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Product • By Clear LightingTransportation Lighting Solutions

Transportation Lighting Solutions

Flexglo™ F2222 and Flexglo™ F2219, the large-emitting surface, energy-efficient LED neon flex, offer a satisfactory experience that nicely fits into the context of transportation infrastructure. At night, adequate safety is secured by its unified illumination to serve the passing-by vehicles and pedestrians. Performed in a dynamic way of programmed color changing, it further unveils the vigor of a modern city and takes center stage as an iconic nightscape, meeting your needs in bridge lighting, metro lighting, tunnel lighting, and more. More

Project • By Modaam ArchitectsResidential Landscape

In search of lost yard

Dictionaries are the books of forgotten words. Forgetful societies leave more words day by day to these forgotten books. Megalopolises are the cruel initiators of this forgetfulness. Alireza Behpour They fade joyful words in their daily commotion. Words like Garden, House, yard,... And We – the inevitable residents of these large cities- search these words in our everyday envies. In search of lost “Yard” Is a hopeful attempt to recall these “yards” which are lost among the municipal codes, parking ramps and the graey mass of buildings. Alireza Behpour While accepting the building codes and resuming the sustainable Architecture and Urbanism principles, we try to improve the fragile situation of the e... More

Project • By Aranchii ArchitectsMasterplans

Coexistence Garden

Coexistence garden is a courtyard landscape with an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters for Europassage Business Park, located on Prakhovykh street in Kyiv. Space’s main task is to create cosiness and comfort for employees and appraisers. Alik Usik MAIN CONCEPTCoexistence Garden is an embody of landscape, which combines the advantages of modern architectural design and practical landscape design. The main idea was to turn the patio space of the business park into living space full of green islands and places to relax. The design of the yard of the Europassage business park in Kyiv improves the quality of the working environment of employees in functional and atmospheric aspects. Alik Usik MORPHOGENESIS and SUSTAINABLE DEVE... More

Product • By AxolightManifesto


This collection, designed by Timo Ripatti and developed by Axolight, is the means through which the company turns to the world of design to exhibit its concept of light. Hence the name Manifesto. The Axolight collections are loaded with cultural references – most recently Manifesto’s clear abstractionist and neoplasticist inspiration – and are characterized by stylistic audacity and aesthetic balance. In Axolight’s vision, the lamp body represents the physical extension of the design, while the light the ‘ultra-physical’ one. Never before has this concept been so centered as in Manifesto.   More

Project • By DTR_studio arquitectosHousing


We have an empty plot at the time of starting the project. This site has a very pronounced unevenness. The house accommodates itself to it, trying not to modify the existing topography. For this, the house is adjusted to the existing walls (facing the street and another intermediate) and the heights . JUANAN BARROS JUANAN BARROS JUANAN BARROS The house is organized according to the views. The upper floor is related to the landscape in a more extensive way, reaching a glimpse of Africa , and is where the living room, dining room and kitchen are located. The street floor where the gaze is towards the surrounding landscape is the main bedroom and the guest bedroom that also functions as an access hall. The ground floor located... More

Product • By AngoFalong


FALONG is outdoor wall light designed by Ango x Dots Design Studio. Forms found in nature such as the hexagonal structure of the honeycomb, snowflake formations, and the structure of bubbles are all creations that nature has developed as extraordinarily efficient systems. In the Falong series, the complexity of bubble structures has been refined and reimagined to form three-dimensional pieces, where light is reflected and refracted between the light source and the structure of the light body.   Falong is an exciting sculptural lighting collection that similarly brings a unique marriage of modern metallurgy and machining with age-old hand forming techniques carried out by master craftsmen.   Credit image : Bangkok Design Week... More

Project • By Clear LightingHotels

Hotel Auriga

The Arlberg is not just any winter sports destination in the Alps. It is home to the largest contiguous ski area in Austria and is also the place where skiing was invented. And the Auriga is not just any hotel. It is a hideaway personally run by the hosts Alexandra and Ingo Strolz for couples and families who are looking for and appreciate something special. Caption The Hotel Auriga build ever year something new, and in the middle of Corona end 2020 have build Curling rink for the hotel guest, 28m long and 3m wide, left and right walls we have mounts RGBW Lines from company Clear in IP 68 all parts to 1980mm. Style and casual elegance pervade all areas of the luxury hotel in the center of Lech, where numerous regular guests are surpri... More

