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NewsNews • 10 Nov 2020

gmp completes the Willy Brandt Airport at Berlin Brandenburg

The multifaceted project consists of a large passenger terminal, maintenance and cargo areas, and ‘Airport City’ – a cohesive open urban space in the centre of parallel takeoff and landing runways modeled on the traditional Brandenburg landscape. Together, these elements form an architectural and functional unit aligned along an overall axial format. The design goal was to create a building with its own succinct identity whilst simultaneously uniting disparate parts into one harmonious structural layout.  Marcus Bredt Functionally, the airport is an international air hub which will see up to 27 million passengers transiting per annum.  The architects used an urban design concept to drive the project, ensuri... More

NewsNews • 9 Aug 2020

Design of a playful ark within Berlin’s Jewish Museum merges modern architecture with historic building fabric

Taking the form of a circular wooden ark measuring almost 23-feet (7-meters ) tall and 92-feet (28-meters) wide, ANOHA by Olson Kundig and Architekturburo Engelbrecht is an imaginative exhibit within The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin. Credit: Hufton & Crow Located within a former flower hall market, the rounded ark complements the curved ribs of the Brutalist ceiling above, while a shifting in materiality from concrete to wood offers a softening counterpoint. Credit: Hufton & Crow Inside the ark space, more than 150 sculptural animals are on display, each made from found objects discovered by a team of 18 Berlin artists. The approach encourages children to consider the importance of recycling and ada... More

NewsNews • 23 Jul 2020

MVRDV celebrates opening of its Berlin office with MVRDV Haus Berlin exhibition

 Ahead of the opening of their new Berlin office in September, MVRDV has launched a new exhibition at the Architektur Galerie Berlin, celebrating almost 30 years’ worth of work in Germany. The walls of MVRDV Haus Berlin form a densely packed archive that shows off both current and past German projects by MVRDV – including unseen projects from our past and newly-revealed future projects. At the same time, a team of MVRDV’s architects working on German projects transforms part of the exhibition into a ‘working office’ that gives visitors an insight into MVRDV’s working methods. © Jan Bitter MVRDV’s relationship with Germany began in their very first project, the Europan 1991 winner Ber... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUOffices


This is a fashion branding agency office. It is located in Berlin, in popular Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg, in the new complex Puhlmannhof. The main idea is to create a space not only for serious work, but also for a place with friendly warm and home atmosphere. We created the space is divided into several zones, but visually the interior seems whole and single. We tried to evoke feelings in this space through simple primitive forms. And probable it worked. The place is very simple and straightforward. Structurally the plan of this space is divided into volumes, there is a straight line that is divided into segments (volumes). On the right at the entrance there is a wardrobe with a hidden door with wc. Also nearby is a kitchen behin... More

Project • By MAHDI MARABEApartments

Kindl Housing

The project examines the relationship between an Urban object in the city and itsimpact on the Urban context and how to transform such an object into acontextual architecture. Our site is located in the Neukölln neighborhood inBerlin, a special site that separates different parts of the neighborhood, a sharpchange of levels that stops the movement abilities between the areas. A hugeurban object is located on the site, a large and opaque warehouse structure, builtover a timeline, and each part of the building was added at a different time, thiscan be identified through the section of the building and by identifying variousconstruction technologies that indicate the period of build up.The first thing we wanted to do was to turn this arch... More

Project • By noa* network of architectureVisitor Center


noa* was commissioned by IDM Alto Adige to develop the concept for a new trade fair stand to represent the soul of the South Tyrolean region for the "Berlin Travel Festival".    The pavilion aims to convey the idea of authenticity, quality, nature, sustainability, tradition and innovation: essential points for today's travelers and for modern tourism.   A modular pavilion, quick to assemble and dissemble, in order to easily change location, that carries its stories everywhere and allows guests to get a taste of what South Tyrol is like. Culinary and artisanal traditions, alpine landscapes, sports, local companies, brands, technological developments, are some of the themes analyzed and staged in the pavilion.   The... More

Project • By Secco Sistemi SPAHotels

Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Located in one of the most elegant areas of the city, the Titanic Hotel in Berlin – belonging to the same-named Turkish chain of luxury hotels – is the result of the refurbishment of a nineteenth-century building that was used by the Berliner Staatsoper as a warehouse for theatre sets and costumes. The impressive volume of the structure is divided into two adjacent buildings, on the central Französische Strasse, just a stone’s throw away from the Gendarmenmarkt. Whilst the hotel interior is undeniably lavish and eclectic – from the furnishings and over-sized columns, to the lobby sky light and 1,000 square metre spa – the austere Berlin façade is characterised by its rigorous succession of string c... More

