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Project • By Dazhou And AssociatesShops

Corner pavilion

Corner Pavilion is located on a pedestrian street by the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is a small building designed by Dazhou And Associates commissioned by the coffee brand M Stand. The street is crowded with people, and the site which is less than 100 meters from the West Lake, is defined out by three ginkgo trees. Wen Studio Sculpture and Support With three simple geometries supporting the heavy metal roof volume, the building stands like a sculpture on a busy street. It opens up in all directions, so that there is no obstruction at eye level except for the necessary structure, and you can look at it and then through it. Wen Studio Shelter and Platform We want it to be a space to enter and to stay. During the design process, we... More

Project • By Ani DesignExhibition Centres

Barilla Pavilion in The Park [Competition]

Our design proposal intends to use the design in many way such as architecture, interior design, landscape design and structural engineering to bring Barilla ‘s Brand meet people.    Branding    The attribute of spaghetti such as Curve, Twist, lengthy, Smooth as silk become the initial design ideas.  The welcoming-feel and friendly users design are to be expressed in design by many keywords such as ....Building in the park, Curve and Smooth as silk in architecture.    Architecture & Interior design    “The building in the park”is the main idea.The building is enveloped by transparency wall to seamlessly connect to the park , super lawn and super pond (reservoir)&nbs... More

Project • By whitelakewhitelakePavilions

Piece of Land

The ground is the same as everything around, but a little different. A disc of artificial earth floating in the middle of a natural landscape. Ideally round in accordance with logic, but oval in experience, the pavilion is a space for reflection on various ideas about the world order, prejudices, thorny paths of logical knowledge, the organization of one's space and the possibility of a second chance. Rising up, you find yourself on a land where there are no problems of ownership, where without you there are no rules other than the laws of gravity. This is a new land devoid of an unambiguous interpretation, where everyone can make it part of their ideas about the world or discard everything and look at the new artificial landscape as if it... More

Project • By pc-|< paolo cesaretti Arch-Exhibitions

CP - Urban dairy

Modular display system designed for dairy specialist Caseificio Palazzo. The company - a large scale retail trade operator - in a wider operation of brand repositioning chose to embrace a different image, shifting from traditional folklore to a contemporary urban feel. Caption Three main elements define this adaptable space: 1) a modular structure holding framed panels made by semi-transparent fabric characterized by the Caseificio Palazzo pattern; 2) backlit display units staging perspex holders of different colors to match and enhance the product packaging; 3) a backlit wall showing different steps of the production process and at the same time providing smooth lighting to the lounge/tasting area. Caption The modularity of the... More

Project • By ArchiGuruExhibitions

Disco Distancia Pavilion

Disco Distancia is a project that was featured during the Mextropoli Architecture Festival at the Los Pinos Cultural Center in Mexico City, Mexico.  The open-air pavilion pays tribute to local dance groups that gather in public spaces throughout Mexico City, but haven’t been able to practice their craft during the ongoing pandemic.  The various sculptures arranged in the public plaza project shadows into the ground creating an effect of a party which invites new visitors to join in and experience different dance styles throughout the pavilion.     Caption The main concept of the pavilion is to use shadows as a way to represent people, their body movements, and various dance styles that used to take place in p... More

NewsNews • 26 Nov 2021

Floating pavilion dissolves boundaries while providing guesthouse and gym accommodation for a Stuttgart residence

Appearing to float above the lawn, this pavilion in Stuttgart, Germany by Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects is tailored to family needs with the provision of a guesthouse and private gym for the homeowners. The soft, curving form is an architectural gesture that establishes a dialogue with the main house while the glass façade dissolves boundaries between indoors and outdoors.   Zooey Braun Instead of walls, floor-to-ceiling curtains can be drawn around the guestrooms while sliding doors in both the gym and bedroom areas can be entirely opened, resulting in a generous and free-flowing space.  Zooey Braun The guestroom component of the pavilion comprises two separate bathrooms with a freestanding... More

Project • By SoomeenHahm DesignExhibitions

2021: A Steam Odyssey

2021: A Steam Odyssey is conceptualized around the notion that making in AR reinvigorates traditional craftsmanship by augmenting hand and material skills with the precision and formal possibilities of digital modelling—occupying the territory between purely automated, exclusively robotically-driven fabrication and highly crafted processes requiring human labour. The centrepiece of the exhibition, designed in collaboration with Igor Pantic, is a structure built out of steam-bent hardwood using primitive hand tools augmented with the precision of intelligent holographic guides. It explores alternative strategies for the fabrication of digitally designed ar... More

Project • By Aether ArchitectsCommunity Centres

Gulao Tea Alcove

This project is located in Sanxingtang Village, Gulao Water Town, Guangdong Province, the main function of the building is to provide a public space for afternoon tea or leisure gatherings. Aether Architects, Racol Creative   Gulao Water Town has its unique regional texture, the ponds and houses present a regular and free intertwined network landform,although this interpenetrating organic state is man-made, it looks like nature that has existed since ancient times. In the use of land, people here leave more proportion for the pond, and the construction of houses keeps the space comfort while minimizing the ground occupation as much as possible. Aether Architects, Racol Creative The new building design hopes to continue the... More

Project • By Cosimo ScotucciCultural Centres


Humanity has been living through an unprecedented time in recent history, a moment of complete displacement when our everyday lives, and that sense of normality have been turned upside down, transitioning from being physical to virtual and by doing so, setting the ground for a "new normal".People has shown an incredible resilience and great sense of adaptation but we know that is not over yet. Cosimo Scotucci It is possible to combine the need of a physical world with the safety of the digital one? It is possible to imagine a space where this can happen?WRAP is an installation that aims to trigger people imagination, exploring new ways of interaction, searching for new way of engagement. It aims to go beyond the verbal communication,... More

Project • By Dos VeintinueveExhibitions

Cocina María Luisa en el AMD

Our project 'Cocina María Luisa' was selected to participate in the first ever Architecture Pavilion for the 'Abierto Mexicano de Diseño' or 'Mexican Design Open'. Jaime Navarro Instead of choosing to only exhibit images of the project, we decided to re-create the design with its essential items adapting it to the exhibition space, the fantastic jewel of early twentieth century architecture, the Postal Palace in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Jaime Navarro had to cover the marble top of one of the original tables set around the space with a folded black steel sheet, in order to keep it from harm; we built a wooden screen and covered it in volcanic stone, and brought our own steel volcano and charred wood table... More



What matters is that it's a space where reading can take place. The Pavillion has been designed as a modern-day folly, is constructed of timber and glass and is located on the grounds of an existing detached villa in the Algarve. The concept was to create a small private retreat close to the existing house with views across open countryside towards the sea beyond.  The new structure is sited in a wonderfully mature setting but also in a part of the garden that was rarely used.  Subtle changes are projected onto the timber slatted façade throughout the day created by the movement of the sun and the shadows from the foliage of the surrounding trees.  A dramatic change occurs in its appearance when lit at night. &nbs... More