers with a shelf and a place for a TV. The furniture in the dining room continues in the same spirit as in the living room, which visually connects the space - a white chest o... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBridges

Life Bridge

The existence of the Qasr-dasht segregated gardens and Chamran gardens on both sides of the project site, led the idea of binding two adjacent areas together.  This project creates a continuous green network and make the bridge more integrated to the context. Shiraz City has a unique historical characteristic. The purpose of creating a connection between this bridge as new urban element with the historical urban context was to maintain a necessity to survive the historical identity from the current builder type development of the city.  AliIbnHamzeh Bridge will be the most important bridge in Shiraz due to its historical value and its location on the iconic Khoshk river. The columns of this bridge were expanded in a linear fashion... More

Project • By ArchitectsatWorkOffices

Engineer's Station

Project Name: Engineer’s Station   The 329 sqft carpet area comprises of a engineering office with integrated material palate and urbane interior. Exposed wall textures with highlighting wooden panel running across the wall gives a symbolic element to the space. The functional separation is provided by glass partition enabling visual comfort and synthesis of aesthetic details. Fundamental concept is to incorporate the site components in design visuals and bring liveliness to the function. Client being engineer, I- girder is used to support the directors table in uplifting the structure and bringing raw contemporary look to the furniture. A rare view of tmt bar ceiling with wood is complementing the corten steel partition over... More

Project • By Sachi DesignOffices


The interior architecture of the building space is a concept development from urban nature into a sleek modernized form and scale of architectural methodology. Hap Seng 3 Tower, an aesthetical and functional commercial building that also meet top-notch industry standards with compliance of Grade-A office building, GBI certification, LEED Gold Certification and MSC zone.   This development is a 26-storey office building comprising of 5 levels of retail and F&B podium, 20 floors of office spaces as well as 1 level of roof F&B, sitting on top of 6 levels of basement parking. An approximately 90-metre high indoor vertical green wall within the internal atriums of the building that brings in indirect natural daylight to illuminate... More

Project • By EGM architectsShops


Gentlemen Mode is a fashion store in the historical centre of Oud-Beijerland. In 2002 EGM refurbished the entire store by connecting a number of properties together to create one bright, open space. Now the front section of the store was in need of a fresh new look. This retail area is very visible from the shopping street outside. The chance to give the store’s image a powerful boost both visually and tangibly was therefore seized. The client’s wish was to make the interior feel like a boutique with lots of possibilities for the changing collections. EGM interiors translated this wish into a layered layout that offers plenty of potential for an extensive and high-end presentation.   High-quality presentation Gentlemen M... More

Project • By EGM architectsHospitals

Drive-In OR Complex

EGM architects has completed a new, innovative complex of operating rooms on the roof of the visitor car park at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft. The unique drive-in complex offers rapid, easily accessible and welcoming care services. The complex responds to the growing demand for high-quality outpatient facilities in Dutch hospitals. Stijnstijl Fotografie Unique concept With the design of this drive-in operating room complex (OR), EGM has realized a concept that provides care in a new way. Everything is geared to getting patients back on their feet and giving them full control. Built directly on top of the existing visitor car park, the complex lets patients drive right into the operating room, so to speak. And, after their t... More

Project • By Jost ArchitectsApartments

Adela Apartments

The project came about with the development of a large residential block close to the Elwood foreshore and Port Philip Bay. The brief simply requested a spacious apartment product that was cutting edge and contemporary, but subtle both inside and out. The concept of a large apartment resulted in six single level dwellings, each with the proportions of a small house. The apartments are low maintenance, functionally adaptable to appeal to a range of potential residents, and highly sustainable. Externally, rather than go for a standard “stacked wedding cake” form, the building was set back significantly from the adjoining properties on the lower levels. This allowed the main volume of the building to have vertical sides and reduce... More

Project • By Kais El Askri ArchitectsIndividual Buildings


Modern Villa with volumetric game by the talented Tunisian architect Kais El Askri at the Bay of Angels Golf Course, Sousse. The villa is characterized by a very specific functional design with the needs desired by the client. The villa has three superimposed levels, well established on the land, and on the site. the architecture is characterized by the mediterranean style by the volumes, the lines, the openings and the colors. This villa is among the best villas in Tunisia of the year 2020. More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitecteApartments


A growing family sets out the necessity of enlarge their home of three rooms and 85m2 by adding a second apartment, originally with two rooms and 60m2. The main premise to keep in mind is that the family has to be able to keep on living in their own home during the construction course.   The morphologic analysis of the original apartment emphasize that the night space presented a functional distribution of three rooms and two bathrooms, with minimum circulation area and a suitable size. Furthermore, day space presented an excessive fragmentation and a smaller size. That’s why it is chosen to keep the night space and remodel and enlarge the day space, excluding the kitchen.   Second apartment was divided in several tiny r... More

Project • By MO | MAYES OFFICEHousing

Milwood Residence

Located in heart of the Venice neighborhood, the Milwood Residence is a 3,800 square foot single-family home created to connect its occupants and their surroundings. Sensible programmatic adjacency and an open floor plan define the spaces at ground level. Occupants can move freely between common spaces which extend to exterior spaces as well as vertically via a central circulation 'void' to the roof deck. The 'void' was achieved via a custom operable skylight which fills the space of the circulation core for the home and allows access to the roof deck. This solved an architectural problem common to homes in the area. Many homes in Venice have roof decks, however, the code only allows a small amount of space to extend above the bui... More

Project • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioPromenades

The Outlets at Lipa

The Outlets at Lipa was designed by WTA Architecture and Design Studio to be a retail pit stop in the province of Batangas. The project is a 9-hectare outdoor retail development consisting of 22 retail buildings. Each building was designed around ideas of walkability and human scale with a carefully designed pedestrian network connecting the different parts of the project. The pathway is continuous and creates a loop around the complex for a fluid and dynamic shopping experience. The Outlets at Lipa proposes around 300 retail outlets, restaurants, outdoor playgrounds, football fields and covered areas for everyone’s use and enjoyment. The integration of the football field is central to the project’s driving principle to be a playf... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsApartments

IMA Interiors

The complete fitting out of this beautiful apartment in north of Paris allowed us to deploy our artistic lanaguage and explore the aesthetic desires of the owners. More

Project • By Estudio FUNCIONALLSports Centres

Cancha cubierta FASNIA

The project was requested by the Public Administration based on the need to improve an educational and sporting infrastructure, in high demand in the rural area of the municipality, and based on the lack of covered recreational spaces protected from adverse weather conditions. The area of action is located within a plot of municipal property, in the back of the facilities ‘Terreno de Lucha Canaria de Fasnia’, in the South of Tenerife. Its location on a south-facing hillside makes the local climate suffer significant temperature changes as well as hours of sunshine by being leeward and facing trade winds and stratocumulus sea. In addition, during rough weather, uphill winds are considerable precisely because of the steepness of the area and... More


Casa dos Abraços

Archilovers Best Project winner. Casa dos Abraços is situated in the fishing village of Ferragudo, Algarve, Southern Portugal.  The historic centre of Ferragudo is an extremely sensitive area to work and we believe that our intervention should be balanced harmonious and above all integrated with the surrounding architecture. The plot is embraced by an alley. The studio decided to explore the concept following this movement.  The exterior walls of the building follow the irregular shape of the alley as a consequence of the embracing gesture.  The interiors reflect this movement which is enhanced by the strategic positioning of the staircase achieving fluidity and openness throughout the building. Connection To ta... More