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Project • By Clear LightingIndividual Buildings

Sixty Martin Place

Sixty Martin Place is on a prominent corner in Sydney’s global financial hub, one of the most coveted sites in the city. But the 33-level tower hasn’t let its position go to its head. Just the opposite. More

Project • By Alumil S.AApartments


In this pandemic period, people’s daily lives have been extremely affected. At the same time, the looming environmental issues need specific actions. During this era, the construction of a modern residential building based on sustainable design makes us pay attention to the bigger picture. Caption   Oxygen is the first residential building of such scale that will be constructed in the post-pandemic era in Greece. In addition, it is also the first residential complex in Greece with international sustainability certification (BREEAM),  raising the bar for similar constructions in the near future.  Caption   Pieris Architects, the architectural firm responsible for the project (in collaboration with Sus... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerHousing

Village im Dritten – Eurogate Vienna

Urban context Village im Dritten (Village in the third district) is a newly developed quarter between Landstraßer Gürtel and Otto-Preminger-Straße in the north-east, with a park for everyone in the middle. The Gürtelbogen, a two-storey commercial building, shields the residential complex behind it from the heavily frequented Gürtel. The guiding idea of “climate-resilient district development” focuses on parks, façade greening, roof gardens and percolating pavements, but also on social sustainability. Site 7, which was developed by Dietrich | Untertrifaller together with Artec, is located in the middle of the Quartierstrasse, exactly opposite the passage to the Gürtel. Our project owes its... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerCommunity Centres

Kindergarten & Rehearsal Room

The Kindergarten south of the village center defines the west side of the square. It opens itself to the play garden in the south, while a protecting wall shields the children from the heavy traffic of the parking lot. Two group rooms with dedicated coatrooms are situated along the central corridor of the ground floor. A robust framed construction shades the south-oriented glass façade. Creating a portal, it generously spans the access path and clearly links it to the kindergarten. Situated to the north are adjoining rooms, the office of the head of the kindergarten, a group room and an exercise room. The playrooms are paneled with birch plywood, which creates a warm-colored background for a lively and colorful crowd of children.... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerPrivate Houses

House SCH Wolfurt

The single-story, barrier-free building forms a courtyard and embraces the old pear tree forming a private protected zone in this residential area. Visitors are welcomed into generous open living spaces with differentiated views. Bedrooms and bathrooms are separated and form a more private zone within the building. An office and wellness area completes the courtyard to the west; the attached garage shields it to the east. Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller   More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerApartments

Warths!Ap Apartment House

The crystalline three-story structure covered in wood shingles confidently settles into the steep slope responding to the demanding topography and successfully avoiding constant problematic terrain changes. The building becomes an integral part of the wonderful alpine landscape. Thanks to the traditional, dignified façade, it perfectly blends into the soft landscape of the village. Dietrich Untertrifaller - Angela Lamprecht   Dietrich Untertrifaller - Angela Lamprecht The warm interior atmosphere is characterized by its full-surface paneling in white fir, adding to the overall coziness. The windows are set precisely and allow the guests to constantly experience the surrounding mountains and to connect to the special... More

Project • By CCHEShops


This magnificent building in the heart of Lausanne's commercial centre was built in 1912 and has been listed as a note 2 on the inventory of historical monuments since 1975. It is twinned at the opposite corner of the street creating an iconic ensemble on Rue de Bourg. Thomas Jantscher Our intervention is focused on the entrance to Rue Lion d'Or 1 and the three upper levels of the building, which were formerly used for logistics and for the operation of the commercial surface of the emblematic Lausanne brand Annabelle. These were transformed to accommodate quality administrative spaces by strategically incorporating modern facilities while respecting the character of the building as much as possible. Thomas Jantscher The greates... More

Project • By CCHEApartments

Quartier résidentiel Bussigny

The disused Kindlimann site is now in a high-density mixed residential area with a population of about 800 people. It has direct access to the Bussigny train station and is therefore part of the Lausanne conurbation, a strong driving force for development. CCHE The main challenge of the project lies in the transformation of an industrial wasteland into a quality urban area uniting the proposed density, a lever for affordable rents, with a harmonious social mix. Lausanne's influence is leading to a change in lifestyles and causing a profound cultural transformation of the place. CCHE The island provides the best possible protection for human beings from railway and industrial noise pollution. However, the project in Bussigny is m... More

