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Project • By SoomeenHahm DesignExhibitions

2021: A Steam Odyssey

2021: A Steam Odyssey is conceptualized around the notion that making in AR reinvigorates traditional craftsmanship by augmenting hand and material skills with the precision and formal possibilities of digital modelling—occupying the territory between purely automated, exclusively robotically-driven fabrication and highly crafted processes requiring human labour. The centrepiece of the exhibition, designed in collaboration with Igor Pantic, is a structure built out of steam-bent hardwood using primitive hand tools augmented with the precision of intelligent holographic guides. It explores alternative strategies for the fabrication of digitally designed ar... More

Project • By supermanoeuvreTransports

Hobart Micro-Icons

Hobart Micro-Icons is an adaptive design approach to smart urban transport shelters and social infrastructure.  The project is the first-prize winner of the Smarter Hobart Challenge, a two-stage international design competition that was run by the City of Hobart and received over 120 entries from around the globe. Rather than developing a single bus shelter design, Supermanoeuvre developed an innovative end-to-end, computational design and fabrication process which enables shelters to be easily configured to each site. Central to that workflow is the use of Augmented-Reality (AR) within the design chain allowing each shelter to be viewed and configured on-site (via Microsoft’s Hololens 2) before being approved for manufacture.&n... More

Project • By Listen CommunicationMuseums

Breathing Nature

An AR experience zone within the utopian garden filled with scent of flowers.   As you follow the scent of smoke, you will face a flower that holds the warmth. Inspired by Hanok (traditional Korean house) the exhibition area is an idealistic space where reality and unreality, past and present are coexisting. Traces of little birds and tiger patterned ridge illustrates the creatures of nature and the warmth of nature itself. The garden is designed to offer a comfortable resting space and it is filled with craft products based on the usability, quality contents with cutting edge technology and cultural heritage.   The screen near the entrance of exhibition space features historical contents which reacts to the motion of viewer... More