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Project • By WAO ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Facet House

This project was a geometrical challenge for the agency. The objective was to build a detached house for a family with two children and a dog in an area of suburban housing in Cachan (south of Paris), on one of the town’s last few buildable plots. Aurélien Chen The site presented a few constraints due to its irregular quadrilateral shape; it was also bordered by a street, a path and a car park. The rules on non-constructible strips around buildings imposed a restriction of 43 m² of triangular ground floor space, and the house could only reach a maximum height of three storeys. Its maximum potential volume would give it a slender aspect that would make it look like a turret. The choice of a prismatic shape enabled us... More

Project • By Bambutec DesignTrade Shows

Textile bamboo structures for open-air events

Bambutec designed textile bamboo structures for the open-air sporting event Rio Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mobile and deployable structures were built at seaside public spaces as Copacabana, Arpoador, Ipanema, Joatinga and Barra da Tijuca beaches, among others. The structures apply treated bamboo poles, tensile membranes and flexible joints. Bioclimatic bamboo tents made of cotton fabrics and acrylic membranes covered a total area of 820 sqm, rapidly mounted and dismounted by a team of skilled bamboo builders. Bamboo tents create bioclimatic spaces due to the applied biomaterials and to the properties of passage of the air and protection for sun and rain, which is an important aspect for roof structures in the tropical climate.... More