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Project • By Samuelov StudioOffices

Kaufman Group

Our work for Kaufman, one of the leading importers and distributors in the fields of health, comfort, design and lifestyle in Israel, was full of creativity. Kaufman Group is steadily expanding in all directions, from the web to brick and mortar. The newly created logistical center for the Kaufman space needed to depict this growth, as well as house and showcase all of its brands. It needed to embody a logistical center, but it also needed character and design.   Uzi Porat Uzi Porat The inspiration for this design utilized the personality of all of Kaufman's brands, this includes the classic Italian design (Natuzzi), the comfort and ergonomics (Dr. Gav), the young vibe (Marley), and others. Through the diversity of the desig... More

Project • By a-designstudioHotels

Avani Kalutara Resort

Avani Kalutara Resort is a casual two hour drive from the city of Colombo. The resort is situated on a prime strip of land where the views cover the lake, lagoon, and the ocean. The picturesque setting creates a unique atmosphere for a resort hotel. Caption Overall design concepts developed for the common spaces; reception, all day dining, suites, indoor and outdoor lounges, and bar were to emphasize on vibrance of resort living, by bringing in subtle hints of colour, whilst maintaining a balance between the architecture and interior design elements. Caption The reception area was uplifted with casual lounge furniture, and sand tone floor finishes keeping in mind the grand lawn beyond the open French windows. The white wash timb... More

Project • By Elval ColourOffices


The new, modern flexible Citypassagen, Örebro dressed with etalbond® A2.Citypassagen – a state-of the-art #OfficeBuilding is an environmentally friendly building with a special 3D design. A simple building structure can be aesthetically elevated through intelligent and expressive application of architectural cladding products, etalbond® ACP can be easily formed, allowing a great variety of 3D shapes.Quantity: 4,000 m2Country: SwedenPhotographer: Andreas Hultèn More

Project • By a-designstudioPrivate Houses

Second Lane Nawala Residence

Situated in a suburban residential area in Nawala, the site setting was ideal for a close-knit family. The overall architectural design of the residence takes a modern yet humble look and feel. Spreading across 3 floor levels, the common living lounge, pantry and dining, home office, and a guest bedroom is designed on the ground floor and family member’s bedrooms with en-suite washrooms on the first. The studio space on the roof top level was exquisitely designed for indoor and outdoor entertainment. Caption The richness of the residence is brought about by the use of subtle details such as the timber wall cladding which wraps around wide bear walls which further provides the interior a warm outlook. A similar groove details has... More

Project • By a-designstudioPrivate Houses

79 Rosmead Place Residence

The architectural design of the residence is a combination of  modern design details, maintaining the traditional elements. Situated in Colombo 7, the residence consists of a wide road frontage. The design aesthetic of the facade was critical ensuring the privacy of interior spaces whilst maintaining a methodical architectural language throughout the residence. The use of timber trellis work between the first floor level column grid severed the monotony from the ground level solid boundary wall, and further elevated the building facade. The magnificent mango and Araliya trees that protrude through the trellis facade softens the exterior appearance whilst adding a layer of natural shade to the residence. Amila Rathnayake The open... More

Project • By PAIRShops

Rio Bravo Tailor Shop

Río Bravo is a haute couture, shirt, fabric and accessories store for men with more than four decades in the market; a family business that has stood out for offering the best fabrics and the highest clothing in the country. Its personalized designs and quality in materials and workmanship are recognized worldwide; for this reason they are representatives of the most exclusive brands of fabrics and cashmere such as Dormeuil, Zignone and Holland and Sherry. Its headquarters located on Calle de Hamburgo, in the Juárez neighborhood, became a symbol of elegance and sophistication over the years. However, recently they had to move the small tailor shop to a larger space just a few blocks from their place of origin. Such change serv... More

Project • By VertebralApartments

Chiapas 168

In the Roma district of Mexico City, four residential apartments rise up next to an ancient jacaranda tree.  Onnis Luque Steel planters run along a series of balconies that disappear between sturdy branches of purple flowers and hanging jasmine.  Onnis Luque A core system of vertical circulation divides the communal areas from the private ones. The middle of the building is connected by a stairwell. The pine wood steps are bathed in pale sunlight that streams in from a near window and transitions to a warm gold.  Onnis Luque To the south, a curtain of bamboo sweeps across the width of the back garden protecting views from outside gazes and filtering the intense light through its translucent leaves that emula... More

