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NewsNews • 24 Jun 2022

Amsterdam’s iconic Droogbak building transformed into a 21st-century office space for a prestigious law firm

An iconic 19th-century building next to Amsterdam Central Station, Droogbak has been transformed into a 21st-century office space for the law firm Clifford Chance. The design was undertaken by KCAP as architects with interiors by Fokkema & Partners. Bram Vreugdenhil The focal point was to create a future-proof monument that enables a new way of working. Bram Vreugdenhil The renovation aims to modernize the iconic building’s internal climate and acoustics but above all, enable a new way of working, providing spaces for informal encounters and social interaction.  Bram Vreugdenhil The delicate but impactful interventions undertaken retain original elements and make them visible where possible. Spatial and visu... More

NewsNews • 6 Jan 2022

Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Headquarters marks a new landmark in sustainable design

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) reveals 150-meter-tall mixed-used tower in the central district of Bao’an Shenzhen. The intriguing design by SOM is in line with the firm’s rich tradition of integrating architectural design and structural engineering. © Seth Powers Core the design is a diagrid structure. Pulled away from the façade, the structure allows for a column-free exterior and interior, which affords maximum spatial flexibility and spectacular views, Adjacent to a public park and three blocks from the sea, a range of spectacular views can be seen from every floor. The diagrid serves an additional function as a sunscreen.  © Seth Powers Also core to the design is a vertical atrium that... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsOffices

UGI Headquarters

UGI Utilities, Inc. serves more than 700,000 customers in 45 counties across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and one county in Maryland. Its recently completed headquarters, a 93,000-square-foot facility located on a 33-acre tract, is designed to house approximately 350 employees. The site includes significant acreage set-aside as greenspace and includes nearly a mile of walking trails. “Construction of our new headquarters building marks a significant milestone in the history of UGI Utilities,” said Robert F. Beard, UGI CEO. “The location and design of our new building will enhance and expand our employees’ efforts aimed at providing excellent service and the safe and reliable delivery of energy to our customers... More

NewsNews • 10 Nov 2021

Zaha Hadid Architects completes new global headquarters for Infinitus China

Located on the site of a decommissioned airport, Infinitus Plaza is an office complex that includes herbal medicine research facilities, safety assessment labs and a learning centre for conferences and exhibitions. Liang Xue Zaha Hadid Architects arranged the eight storeys building around central atria and courtyards. A nod to the symbol for infinity “∞”. The anchoring voids, together with a variety of shared indoor and outdoor spaces, aim to build a strong sense of community by visually connecting the different floors together. Liang Xue Each atrium is covered with an ETFE membrane. A network of sprinklers spray collected rainwater onto the roof when the membrane’s exterior surface is heated to 35°C.... More

NewsNews • 5 Nov 2021

MVRDV turns Boijmans Van Beuningen art storage into world's first depot museum

The Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, which is currently undergoing renovations designed by Mecanoo, chose to transform their art depot into a visitable building. For MVRDV the key element is the interaction between the visitors and more than 151,000 works that are stored in the seven-storey building. © Ossip van Duivenbode The Museum Boijmans did not want the building to become a second museum, but a unique experience that reveals the world behind the storage and maintenance of 63,000 paintings, photographs, films, pre-industrial design objects, contemporary art installations, sculptures, as well as 88,000 prints and drawings. © Ossip van Duivenbode The architects of MVRDV aimed to create a building that wou... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Georgina Avenue

William MacCollum   What first greets the visitor to this Santa Monica, CA house is the generous front setback and landscape design by Z Freedman Landscape Architecture. A lighted series of steps lead up around a soft bed of fescue grass, and mature sycamore tree, past a stand of saplings. John Fox   Black textured Basalt stone tile from Norstone USA frames the entrance. William MacCollum William MacCollum   This project was an opportunity for our client and Marc Whipple to enter into a true collaborative adventure. Julie Cantor had in mind for years a modern take on a NYC loft space with an open volume, skylights, and very little strict division between rooms. A friend thought that sounded like a hou... More

Project • By Berrel Kräutler ArchitektenOffices

UVEK Pulverstrasse Ittigen

Since 2006, the administrative centre of the federal authorities in Ittigen has housed agencies of the Swiss Confederation, namely the departments of environment, traffic, energy, and communications. In an open competition for a two-stage expansion by 900 workstations, the jury chose the proposal by Berrel Kräutler Architekten. The existing complex is being extended with logical consistency via a pair of elongated, compact buildings having the same alignment. Emerging is a vibrant campus with rhythmically staggered open areas and pathways. By 2020, the first building was finished, and it is now occupied.   In plan and section, the new seven-story building is clearly structured volumetrically. Configured around a central concrete... More

Project • By STGK Inc.Shops

JR Yokohama Tower

Finding your place at Yokohama stationJR Yokohama Tower is part of a reconstruction project and the landmark structure for the west exit area of Yokohama Station. It is also a lead project of "Excite Yokohama 22", the development project for the Yokohama Station area sanctioned by the city of Yokohama. With a total floor area of approximately 100,000 square meters, and a height of approximately 132 meters, it was designed as a complex facility consisting of commercial facilities, offices, and a movie theater. In 2014, we were selected through a nomination competition and were in charge of the environmental design of the exterior corridors, atrium, and rooftop garden. Yokohama Station is an "accessible" place for many people, for it is a hu... More

