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Railway Equipment Industry for Plasser India

Project Type: Railway Equipment Manufacturing Facility Brief of the Project: Locomotive manufacturing facility planned to cater to three assembly lines and air conditioning designed on the concept of radiant and geothermal cooling. The green spine is designed with an oxygen regenerated plant to purify the air from process area.   Area: 5,00,000 sq ft   There can be no doubt, that the driver for prosperity and large scale economic growth and a sustainable future will be industry. While there is a lot of exciting work being carried out in the service industry sector, especially IT and ITES, there is a large scope of improvement and growth in the design environment for the manufacturing industry. At ANA, we have tried to use t... More

Project • By Paul de Ruiter ArchitectsOffices

Unilever Foods Innovation Centre

The building of the future for innovative collaboration Hive, the Unilever Foods Innovation Centre in Wageningen, a new state-of-the-art research facility for innovations in healthy and sustainable food, is officially open for business as of December 2019.   The facility was designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects, who, according to Unilever, have created “an inspiring, sustainable and yet practical building that facilitates innovative collaboration.” This energy-neutral facility was certified “Outstanding” by the Dutch BREEAM environmental performance assessment body, making it one of the most sustainable multifunctional buildings in the world. Its design is based on Unilever’s desire to facilitate know... More

Project • By Zaha Hadid ArchitectsOffices

Leeza Tower

Located on Lize Road in southwest Beijing, Leeza SOHO tower anchors the new Fengtai business district - a growing financial and transport hub between the city centre and the recently opened Beijing Daxing International Airport to the south. The new business district is integral to Beijing’s multi-modal urban plan to accommodate growth without impacting existing infrastructure networks in the centre of the city. This 45-storey 172,800m² tower responds to demand from small and medium-sized businesses in Beijing for flexible and efficient Grade A office space. © Hufton + Crow Adjacent to the business district’s rail station at the intersection of five new lines currently under construction on Beijing’s Subway... More

Project • By ATP architects engineersOffices

Technologiezentrum Seestadt tz2

A campus for innovation and industry 4.0 A “Hotspot for Industry 4.0” in Vienna: The newly-opened tz2 is located right next to the first phase of the Technology Center, the very first building in Seestadt. Known as “aspern IQ” this was completed in 2012 according to plans drawn up by ATP architects engineers (Vienna). As a ‘Plus Energie’ office building tz1 received a number of awards and was declared the flagship project of the 240-hectare Seestadt complex. The new building is now writing the next chapter of this story: ATP also won an anonymous, EU-wide, realization competition for the execution of this second phase, as a result of which it was commissioned to provide integrated design services with B... More

Project • By HEDUniversities

Los Angeles City College Student Union

The new Student Union at Los Angeles City College is a multi-story landmark celebrating diversity and community; a flagship facility that is sustainable, timeless and celebratory of the campus’ Hollywood history and legacy. The program supports these goals by including an extensive range of services, organizations and multi-use interior and exterior spaces for student and community activities and interaction. The project has been delivered through integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM). This is one of the first LACCD buildings to utilize BIM design-build modeling. The project was honored with a Los Angeles Architectural Award in 2014, and a Western Pacific Region Excellence Award in 2011 from the Design-Build Institute of Ameri... More

Project • By John Robertson ArchitectsOffices

Bracken House

John Robertson Architects (JRA) has completed the refurbishment of Bracken House in the City of London on behalf of the building’s owner, Obayashi Corporation. Bracken House was designed by Sir Albert Richardson in 1959 as The Financial Times (FT) headquarters and was extensively remodeled in the high-tech style by Michael Hopkins & Partners between 1988 and 1992. After an absence of almost 30 years, JRA’s sensitive refurbishment has made it possible for the FT to return to this iconic building.The 200,000 sq ft office building is located adjacent to the precincts of St Paul’s Cathedral and is widely recognised as one of the City of London’s finest twentieth century buildings. It was the first post-war building to receive listed bu... More

Project • By Lombardini22Shopping Centres

Porte dello Jonio

L22 Services - Concept, preliminary, final and executive architectural project, LEAD consultant, interdiscipinary coordination   L22 is a brand of the Group Lombardini22.   Project details The project for Auchan Taranto has interpreted the theme transforming the space into a story, a "popular" narrative that speaks of the place, its talents, its vocations and its material culture.   Auchan Shopping Mall in Taranto was plagued with faults: its architectural image and visibility, its amenities and services, the comfort level of its  interior microclimate - nevertheless, it still attracted plenty of visitors and was full of potential: set in an excellent location in relation to the city centre and deeply rooted in it... More