Project • By estudio AMATAMWellness Centres

Village Fitness Gym

Welcome to the spot. This is the message you find as soon as you enter the reception of the renovated Village Fitness. A young and bold space to which one is not indifferent. Be urban, be healthy and practice sport in the spot intended to be the best gym in Portimão. garcês garcês In addition to the remodelling of the existing gym, this club has also been expanded. As soon as the opportunity arose, the club’s management did not hesitate to expand to the adjacent store, doubling its area. For this reason, the entire club has been restructured. Part of the challenge was to be able to structure this club keeping the existing spaces in operation, hierarchizing the various areas in a complex geometry, developi... More

Product • By Clear LightingIn-ground Lighting Solutions

In-ground Lighting Solutions

The in-ground linear light series is your next-level choice for outdoor floor applications, featuring the unrivaled resistance to vandalism, UV, water, corrosion, and slipping, as well as the elevated visual experience suitable for a direct view. Paving it on roads, you can anticipate a dot-free, glare-free, and well-lit nightscape presented in countless possibilities. More

Project • By Riccardo Mazzoni ArchitetturaApartments

Casa Cobalto

Casa Cobalto is a residential apartment in the North-East of Milan. The project answers the very specific needs of the client, a single woman, close to retirement, who decides to resize her living spaces. Moving to a smaller property, she chooses to bring with her only some old furniture belonging to the family of origin for several generations. Thus, almost in a reverse process, the design begins with the selection of pieces of furnishing to be saved; the choice brings out two Arte Povera style sideboards, made by a craftsman from Trieste in the early twentieth century, a servante with neo-baroque lines of Neapolitan manufacture and a 70's cabinet in cherry wood realized on a project of a family architect friend. Caption These perio... More

Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Yessong road No.168

On Yessong road No.168, Flexglo™ F15 LED neon flex lights run along the street property to provide illumination and outline the structure. The continuous, curved bright lighting makes the building more distinctly recognizable and adds more expansiveness to the area.  More

Project • By Clear LightingMarinas

Chung-ju Marina center

Chungju Marina Center is located right next to the international boat race course in Tangeumho lake at Chungju in South Korea. The building has a distinctive design structure, which draws inspirations from boat race course. The lighting designer uses Flexglo™ F22 LED linear neon flex lights to outline the exterior and adds the RGB lighting to give the place a stunning look at nighttime. With unlimited color options, the owner can get creative to suit a variety of holidays and events. More

Project • By Clear LightingMuseums

Airport Museum

National Aviation Museum of Korea integrated Flexglo™ F15 LED light strips into its massive outdoor lighting project. First on the observation plaza, F15 linear luminaires are mounted around the circular architecture that is made up of vertical fins. When the lights are on, the place turns into quite a spectacle in darkness. On another corner, F15 lighting fixtures are installed under the concrete benches to illuminate the seat area, providing safety for walkers. Outside the circular exhibition hall stands a high fence wall and F15 lights are installed discreetly in the underside of the structure to light up the space.  More

Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings

Staircase in Dietikon

A mansion in Dietikon, Switzerland has FlexgloTM F15 flex LED lights lighting up its long-run staircases. F15 runs10m continuously per single power feed, making the installation very easy. The neon light strips are fixed inside the structure of the staircases invisibly. The results came out great and even exceeded what the customer expected. The lighting outlines the long distance stairs, creating quite a spectacle in nighttime. More

Project • By Clear LightingOffices

Travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi

A travel agency in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland installed FlexgloTM F22 to brighten the stairs in three floors. The customer wanted no LED driver or cable between the floors. F22 flexible lights are available in two bending options and makes an easy fit to the curved walls. Only 3 power supply is needed for this installation, one for each floor. The 4000K color temperature enables the lighting to go well with the natural sunlight coming through the window during morning or afternoon hours.  More