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Project • By Architectural Visualization Studio Vis-ONResidential Landscape

Beregovoy landscape

Beregovoi is inspired by the river. The glass and aluminum façade resembles a waterfall, while the shape of the building resembles a wave. Caption Caption Caption Caption More
The central square is a place of attraction for the district. Various usage scenarios: fairs, flower shows, central Christmas tree. Dry fountain, places for rest, floor chess

Project • By Architectural Visualization Studio Vis-ONResidential Landscape

MOD landscape

A two-level landscaping (the second level is a stylobate) with a floating bridge, children's and sports grounds, recreation and communication areas and a central square, developed by the architectural bureau Kleinewelt Architekten, is a continuation of the general concept of the complex. Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Chaparro Ceccato ArquitecturaCommercial Landscape

Plaza San Pedro renovation

 Plaza San Pedro, in Villaverde del Río, is located outside the southern edge of the historic center and is crossed by one of the pedestrian arteries that articulate the urban fabric, Avenida de Santa Teresa. It joins two important areas: the historic center and the San Sebastián neighbourhood, the first major expansion of Villaverde del Río during the 20th century. This site offers unbeatable potential as a meeting point for citizens. Manolo Espaliú The previous configuration of the square, its architectural barriers and the existing building, made it difficult to use, leaving it underused, residual and, ultimately, lifeless. Due to the mutations of the urban plot, the municipal food market, a buildin... More

Project • By LANDPROCESSParks/Gardens

Chong Nonsi Canal Park

The Chong Nonsi canal: The first canal as the blue-green infrastructure public space at the heart of Bangkok. Once known as the Venice of the East, the city of Bangkok was famous for its vast interconnected network of canals rich in life, brimming with culture and spiritual significance. When the first settlements in Bangkok were created, important communal hubs like temples and markets were built into the canal banks utilizing the canals as a primary means of transportation making them the lifeblood of the city. LANDPROCESS Being in the tidal zone, the water levels in the Chao Phraya River and subsequently the connected canals frequently change in height, traditional Thai homes were built on stilts on the canal banks as the peop... More

Project • By Redland-scapeHospitals

Somdej Chao Phraya Institute of Psychiatry

Historical Significance and Site Context Somdej Chao Phraya Institute of Psychiatry is the first psychiatric hospital in Thailand established since 1889. The hospital is well known for its specialised psychopathology center offering effective care to allsevere levels of mental health symptoms. One of the hospital’s essential mission is to enhance people’s positive perception towards psychiatric hospitals, where  local superstitions of mental disorders being linked to the spiritual realm mixed with  social stigma led to an ignorance that impeded hospitalization. With over 130 years in service, the hospital is renowned for its prestigious medication and the constantly enhanced facilities that accommodate increasing numb... More

Project • By Redland-scapeApartments

Life Ladprao the Valley

Life Ladprao(LP) is a new prototype of residential project that contemplates future urban-living challenges. Urbanization growth with limited access to green spaces has led to disconnection from nature. As a result, this has negative impacted the health of humans profoundly. Redland-scape by Mr.Rungkit Charoenwat A lot of research points out a positive correlation between nature and a high-quality of life in terms of well-being mentally and physically. The landscape team conducted intensive research and thus achieving the goal of creating a human-nature relationship, and incorporating great concern to sustainability by applying the Biophilic theory into the design of the modern built environment.  Redland-scape by Mr.Rungkit C... More

Project • By OVERCODE architecture urbanismeCommunity Centres


The Town Hall of Quedillac wanted to build a Cultural Center for the city. The main objective was to battle against capsularisation by providing a place where a diversity of publics could mix and gather around a common ground, thus fostering a social bond among the citizens. The new building would include a multimedia library, hall – coffee area, a youth space for teenagers and a childcare section for small children. David Foessel The site chosen by the municipality was next to the Town Hall, right in the middle of the town, where other public amenities are located (Town Hall, bakery, restaurant, bar, church, etc...).. The challenge was to create a place where multiple activities and publics could cohabitate and find synergy amo... More

Project • By RIOSOffices

Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine

The Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine is a world-class cancer research and treatment institute with a mission that encourages healthcare professionals to collaborate and interact in a nature-centric environment. Art Gray The Institute’s founding director, Dr. David Agus, believes in a fundamental strategy change leading the fight against cancer – changing the soil, so the seed won’t grow. This innovative premise is key inspiration for creating an environment that supports the best research and inspires discovery. Art Gray The design incorporates principles of nature. As a result, the natural environment informs the materials and open spatial experience. Thermory (wood), plants, and a ric... More

