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Project • By ayami takada architectsShops

Crystal Gate

A brilliant display that draws out the charm of the chain by Swarovski and stirs the imagination of wearing was thought out from image of building & illuminating façade design. The entrance to the world of MARIKO travels all over Japan while changing the arrangement depending on the exhibition place. This is a demonstration experiment that considers a new architecture. The challenge was how to show a large number of products with the same shape but different colors and combinations. Caption Caption The chain itself, which is sold separately, is used as a decoration to create furniture that will draw you into the world of Swarovski chains. We also used a large number of drawers that can be lined up as a surface, and by... More

Project • By ayami takada architectsShowrooms


sparkling world of jewelry in the department store of the station building.This is an experimental attempt to create a legally unrealizable program in a station building. As people's lives change, it is becoming clear that there is a need to change the functions of potential places in various situations. I would like to propose the concept of a multifunctional floor whose usage changes according to the needs of users. More

Project • By ayami takada architectsParks/Gardens

Zo-no-hana Symphony

Using the paint (photochromic paint, retroreflective paint, and luminous paint), which changes its appearance depending on the environment and time of day due to the chemical reaction, we demonstrate the future of Zo-no-hana that changes with the passage of time. Various scenes emerge on the shore according to changes in brightness. The changing landscape involves visitors and triggers a variety of events, which will play out in the future with street furniture and artworks. More