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Project • By PJV ArquiteturaHousing


The DS House has a total built area of 195 m². It is located in the city of Jaraguá do Sul in Santa Catarina state, in Brazil on a very sloping terrain. The project responds to the demand of a couple expecting a daughter and seeks to create a modern, suggestive and welcoming environment for the enjoyment of the residents. Alexandre Zelinski The house program was organized on three levels. On the lower level, which is located on the north side of the lot, next to the boundary, there is a two-car shelter. The residence´s social area is on the intermediate level, which is also accessible from the street level, in view of the local topography. It includes a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, as well as a toilet an... More

Project • By Kohn Pedersen Fox AssociatesOffices

Infinity Tower

The tower’s dynamic massing, nautical in nature, is reminiscent of a schooner running under full sail. Rising elegantly above its surroundings, it establishes a unique identity against the city skyline. H.G. Esch The building’s beauty is matched by its world-class functionality. In contrast to many of its neighbors, the tower achieves the maximum floor area that São Paulo allows, while also providing flexibility and efficiency for a variety of tenant types. With three-meter floor-to-ceiling heights, high-performance glass that maximizes access to natural light and views, state-of-the-art technology, a landmark identity, a distinct entry experience, and quality of detail and finish at every scale, Infinity Tower sets... More

Project • By Tagir Fattori ArquiteturaCommercial Landscape

Pier 31

Pier 31 is a multi-family residential building worthy of a small, thriving and growing city. The building is located in a high point of the city of Flores da Cunha, in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil, a municipality that stands out for its wine production and furniture manufacturing, balancing innovation and tradition. Marcelo Donadussi Marcelo Donadussi Therefore, Pier 31 could not be much different: the building was conceived on a relatively narrow site, with contemporary design and only four floors intended for apartments with generally traditional floor plans. The project's differential lies precisely in the contemporary design: unusual for the region, but still respecting the urban scale and occasionally bringing... More

Project • By KS arquitetosPrivate Houses


The concept of Mirador House arises from the idea of a house that floats at the level of the top of the surrounding trees. The two main volumes, as well as the catwalk that connects them, fly over the lot creating large covered patios. The original topography of the land has been preserved to the full and the house barely touches the ground. Caption Caption Under the residence there is a rough concrete ramp path that smoothly changes direction. Surrounded by greenery, it overcomes the difference in level of more than a 100 feet between the sidewalk and the end of the batch. This rout leads first to the atrium, a large space under the social area which unveils an incredible view, and from there it is possible to access the house o... More

Project • By PJV ArquiteturaApartments

Residencial N07

The Residencial N 07 building consists of six residential apartments, located in Balneário Piçarras, north coast of Santa Catarina State. The land chosen is located on the main avenue, with beautiful view of the sea. It measures only 244 square meters, that is 12 meters front by 22 meters long. The proposal seeks to offer to the market a building with contemporary authorial architecture, without the vices and repetitions normally presented by the real estate market. The architectural project sought to solve the proposed program through the following basic premises: to create a clear structural solution, which can guide the way of the building, to create a ground floor as free as possible, to implant the building aiming at t... More

Project • By Doblle ArquiteturaHousing

New House - A new way to live

The project was conceived as a study of different alternatives for a refuge residence that at the same time can be replicated in different situations, such as countryside, beach or even in the same urbanized centers. Hence the proposal to make a modular structure in which it is easy to assemble and standardized manufacture, seeking greater precision and generating less waste, this makes our proposal sustainable and less aggressive with the environment. The aim of the project was to propose the primitive shape of the house: open to the landscape. The play of lights and shadows enriches the transformative perception of the house, as volumetry we have a subtle square box that does not interfere with nature and can also integrate with the diff... More

Project • By Atelier PECLAT+CHOWApartments

Santos Apartment

Santos apartment was undertaken for a young couple in their late 20’s. They requested a timeless, elegant and serene home. The 1950’s apartment is located in the trendy neighborhood of Jardins, São Paulo. The renewal of it’s 120sqm was designed to integrate the living space fully, while clearly defining three different functions: kitchen, living room and home office, whose rhythm is given by a thoughtful sequence of volumes and voids.   The wooden entrance tunnel in Pau Ferro wood intends to guide and intensify the sensorial experience of those who enter from the dark hallway to the bright and clean living spaces of the apartment. The terrazzo floor, widely used in Brazil during modernism, with its opaque sur... More

