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Project • By BDPHotels

Wren Urban Nest

The newly opened Wren Urban Nest, based in the heart of Dublin, is a 137-room, nine floor hotel designed and built using the most advanced carbon reduction technologies, making it one of Europe’s most sustainable hotels in a major city centre.     Eliminating the need for fossil fuels, the building uses 100% renewable energy and is the first hotel in Ireland to comply with the World Green Building Council’s definition of ‘Net Zero Operational Carbon’, without having to purchase carbon offsets. Caption With architectural, civil and structural and mechanical and electrical engineering design from interdisciplinary practice, BDP, the team has taken a number of steps to set the agenda and exceed ‘N... More

Project • By Swap officeOffices

Arak C.E.O. Headquarter

The main challenge here was to design a space for engineers and architects to interact during the paper works and presence in the building. The vertical void defines the entrance, also forms the specific characteristics of the volume and its coherence with the city, which activates the back yard and southern part of the site. The vertical void is the negative space in the building. It organizes the interior spaces around it and creates a visual connection between all the levels. The waiting hall is one of the considerable parts of the building due to its majority of clients. Therefore its located by the entrance on the ground floor. The amphitheater, gallery, and event space are on the below Ground Floor. More

Project • By Doblle ArquiteturaHousing

New House - A new way to live

The project was conceived as a study of different alternatives for a refuge residence that at the same time can be replicated in different situations, such as countryside, beach or even in the same urbanized centers. Hence the proposal to make a modular structure in which it is easy to assemble and standardized manufacture, seeking greater precision and generating less waste, this makes our proposal sustainable and less aggressive with the environment. The aim of the project was to propose the primitive shape of the house: open to the landscape. The play of lights and shadows enriches the transformative perception of the house, as volumetry we have a subtle square box that does not interfere with nature and can also integrate with the diff... More


Puente Puçol

FVAI main goal consists of creating a new structure, simple and integrated into the landscape. This is about a bowstring bridge, close to the countryside, which cross over a ravine. For this reason, design dimensions are adapted to the morphology of the place. The bridge span is 30m long and arches are 8m high. By this way a very light structure is achieved, keeping modern proportions according to current architectural patterns.  The aesthetic principle of the design, remains in the intuitive understanding about how the structure works. For each side of the bridge deck, two arches are used. The inner one is vertical and supports vertical loads from self-weight and live loads, i.e. vehicles and pedestrians. The outer one, leans sligh... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Daarbast Cafe

Daarbast Café is about 376 square meters. The main goal of its interior design is creating social interaction among people. The possibility for establishing other branches of the café in future was considered in order to fulfill the owner’s request. Scaffolds are used as the main structure of design which grants an identity to the space. A part of the exterior wall is destroyed to benefit from sun light and natural views. The scaffold provided the context in which we could increase the area of the space and create visual transparency. Implementing the scaffolds not only impose low budget to the project but also create the possibility of various decoration fashions. There are different forms of settings in the café, made with scaffolds.Lead... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

Maternal House( خانه مادری )

This contemporary apartment was designed to replace an old childhood home. Despite the limitations in the design of the plan and its inability to create a nostalgic atmosphere, we tried to design the facade of the structure’s corner with playful rainbow colored highlights woods, rusted bars, these colorful windows appears to be a painting for children and infants from the old home reminiscent of sweet childhood times. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsHousing

Qasr dasht Villa

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra Jafari3D: Mostafa YektarzadehGhasre-dasht ( Dastani ) VillaThe project’s main challenge was to prevent any interference to the garden environment and creating adaptability to the existing site.The design response is: creating various perspectives through the garden such as lotus pond (utilizing an element from the garden character), bridges (human suspension on a transparent path in the garden) and circulation paths in between the garden spaces (Human movement between open and semi open garden spaces). All these features occur without moving or eliminating any existing condition such as trees.Creating seating areas with various qualities(sitting on water, si... More

Project • By DCM Architecture & EngineeringOffices

Peter W. Rodino Jr. federal building new vestibule

The Peter W. Rodino Jr. Federal Office Building is a 16 story, 467,550 square foot structure housing several government agencies, including the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Regional Center, the General Services Administration, and the US Attorney’s Office.The original main-entry vestibule of this secured building consisted of two narrow entrances, with only one scanner in each and an oversized exit pathway between them. To alleviate the daily congestion and long visitor lines waiting to go through security, the vestibule was expanded outward to the building’s existing two-story exterior columns. Taking adjoining first floor space, the two security screening entrance spaces were expanded to fit two baggage and portal b... More