Product • By Vanceva Colors PVB interlayersVanceva Earth Tones Collection

Vanceva Earth Tones Collection

Incorporate soothing colors into your architectural designs. When laminated between two sheets of glass, Vanceva interlayers enhance the safety and UV protection in architectural glazing. Now available in an array of natural earth tones, these polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films also bring greater aesthetics, warmth, and serenity to any architectural space. Traditional methods of making colored glass can be costly, particularly when the volume of colored glass is small. And not all colored glass may be appropriate for building codes and requirements. With Vanceva EarthTones, architects and designers have an innovative option to expand their creative boundaries and fulfill their vision without sacrificing structural integrity. Select from a ran... More

NewsNews • 23 Mar 2021

Pezo von Ellrichshausen wraps colored concrete INES innovation center around circular atrium

Primary shapes play a key role in Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s design for the INES innovation center, located on the Bío-Bío university campus in Concepción, Chile. The square floorplan has a circular atrium that runs through the entire building and oval bites taken out of the edges. Pezo von Ellrichshausen Pezo von Ellrichshausen divided the program into two different realms. One where create experience can thrive in a social and integrated setting. Pezo von Ellrichshausen An open core wrapped around a circular void is the stage for this realm. The atrium provides vertical views towards the other levels and narrows towards the top.  Pezo von Ellrichshausen The second is more individual and int... More

NewsNews • 16 Feb 2021

Mecanoo completes Tainan Public Library shaped like inverted ziggurat

The inverted stepped shape clad in champagne-coloured aluminium is supported by a grid of columns. The columns are paired in fours and look like infrastructural piping. Mecanoo in collaboration with MAYU were inspired by the local culture and tropical Taiwanese climate.  Ethan Lee The top volume is wrapped with vertical aluminium slats in a flower pattern that refers back to decorative latticed windows that can be found in Tainan’s old town. The slats filter the incoming daylight and keep out the heat. Ethan Lee The large cantilevers cover four sunken patios for outdoor activities. The largest one is accessible from the square and can be used to organize lectures, concerts and exhibitions. The awnings are finished wit... More

Project • By CO ArchitectsUniversities

Health Innovation Center and Founders Hall

CO Architects teamed with GBBN Architects to deliver a state-of-the-art transdisciplinary educational facility to train future healthcare practitioners at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in Highland Heights, KY.  The addition of the Health Innovation Center and renovation of the adjoining Founders Hall (built in 1974) creates a seamless complex for learning, collaboration, and practice.  The unified 210,000-square-foot facility houses classrooms, offices, conference rooms, laboratories, and a full simulation and clinical skills suite to train practitioners in addressing Kentucky’s specific health challenges, including diabetes, heart disease, opioid addiction, and cardio-pulmonary illnesses.  This transdisciplinary a... More

NewsNews • 7 Oct 2020

OMA rips open Axel Springer’s new office with 45-metre-high faceted glass atrium

The Axel Springer Campus must be a project with a more personal connection for Rem Koolhaas, starting out at the early age of 19 as a journalist for the Haagse Post. He has first hand experience of walking the halls of a newsroom, which comes in use when creating the newsroom of the future for Europe’s largest publishing house Axel Springer. Courtesy of Axel Springer Koolhaas’ team at OMA points out the classical newsroom was dominated by smoking, typing journalists who were aware of the collective labor around them heading for the shared deadline of the next print issue. In the digital age, staring intently at a screen, in their view, undermines the collective intelligence necessary for true innovation. The architects the... More

NewsNews • 23 Sep 2020

Foster + Partners designs open spacious glass cube for Hankook Tire’s new headquarters

After a successful previous collaboration on Hankook’s R&D centre in Daejeon, they teamed up again with Foster + Partners to design their new headquarters in Pangyo, on the outskirts of Seoul. Time of Blue The result is a glass cube defined by a large atrium that opens up the building. The headquarters houses Hankook's offices and a state-of-the-art business centre that includes a 175-seat auditorium. Time of Blue The ten-storey office is wrapped with glass louvres at varying levels of density to moderate light coming in depending on the activities taking place inside. Social areas allow for more light to come in. Workplaces have stricter control complemented by an intelligent artificial lighting system. Time of Blu... More

Project • By HeliotropeOffices

Canal Street

The graphic design firm ​Turnstyle​ and the branding firm ​Stoke​ commissioned Heliotrope to design their shared office headquarters in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. The property is located along a shoreline greenbelt, and features abundant views of the adjacent canal, as well as unobstructed solar access. The design cleverly navigates the land use code to maximize allowable floor area while incorporating a 30-foot-tall central atrium that stitches together three of the four floors and provides important visual connections throughout the building for its occupants. Large steel moment frames rise out of a monolithic concrete base with an integrated street front awning. The steel frames act as ribs for the exterior metal skin and are... More