Project • By CCHEOffices

The Hive 8

Development of an administrative building for the Swiss electrical components group LEM, which is relocating its Geneva headquarters. Leader in the market for innovative and high quality solutions for the measurement of electrical parameters, LEM has chosen The Hive campus, dedicated to companies in the high value-added technology sector, to house its research and development activities and a production unit. The architecture of the building meets the high energetic performance standards of the Canton of Geneva. The building is composed of 3 layers: -A concrete base, massive in appearance, which will house the industrial and logistics parts.-A lightweight glass box that will house the administrative areas.-A metal crowning, integrating... More

Project • By CCHEShops

Bourg 8

Originally, the existing building at rue de Bourg 8 consisted of two small 3-storey buildings, joined together in 1637. In 1746, they were raised by one floor and completely repaired. Since the 18th century, the facade on the street, as well as the interior, has undergone numerous modifications on the ground and first floors, in particular the creation of a slab that obstructs the inner courtyard and the creation of 2 shops on the ground floor. Thomas Jantscher The ground floor of the north facade serving the entrances has therefore been totally redesigned with a contemporary material that blends harmoniously with the historic facade preserved on the upper floors. The purified and luminous interior atmosphere brings the preserved an... More

Project • By CCHEUniversities


Located on a vast plot of land within the EPFL campus, the ArtLab building creates a bridge between the heart of the campus to the north and the student residence to the south. This new building, emblematic of the campus, was designed by the Japanese firm Kengo Kuma & Associates, with a long architecture divided into three blocks. Jamani Caillet Alain Herzog As a local partner, CCHE was in charge of coordinating and negotiating with the local authorities, engineers and various stakeholders, managing and drawing up the construction documents as well as the detailed studies to ensure that the building was executed in the spirit intended by the Japanese architect. Damien Barakat CCHE More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi ArchitectsMasterplans

Eco-Smart District of Cecchignola

The project provides 720 new apartments across 21 new modular buildings set in a new park.The masterplan creates a new quarter, integrated in a bigger settlement, which holds similar functions.The connection project provides a big public square with restaurants, shops for the complex and for its neighbors. A nursery and a primary school, several catering stands all around the park and a surrounding area normally used as a shooting range, which in the future should be equipped as a sports centre for the settlement. This modern “Agorà” is thought as a multi-scale meeting place, for both the inhabitants of the district and those of the neighboring areas. This increases the symbolic and the intrinsic value of this “joi... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi ArchitectsRural

Podere Bedano

The property, an antique Tuscan farm whose original nucleus dates back to 1712, lies near Casale Marittimo, a small town of the Alta Maremma, located 10 km inland from the sea. The challenge was to introduce and involve minimal and contemporary architectural elements in an environment rich in nature and tradition. The solution adopted to achieve this objective has been to maintain as much as possible the vernacular architecture of Maremma using local technologies and materials for the external envelope, juxtaposing minimal design and clean interiors. The help of local workers during the construction phase has been crucial for plugging the building in the landscape and environment context and to respect local architectural traditions. Act... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi ArchitectsRestaurants

Le Mirazur Bar and Restaurant

The project restored and converted a 1950’s building into a restaurant bar with banquets rooms, staff accommodation and a garden with aromatic herbs. The main restaurant room and a small servery are located at street level. Façades were reshaped with wider openings, in order to allow for more transparency and a better panoramic seaview .Fabric awnings projecting out of the external envelope are dynamic elements that emphasize again the lightness of the new structure and make the building look as a vessel ready to sail. The respect for the nature of the site is achieved by using only a few coherent materials and simple finishes like white render and fabric awnings, local flamed stone, transparent glass, grey paintedsteel with... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi ArchitectsOffices

Porta Romana 19

The redevelopment of the building, with the entrance from Corso di Porta Romana 19 within the historical center of Milan, represents an innovation for the way of approach and the design sensitivity, making a perfect synthesis between historical tradition and contemporary design. The intervention completely renews the building by creating a new glass roof in a contemporary language, harmoniously fitting into the historical context and respecting the architecture of the building underneath. The characteristic features of the intervention are the redesign of the internal facades, the new loggia on the penultimate floor and the new glass structure on the roof. The latter, born from the demolition and reconstruction of the existing pitched roo... More