Project • By whitelakewhitelakeParks/Gardens


The place of intervention is a ravine, which was a play area in summer and a high slope for sledding in winter. This territory is part of the Belkino mansion park area with a cascade of ponds. Caption Urbanization of the territory caused a series of transformations, as a result the ravine ceased to be a natural extension of the park. First, it turned into an open parking lot, then the land was given over to the construction of a shopping center. This building was not completed and the place turned into an extinct pixel of the city, isolated for more than 10 years. Caption However, the place did not remain indifferent to its position, time returns everything to its former situation — the slab is overgrown with grasses, part... More

Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaApartments

Mixed-use zone instead Soap factory

Being constructed by Brusnika, Mylzavod is a quarter in the heart of Novosibirsk. The project name references its location. The site was an industrial estate dominated by a soap factory in the early 20th century. Producing over 30 varieties of soap, whose top quality made it a product for export, it was a unique production line in Siberia. Back in the day it was an industrial part of the city, but after the 1950s it was gradually transformed into a residential area. Caption Small houses appeared next to factory shops, but residents were displeased with the industrial neighbourhood. By 2013 the factory production was discontinued and the plot was chosen for the renovation programme of central Novosibirsk and allocated for a new housing... More

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsPrivate Houses

Luxurious garden with a touch of Bali in Arnhem

In the beautiful city of Arnhem in the Netherlands, hidden behind this house and tucked away in the garden, is a piece of Bali. With MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® installed throughout, together with GRAD’s invisible rail installation system, this luxurious look is complete with a native natural resource to Bali and an elegance that radiates throughout the whole garden. Caption Luxury city garden with a touch of BaliDesigned with passion, quality and creativity by TIM Exclusive Gardens, this garden is a true reflection of a design that integrated the wishes of the owner to bring harmony between the interior and exterior. With the marble finish of the swimming pool to reflect the owners kitchen and a combination of luxurious mater... More

Project • By Arizon DesignShopping Centres


The challenge is how to integrate the buildings, landscapes and avenues on the 350-meter long river bank into a shopping and leisure scene, in harmony with the natural environment. Shen-photo Shen-photo The Architect Mr. Junwei Shen was inspired by Floating island.Using the floating rhythm of water, the river bank will form different sizes of island space, and the curved river bank will stretch for 350 meters.The main street, is defined as Avenue Island Space, for extending the commercial space. The section along the bank is defined as Water Island Space. The designer set a pathway connecting the south and the north, combining several multifunctional experiencing spaces, such as: Open Bar, Gold Cage Swing Plaza, The Light House,... More

Project • By Chung ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Castle Cove Alterations

Castle Cove alterations is Chung Architects first project.  The project is modest in scale and budget.  We set out to rejuvenate a tired family home and make it more suited to its context, the naturalistic landscape terraced garden and the functional needs of the family.   Andrew Chung Andrew Chung The family have diverse needs for the home including work from home facilities, a home arts and crafts studio and a community food cooperative for over 50 local families.  The brief for the project was to add a living room and bedroom and refine other parts of the home. Andrew Chung Andrew Chung Andrew Chung Andrew Chung The project consists of dual built forms including the combined living, kit... More

Project • By Lisa Breeze ArchitectPrivate Houses

Flemington House

This 1940s semi-detached brick home in Flemington has been treasured by the same family since it was originally built. The current owner, the great grandnephew of the original owner, was keen to honour its heritage in as many ways as possible. Cathy Schusler Cathy Schusler In its long history the house had largely gone untouched, which meant many of its lovely old features were still intact. However, there comes a time with every home where an ancient Kitchen, and degrading Bathroom, need an overhaul to bring them up to contemporary living standards and to provide for a long life ahead. Cathy Schusler Cathy Schusler For this renovation the rear part of the home was emptied, it was given a small extension, the service r... More

Project • By Rigidized Metals CorporationPromenades

The Boardwalk at Jamboree Road

Rigidized® Metals’ pattern 6WL®, perforated, makes up the sunshades in these outdoor seating areas at the award-winning Boardwalk on Jamboree Road in Irvine, CA. The perforated metal allows air and light to flow through the screens, while still providing shade, and the deep texture provides durability with resilient stainless steel. More