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Project • By CODINAHotels

Bankerhan Hotel

The Bankerhna Hotel is a small boutique hotel located in the heart of the Galata or Karaköy district of Istanbul (Turkey). The late 18th century building was renovated to include 36 rooms and catering services. The interior renovation has kept the rustic style with the stone walls, while incorporating metallic and modern elements to give it a current look. One of these elements has been to build the railings of the staircase that gives access to the rooms with the MIES R metal mesh, a solution that decorates whilst satisfying the functional and safety requirements of this area. More

Project • By CODINAApartments

Residential building - Andorra

Codina Architectural metal meshes can be used as panels on balconies and windows. This is the case in these balconies and windows of a residential building in Andorra, in which the EIFFEL 20100 metal mesh was added, which adds aesthetics to the facade of the building without overloading it as well as helping to control the excesses of natural light that can enter the households. More

Project • By CODINAUniversities

Don Bosco College

The facade of the Don Bosco College building in Nice is solved with EIFFEL 40100 stainless steel mesh. This solution was chosen because the use of an envelope with the metal mesh allows creating different light filters, while protecting the windows of the different classrooms from excess sunlight. This easy-to-maintain constructive element provides greater aesthetics to the building’s facade. More

Project • By TwentinoxHotels

W Hotel Amsterdam

In the heart of Amsterdam city lies the W Amsterdam, and its story is one to behold. Split across two unique buildings, a former telephone exchange building and an old bank, W Amsterdam is an intriguing design mix of heritage and contemporary style. This hotel holds back on nothing. It is a funky, modern, upmarket establishment that boasts an elegant restaurant, a stunning bar known as the W Lounge with a rooftop pool, super cool styled rooms and of course, the best in service excellence.  Christiaan de Bruijne Deep down in what was the old bank vault lies luxury, relaxation, sophistication and a very much required time-out. Lighting in this spa is everything; candles dancing in the slight breeze lead you down long and dark... More

Project • By TwentinoxSecondary Schools

Sint Lucas college Eindhoven

Seeing and being seen In the heart of this vocational college, students from all kinds of departments bump into one another. Like a five-way junction, from which balustrades lead to the surrounding classrooms. Our woven metals ensure an unimpeded view in all directions. Christiaan de Bruijne Fall protection The primary function of panels along staircases and balustrades is fall protection, and our rustproof steel meshes can be relied on for this. And they feature a beautiful pattern of lines too. Christiaan de Bruijne Transparent panelsThe meshes are mounted in steel brackets so that they do not need to support their own weight. We combined thin wire with large openings. The ultimate transparency. Christiaan de Bruijne L... More

Project • By TwentinoxOffices

Diageo office Amsterdam

An exciting curtain is a fascinating feature. What lurks behind those folds and billows? It is as though the space contains a secret for the visitor to unveil. Our curtains are an intriguing part of the interior design at Diageo Amsterdam. A v-shaped fold and woven metal artworkWall & ceiling cladding often has a dual role, serving to distract the eye from aesthetically unappealing elements whilst also adding a touch of beautiful decor. We were approached by Diageo’s interior designer with a detailed drawing, specifying where the recesses had to be and the dimensions for the curtain (1,364 x 278 cm). Which was ideal, as that gave us all the information we needed to develop the wall cladding. Christiaan de Bruijne The curtai... More

Project • By TwentinoxExhibitions

Lincoln exhibition stand USA

Nothing is quite so impressive as material that stands out for its simplicity. The rectangular brass mesh for Lincoln’s trade show stand is grandiose in and of itself. The luxury car manufacturer could not have made a better choice. Caption We developed a six-metre-tall wall made of rectangular Golf Romeo mesh for the trade show stand of car manufacturer Lincoln. The British design firm chose brass as the material due to its dazzling appearance. Suspending the mesh in an undulating fashion rather than flush created a lively pattern of lines. Caption The wall consists entirely of our mesh, without a back wall or additional structure. Extensive testing demonstrated that the mesh will hold its shape, and the customer was give... More

Project • By TwentinoxOffices

Quartz offices Brussels

When the sun breaks through the clouds, Quartz’s building begins to shine among the other, anonymous buildings. Its ample windows are decorated with iconic sunscreens. The Triangular ‘Golf Sierra’ mesh fits in perfectly with the architecture. Caption POLO Architects had a specific idea in mind for this project, which they wanted to create without making any compromises. It needed to be an ‘open house’, with plenty of glass and welcoming façades. But plenty of glass inevitably means plenty of sun. In order to preserve the open nature of the design, the sunscreens could not detract from it. Our solar control woven metals were perfect for the job and would not impede the view. Caption Our client... More

Product • By CODINACandela R

Candela R

Candela R is the spiral mesh with less opening in our range. The design is made with left/rigth round wire spirals combined with three rods connected together. CODINA produce multiple finishes of materials and color shades. More

Product • By CODINACandela F

Candela F

CANDELA F is the spiral mesh with less opening in our range. The design is made with left/rigth flat wire spirals combined with three rods connected together. CODINA produce multiple finishes of materials and color shades. More

Project • By BolidtConcert Halls

Ziggo Dome

Imagine the host of a live music show shouting out: ‘Amsterdam Arena, Heineken Music Hall, Milky Way, eat your heart out, here comes Ziggo Dome’. A thunderous applause follows. When it comes to music, there is no question that the new pop venue Ziggo Dome is the unanimous winner. Acoustics are the key to truly memorable concerts. Ziggo Dome, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, has a ‘single-purpose, multi-use’ design. Built for amplified, live music and – unlike the above-mentioned colossal structures – not for large-scale events in general. It will be hip and happening. The most striking aspects of the design are the roof, the flooring and the stands; these features are part of a package designed to create acoustics of unprecede... More