Project • By WY-TO GroupHeritages

Good Food, Good Life

“Good Food, Good Life”, the first Southeast Asia Winner of the international C40 Reinventing Cities, by global climate leadership group, C40 Cities, is our masterplan to repurpose Singapore’s heritage fire station. It is envisioned to be a community node that reconnects Human to Human relationships, as well as with Nature through Virtuous Food cycle. Guiding this is the reignition of the fundamental essence that has united Singapore’s multi-ethnicity during her founding years: Kampung Spirit (“Village” in Malay), which has defined a distinctive way of life that taps into the altruistic side of humanity - Good things are shared, and burdens are carried. This then laid the foundation of Singapore’s ur... More

Project • By Axel Duhart ArquitectosPrivate Houses


A private house developed in a very narrow lot, 32.75 feet with a narrower restriction of 3.25 feet in each side. One view to the street ond the other open to the water canal, so everything has to be opened to that side. Another consideration isue was the climate of the Mexican Pacific, with an average temperature over 86 F an a humidity more than 60%. Axel Duhart So the final decision was to built a closed box, with concrete walls with a narrow openings all the lateral side opened and a big window open to the canal view. The second floor was "suspended" by  two very big steel open apparent frames that lets the light flow to the lower floor. One side is used for a corridor with glass floor, so the light can go through. Ramiro... More

Project • By Za-za interior designHousing

Under the concrete

This house is an architectural reflection of an actual time . Our goal was in receiving visual balanced combination of sturdy monolithic and transparent blocks. Space, formed by concrete volumes, is fіlled by glass. Thereby, living and kitchen premises were formed. Caption   The hallway connects master block with guest bedrooms and has glass ceiling and walls. There is a home office under the garage and 3 bedrooms on the second floor. Caption The house was conceived like a durable modern building, which combaines concrete, wooden and glass volumes. Material contrast emphasizes the lightness of some and the heaviness of other architecture elements. More

Project • By Chi.ArchPrivate Houses


The project is located at a major intersection into Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province. The site area is relatively large (600 m2) compared to the type of urban housing but has a hidden location with a narrow facade. The site area has two different feature, the narrow facade is in direct contact with the main road of the urban area, the wide tail is in contact with the alternating open spaces in the urban area. Large multi-functional house for 3 generations to live together. Caption The Site of project stretches in the North - South direction with the main East - West sun-facing side, so, the design team has organized the exterior space into 2 layers with large balconies and verandas. Caption Style of the building is modern tropi... More

Project • By Fillet StduioHotels

Borjomi Hotel

Resting place was completed in 2018. The architecture is a duel between two boxers, which takes place in the city of Borjomi. The hotel has 7 floors, on the ground floor of which there is a restaurant, and on the top floor there is a terrace with a pool. Capacity is designed for 80 vacationers. Project author George Artsividze with Fillet Studio More

Project • By BNLA architectenPrivate Houses

Modern villa with thatched roof

On a beautiful plot in a wooded dune area near Vlissingen stands this luxury villa, designed by BNLA architects. The villa is characterised by a white plastered main volume with a sleek thatched roof. The combination with the grey natural stone and the anthracite window frames give the house a modern look. The challenge in this design assignment lay in the programme. The aim was to create five bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. BNLA designed a house with an extension on the side and back, without making it feel like an extension. This was achieved by placing a glass facade of 8 meters wide at the front of the house, which connects the house and the extension both functionally and visually. Because the glass facade can be opened completel... More

Project • By TECO + partnersSecondary Schools

Osio Sotto high school

The idea of the project for the new secondary school of Osio Sotto, situated inside a public park, derives from a dialogue with the surrounding natural context. Fabio Mantovani The entire façade is organized according to a pattern of horizontal lines with vertical slats. The texture composes a geometric game originating from the form of the windows and glazed surfaces, while the colour scheme of the finishings, in different shades of greens and reds, reflects the way the surrounding vegetation changes its tones and colours with the seasons. The different surfaces reflect the light in different ways, creating a lively rhythm on the façade and giving the building a mutable appearance. Fabio Mantovani    ... More

Project • By TECO + partnersSecondary Schools

Isola Vicentina high school

The school designed by Teco+Partners rises in the new urban expansion area of Isola Vicentina in the zone of Vallorcola. It is surrounded by green and looks directly onto the last western foothills of the Lessini Mountains.The building is characterized by the dynamic profile of the great sloping roof. This has a curving development, both lengthwise and transversally, that relates it to the natural forms of the hills and the surrounding landscape. It is further notable for the contrast created by the simple, geometrical volumes of the buildings housing the schoolrooms.  Fabio Mantovani The decision to construct the roof in post-tensioned reinforced concrete permits a span of 15m and an external overhang of 6m, with minimum thickne... More