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NewsNews • 17 Jun 2022

Sailom house uses perforations to achieve environmental comfort while adding a new dimension to the architecture

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Sailom house by Anonym houses members of three families in a four-storey concept that mimics the look and feel of a serviced apartment with amenities that each family member can use freely and separately on each floor.  Ketsiree Wongwan The first floor contains common area uses such as the living room and kitchen while the upper floors include bedrooms, additional living areas, and a small pantry/storage area. The four storeys are linked through two internal courtyards that open up to a void running from the ground to the fourth floor.  Ketsiree Wongwan   In response to the desires of an owner who climbs as a hobby, the first court includes a climbing wall. The court also includes a... More

NewsNews • 6 Jun 2022

25 best architecture firms in Bangkok

Bangkok is a chaotic, sprawling city with a population of 10 million. Its urban fabric contains a vast mix of ‘centers’ ranging from historic areas with royal palaces and Buddhist temples, to massive slums, vernacular shophouses, international embassies and skyline-defining highrises at its financial center. Architects in Bangkok seem to continuously draw from Thailand’s rich cultural heritage as well as its tropical climate to design buildings that are unique in form and type. The 25 Bangkok-based firms selected here represent some of the most forward-thinking designers in Asia today.    Interlude Houseby Ayutt and Associates design - © Chalermwat Wongchompoo 1. Ayutt and Associates designAyutt and A... More

Project • By LANDPROCESSParks/Gardens

Chong Nonsi Canal Park

The Chong Nonsi canal: The first canal as the blue-green infrastructure public space at the heart of Bangkok. Once known as the Venice of the East, the city of Bangkok was famous for its vast interconnected network of canals rich in life, brimming with culture and spiritual significance. When the first settlements in Bangkok were created, important communal hubs like temples and markets were built into the canal banks utilizing the canals as a primary means of transportation making them the lifeblood of the city. LANDPROCESS Being in the tidal zone, the water levels in the Chao Phraya River and subsequently the connected canals frequently change in height, traditional Thai homes were built on stilts on the canal banks as the peop... More

Project • By Plan architectHotels

Justice Hotel

The small size hotel is sitting on the new CBD of Bangkok next to the Court of Justice. With the limitation of City planning laws and regulation, the building size and shape is led to a very simple form with a maximum area as much as possible. Chitsanupong Ploythanachot Chitsanupong Ploythanachot To serve the main target group which are attorney, plaintiff, defendant or those who have business at the court in the early morning, the building façade is designed as a big-urban-scale sunrise painting by using the gradient pattern of hotel window to communicate and encourage people who pass by and the hotel guests as well. Chitsanupong Ploythanachot Chitsanupong Ploythanachot The building color is painted in white wi... More

Project • By Plan architectHotels

Bangkok Midtown Hotel

Bangkok Midtown Hotel is a 6-storey hotel with a multiple of public facilities such as main lobby, restaurant, swimming pool and Thai spa. The 4-star hotel is located among untidy surroundings and very close to row houses at 3 sides of the site. The only side, the front, that connected to Rama VI road is intentionally designed to engage with an open courtyard. Caption Our main concept of the project is to reinterpret a visual definition of "traditional Thai" and transform it to be "Contemporary Thai" architecture. The Thai traditional floral mobile is purposed as building facade pattern and a visual filter for both users and neighborhood. Caption The façade also acts as a second skin and sunshade of the building which cre... More

Project • By Plan architectPrimary Schools

Bangkok Prep II Block D

Bangkok Preps building D, located on the Bangkok Preps Secondary Campus, is mainly use for grade 10-12 classroom, sixth form and spacious common space for student activities. Caption With the limitation of land area which sitting next to the existing building, the building is designed to place a gap as big as it can be between them, provided the wide front to be common area in front of the classrooms and created visual linkagebetween common space area and football field outside. The main space in the building is a big-step alike linking from top to bottom allowed natural light get through the corridor Caption Meanwhile, the building shape is also created the pocket court between two buildings provided outdoor common space f... More

Project • By Plan architectNurseries

The Kensington Learning space

     The Kensington Learning space is a new concept of kids learning space that consist of a learning space, playing space and natural space. The site location is sitting in the Bangkok suburban area with the not-so-interesting surrounding. So the layout design is set to create its own atmosphere. Caption      The learning space are designed for two main functions which are classrooms and sport complex. With various functions and room dimensions, the design intends to put every function sitting in nature with natural light and greenery view come through the window.  Caption      The oval shape with the center court is picked to make all rooms get view on both sides. The varied ro... More

Project • By Plan architectNurse Housing


“Nurse Dormitory Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital” (The new dormitory) or the royal name from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, “NAWARACHUPATUM”, is a dormitory for nurses at Chulalongkorn Hospital, The Thai Red Cross Society. The building has 26 floors with 523 rooms. Most of the room are suitable for 2 people with various facilities such as living area, library, canteen, washing room, and multipurpose room. Caption The site of the project was surrounded by 4 existing buildings of doctors' and nurses’ dormitories. There were 3 high-rise buildings around the site which was a thoroughfare for vehicles to pass by. There was a low-rise building that stood in the middle of the site which had... More