Project • By MZNOBars


The pre-existing building had numerous interventions to accommodate a service station of the traffic department from Rio de Janeiro. In order to recover the traces of its original form, the internal partitions that constituted small rooms, the lining that was covering the roof design and the existing bricks were demolished.With a clear floor plan, we designed new structures for the bar, kitchen, bathrooms, staff area and warehouse. All the interventions were thought based from the collection of works by the artist (and one of the partners) Jonas Aisengart, which are very colorful. We adopt a gallery-neutral architecture to highlight his art - paintings and sculptures - and the other items that make up the space - cages, lamps, plants and di... More

Project • By FCStudioApartments


This project's starting point was a large piece of furniture that crosses the entire apartment, reinforcing the idea of integration. Designed as a studio, this apartment represents the contemporary way of living. Everything happens in a single space. On the opposite side of this piece of furniture, the same happens. Laundry, kitchen, and office are part of a single piece. The concept of unity is also reinforced by the use of the same chromatic on the walls, floor, and ceiling. The lighting design highlights the horizontal lines and visually expands the space. As a result, the project becomes flexible according to the need of each moment.Building Vila Madalena Connection   |  Construction and engineering by Engetécnica   More

Project • By Perkins&WillOffices

Willis Towers Watson Latin America Headquarters

Global architecture and design studio, Perkins and Will signed the project for Willis Towers Watson’s new office in Brazil. The design for the leading global advisory, broking and solutions company’s new office features various references to São Paulo’s indentity and its most iconic spots.In order to meet Willis Towers Watson’s corporate culture – which places a strong emphasis on connecting office design to the local community, landscape and culture - vibrant colours were used in all of the areas in reference to São Paulo’s iconic grafitti walls. The cafeteria has two grafitti-like murals, created by artist Rogério Pedro, and a breathtaking view from the city’s skyline.Another reference to São Paulo’s culture is the sidewalk’s pattern... More

Project • By Studio LauriaOffices

Stocktotal Headquartes

The new headquarters of STOCKTOTAL, the Brazilian partner of MOTOROLA Solutions, belongs to the peculiar category of interventions, frequent increasingly in Brazil, of the so-called "retrofit do novo". The literal translation is almost impossible but, in fact, it is the construction of a new building based on an architectural project that "corrects" the one used to obtain building permits. In this case, the customer, disappointed with the design commissioned to a brazilian professional, contacted the local office of the Studio Lauria asking for a total revision. Of course within a setted budget and, above all, without the possibility of changing the total area building and the prospects already approved by the municipal offices. The main o... More

Project • By FGMFPrivate Houses

Pérgolas Deslizantes House

We were asked by a couple of a local University to design a residence of compact programme in a 500m² (5380ft²) site in a gated community. The husband, a technological- research specialist, longed for different-than-usual housing solutions, and had come into contact with our work through our “Tic-Tac Residence” concept-house (link below), that had been published a few months prior. His wife, on the other hand, wished their home to be more on the conventional side, but also put a lot of value in the relationship between the built-object and the site.   That being said, we proponed a house in which the implantation is key: dividing the different sectors of the residence in smaller volumes, we positioned them in st... More

Project • By GPA&A - Gustavo PennaRestaurants

Restaurant OssO

Adding to the expansion of the city of Nova Lima, in the Greater Belo Horizonte, Osso Restaurant opened a new location in Vila da Serra. With 250 seats, the new restaurant mixes items both contemporary and rustic, by using iron, glass, leather and wire panels.The heart of the whole project is the parrilla, the grill framed by a glass curtain that lets everyone see the kitchen’s vibe. From that particular element came the concept for all of the items that form the restaurant’s space.​The fire in the color of the walls and ceiling and the amber-tinged lights bring the customers a feeling of coziness. The steel of the knives and the wood of the meat-cutting boards are also integrated in the structure, in the counters and the furniture. Texture... More