Project • By Secco Sistemi SPAApartments

Großsiedlung Siemensstadt

The Siemensstadt residential district in Berlin, builtbetween 1929 and 1931 on a 19 hectare area forSiemens workers, was declared a “Unesco World HeritageSite” in 2008. Designed by six architects under thedirection of Walter Gropius, it is one of the most famousexperimental settlements of the twenties and is a primeexample of German rationalism. The recent restorationof the area involved among other things a careful studyof the balconies and windows, which are cut into the bearingwalls and are one of the distinctive features of this modernmovement. The metal windows have been replaced bythe OS2 65 system in painted galvanised steel which wasconsidered the ideal choice and which provides, in additionto comfort, the maintenance of... More

Project • By Heim Balp ArchitektenOffices

Lindower 22

LINDOWER STRASSE BLD. A-CA part of a long term intervention on a large early XXth Centuryindustrial complex in the area of Berlin Wedding, the conversion andextension of the two first buildings focuses on the creation of newspaces for art exhibition and production.The 5.050 m² complex, housing art ateliers and galleries in two existing industrial structures provides a new centre of creativity. The addition oftwo further stories to one of the two buildings, the cladding reflecting the sky, crowns the development with a state of the art exhibition halloverlooking the city to the south.LINDOWER STRASSE BLD. BAs the area of Wedding evolves, the 5.000 m² intervention, housing art ateliers and galleries, , bars, rest... More

Project • By Heim Balp ArchitektenApartments

Bento Box micro housing

Minimal. Modular. Convenient:‘Bento.’ Owning a genesis in the traditional Japanese dining phenomenon, the Bento Boxradically rearranges itself in an adaptive fashion. Occupying only 27qm, the compartmentalized room houses kitchen and bathroom facilities, all while leaving extra room for storage. The box frees space between itself and the ceiling, and in turn illuminates the room in a gentle light. Reflecting a flexible design philopshy, each of the box’s modules can be folded out, and arranged as needed arround the room. An oppurtunist at heart, the container has been boxed into 45 bare residencies, effortlessly and efficiently furnshing each of the mid-stay units. More

Project • By Heim Balp ArchitektenApartments

Ernst Reinke strasse residential complex

Maximising size requirements and filling needs in urban planning, the Ernst-Reinke-Straße residentialcomplex densifies existing urban spaces.Beginning with a fresh start, the project foundation sinks one meter deep into the earth, setting the buildings gradually into their environment.The two forms are connected underground by a parking garage, and above, a greenlawn sits between them, providing asocial space for its residents. A two-story building then stands before the main structures, greeting residents and guests alike. The facades, set with windows in jumping fashion, are a uniformanswer to the rigid environment.Along these lines, the wall appears as if it is rhythmically carved open from floor to ceiling. In response, the southern fac... More

Project • By BEHF ArchitectsExhibitions


Architektur Galerie Berlin (Berlin, Germany, 2019)  As in many European cities, Vienna faces the challenge of striking a careful balance between history and modernity. On the one hand, the historic city centre and its famous architectural ensembles and edifices is synonymous with home for the city’s inhabitants and draws more than fifteen million tourists from across the world every year. On the other hand, Vienna continues to grow in the same manner as many other cities worldwide, where local traditions barely play a role and are predominantly replaced by interchangeable architectural projects. This field of unresolved tension is the starting point for BEHF’s search for architectural expression, in which new and existing mel... More

Project • By Sauerbruch HuttonApartments

Haus 6

This residential and studio building for a cohousing group of ten parties marks a further step in the revitalisation of Werkhof L57, an ensemble of historic barracks buildings, modern extensions and new buildings, which has grown into a very lively creative quarter during the last two decades.The new four-storey development occupies a plot between a modern building in exposed concrete and a historic brick building. Its height and roof shape mediate between these two neighbours, while its strictly rectangular volume respects the regular forms of the former military compound. At the same time, these lines are virtually dissolved by its subtly wavy cladding of stainless steel sheet, which reflects the surroundings irregularly and thereby lends... More

Project • By ACTINCOMMONExhibition Centres

Berliner Wasserbetriebe at IFAT 2018

Together with the Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin Water) we designed a playful, informative exhibition on the IFAT in Munich, the world´s leading trade fair for water and waste management.For the brand new concept the surprise factor was key. Everyday objects are the entry point to individual exhibits and provide the visitor with detailed information on specific areas of business and the activities of Berlin Water.A voice from a simple apple addresses their health management, a wheel presents the facets of the company and medications provide the entry to the subject of eliminating trace substances… More

Project • By brandt+simon architektenApartments


The roof of the three-storeyed residential building from the 19th century should be rebuilt and extended to an apartment. For geometric, static and building physical reasons the extension was not realizable with the existing roof construction. For that the roof timbering was removed completely and rebuilt in form of a pitched roof. To align the geometry of the roof space for residential use the ridge line was raised but subordinated to the neighbor building. Despite of this elevation the roof surface areas stay not visible from the street. Generous roof-top windows in direction to the street care for lighting and ventilation of the new living area. On the roof side to the courtyard a row of little roof-top windows was planned to light up th... More