Project • By ArchitectkiddShops

The Street Ratchada

As part of a wider urban plan for the surrounding area, Architectkidd renovated a retail development occupying a large space at the busy intersection in Bangkok. Taking an opportunity to question the typical closed “big box” model of shopping malls, the aim was to create a more dynamic presence as well as to allow everyday life to permeate through into the building. W Workspace Architectkidd proposed a new intermediate space attached to the front of the existing interior retail volume. This semi-outdoor atrium houses a variety of programs, displays and public functions and provides the ability to house temporary and more experimental activities to reach out to young people. W Workspace The facade becomes a mediator b... More

Project • By LANDPROCESSParks/Gardens

Sookwana Healing Garden

Establishing the vision of a ‘Green hospital’ for the hospital planning development, Kotch has been involved to create more green areas for a dense concrete hospital and utilizing the possible waste space to create a better healing environment. The healthy environment of the hospital is considered a crucial component of the healing process. The planning and design provide physical spaces for the users to reconnect with nature. The key to shaping the healthy behavior and well-being of patients, families, visitors, and their staff. LANDPROCESS The Ecotherapy concept is applied to enhance the therapeutic experience. The proved evidence of better recovery in physical sickness with the touch of natural elements. Sunlight, plant... More

Project • By LANDPROCESSParks/Gardens

Chao Phraya Sky Park

" Amidst the pandemic, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration opened its remarkable public space, the Chao Phraya Sky Park (CPSP). Left abandoned for almost 40 years, the halted infrastructure project has now been given a second life as the newest Bangkok landmark, the nation's first pedestrian bridge park across a river. Situated in Bangkok's most significant historical area, the 360-degree view bridges the city‘s historic town and modern skyline at one glance. From vacant to vibrant, CPSP exhibits few possibilities for public green space in such a dense urban fabric to redefine their neglected infrastructure, the health of the citizens with the health of their city. By merging two juxtaposed sides of Bangkok and existing parks o... More

NewsNews • 17 Mar 2022

MOTHERBKK ‘Prosperous Eats’ by Taste Space in Bangkok fosters an earthy gastronomic journey

Inspired by ‘Mother Earth’, Bangkok’s  MOTHERBKK ‘Prosperous Eats’ restaurant by Taste Space uses earth elements such as soil, stones, minerals, and organic matter to provide the experience of an earthy gastronomic journey. Mr. jinnawat borihankijanan Located in a small two-storey high building in Taladnoi, a historic neighbourhood of Bangkok, visitors are greeted by a natural wooden floor and off-white wooden stamped concrete walls. Ceiling boards are randomly opening to bring in sunlight and create a play of shadows that recalls the feeling of sitting under a tree. Mr. jinnawat borihankijanan In the centre of the space, an open plan kitchen allows for direct interaction with the chef and a fe... More

NewsNews • 26 Nov 2021

Rise Coffee by space+craft presents a simple and approachable design for everyday coffee enjoyment

Founded in 2020, Rise Coffee believes that ‘coffee-for-everyday should fit with a city lifestyle while not compromising coffee service and quality. The brand launched its first flagship store in 2021 in Bangkok in a location surrounded by high-end residential buildings and offices.   Thanapol Jongsiripipat A total of 150 square meters, the flagship designed by space+craft is divided into two different zones being the coffee bar and roasting lab. In developing the design brief, ‘approachable’ and ‘simple’ were two keywords from the client to the designers.   Thanapol Jongsiripipat In response to the client’s desire for an approachable simplicity, the main functional area ded... More

NewsNews • 6 Apr 2021

Goose Living: Shophouse transformed into a boutique hotel and restaurant concept

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, this 40-year old double shophouse has been transformed into a boutique hotel and restaurant concept. The project is inspired by the lifestyle of ‘goose living,’ a concept the hotel owner describes as living a simple life with freedom in the midst of nature. PanoramicStudio A total usable area of 900 square meters was transformed by SIM Studio into a restaurant area on the ground floor, with 20 boutique hotel rooms and rooftop bar above. PanoramicStudio The distinctive new building envelope consists of layers of box-steel structures, derived from an abstraction of mountain lines into geometric lines. The metal facade is designed to disguise the building’s exterior as if... More

NewsNews • 26 Mar 2021

Yuomori Onsen and Spa fuses minimalist Japanese aesthetics with local materials

In the middle of Bangkok City, Sixseven Studio (67s) has completed a new urban retreat that offers authentic Japanese onsen and Thai massage. The building comprises two parts: an old apartment building and new building, separating the function of onsen and spa treatment facilities. W Workspace The bridging of old and new is inspired by Kintsugi, a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. The result is a modern Japanese minimalist aesthetic fused with local materials. W Workspace The key challenge of the project is the narrow nature of the plot. In the heart of Bangkok CBD, the site is surrounded by tall dense buildings on all sides.  67s found a design solution with the insertion of various courtyards that allow for natura... More