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Project • By Jan Wiese ArchitektenApartments

Libauer Straße

My parents’ house was on a slope. On an incline of about 1.50 metres. In those days the developer had thought to himself that it would be clever to raise the ground floor up a bit more to let the new owners get out to the garden, which was at ground level. Simon Menges A spiral staircase ran from the balcony on the ground floor down to the garden. This meant that I spent my whole childhood enjoying a special vista over the garden. I can still clearly remember my parents in their deckchairs; great garden parties with wonderfully laid-out tables; garden parties with happily drunken friends and mown lawns with vivid patterns I’d made myself (although only appreciated by me). Simon Menges These memories – the persp... More

Project • By TSPACities


It is in vain to predict the political, cultural or economic developments of the next 50 years. In order to recognise this, a look into the past is sufficient. To predict the political, cultural and technological developments in the next 50 years is an intricate effort. We know that the climate will change and that Brandenburg will become warmer and drier on average. We know that this will have consequences for food production, biodiversity and that structures in industry, agriculture and energy will have to adapt. As well as landscape, water and biological systems. These transformations will take decades and can build on the strengths of Berlin-Brandenburg’s landscape: the lakes and rivers as the backbone of a cultural landscape cha... More
Penthouse Unite Family Room Area
Penthouse Unite Kitchen- Living Area
Studio Unite Living Area
Penthouse Unite Master Bedroom
Penthouse Unite Kitchen- Bedroom

Project • By Hagar Abiri Architecture & DesignApartments


An old candles factory from the GDR time was convered into housing. The Penthouse and The Studio unites were designed keeping a fine, minimalist  line that insert the modern spirit into an old structure. Caption Caption The fine quality of the interior is higlighting the roughness of the building and complete it   Caption Caption More