Project • By EGM architectsOffices


Fully set up and visualised in BIM and now perfectly usable for the management and maintenance of the buildingOne of the aspects of Building Information Modeling, is that right from the beginning of a construction project, starting in the design phase, all construction and technical information is collected for the full life cycle of a building. It is EGM’s ambition to have an 'as built' model upon completion. In this model all relevant parts of the building including the delivery specifications can be found. For example: a window breaks in the elevator corridor on the 4th floor and a new window needs to be ordered. The model provides all the exact specifications of that window, for instance 30 minutes fire proof and fall protected. Fo... More

Project • By EGM architectsLaboratories


At a central location along the A15 motorway in the city of Gorinchem, the Erasmus MC has realised the largest manufacturing pharmacy in the Netherlands. Custom medications for specific patient groups not commercially available are prepared and produced here. Some of the many advantages of the mega-pharmacy are shared costs through cooperation, modern production facilities and enhanced expertise. This allows the Erasmus MC to keep pace with future developments in the pharmaceutical industry.CentralisationChoosing a location that is set apart from the hospital is in line with the national trend of centralising specialised medical facilities. The pharmacy produces approximately 500,000 units of medicine per year for the Erasmus MC and ot... More

Project • By Giuseppe TortatoOffices

Arcadia Center

Milan’s stylish new urban regeneration project - A fresh start for the Via Grosio buildingThe Arcadia Center project, designed by architect Giuseppe Tortato, was developed with BIM technology and will have LEED Silver certification for its low environmental impact.A spectacular urban redevelopment project, characterized by architecture that is as sinuous as it is sustainable. In Milan’s Gallaratese district is a 1970s-era building; this freestanding structure of about 20,000 sq.m is going to be completely renovated. The redevelopment project has been tailor-made by the studio of architect Giuseppe Tortato, which boasts 20 years of experience in the field of urban regeneration. "We tried to recover the dynamism of original architectural layo... More

Project • By Geotectura StudioPrivate Houses


The Eco360 is a single-family home located north of Tel Aviv. The goal of the project designed by Geotectura was to build a sustainable home that would be Energy-Positive and include excellent indoor air and light quality while reflecting the beauty of the surroundings. The challenge was even greater as the view of the sea is to the west, so traditional passive design solutions that are appropriate for the south façade were not valid in this case. An unusual geometrical optimization was needed to obtain all the passive design features while facing the west. The house is well insulated and is largely heated by the energy that is generated by body heat and household equipment.The entire design team worked with BIM (Building Information M... More


Robot Science Museum

Melike Altınışık Architects Wins Competition for World’s first pioneer Robot Science Museum in SeoulTurkish practice Melike Altınışık Architects – MAA which has gained international recognition with their latest project Istanbul's futuristic 369 meter-tall TV and Radio Tower, has won an international competition for the Robot Science Museum located in Seoul, South Korea . The competition hosted by The Seoul Metropolitan Government called for the ideas to design World’s first pioneer Robot Science Museum (RSM) to support public education in robotics and increase the public knowledge and interests in robots.RSM is going to be one of the buildings in the center of the renovation area ‘the Changbai New Economic Center’ which is going to be a Cu... More

Project • By WRA - Wild Rabbits ArchitecturePrivate Houses

La Maison Plissée - The Pleated House

A city house with a separate studio which could be used as an art gallery.Montparnasse neighborhood, more precisely Pernety, in a charming little street, between some big buildings, there was a tiny house. We destroyed it. The new house has, also, a garden with a rose bush all over the portal but that’s it… It’s strange, it stretches on 7 floors, light weighted, slended with its nimbus of metal lacework, it’s the “Maison Plissée”, the wrinkled house.The coolest spots are up top, we access them directly by an elevator (like in the Diff'rent Strokes show). The visit patio, kitchen, panoramic roofing pack forms a little penthouse with views everywhere and a mind-blowing sunshine.The plan of the lower floors is so stiff that the clients ca... More

Project • By Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCultural Centres

Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre

The Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre is located on the river in Hexi New Town; Nanjing’s new central business district (CBD). The project includes a 106,500 m2 conference centre, two towers totaling 258,500 m2 , 100,000 m2 of basement areas and the plaza that terminates the CBDs main axis on the riverfront.The masterplan expresses the continuity and connectivity between the urban environment of Hexi New Town, riverside parkland, and the rural landscapes of Jiangxinzhou Island in the Yangtzer River connected by a pedestrian bridge.The Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre occupies a site area of 5.2 hectares with a construction floor space of 465,000 square metres. The taller of the two towers is 315 metres/68 floors high an... More

Project • By ALA ArchitectsLibraries

Oodi Helsinki Central Library

The design grows from the dynamic between the site and the goals of the library program. The key concept is the interplay between the building’s three individual floors.The public plaza in front of the building will continue inside, merging with a catalogue of meeting and experience features. The ground floor will be a robust, busy and frequently updated space suitable for quick visits and walkthroughs. The active, zero-threshold public spaces will be visible, attractive, understandable and welcoming to all visitors.The traditional, serene library atmosphere can be found on the top floor. This will be a calm and contemplative area floating above the busy central Helsinki. It will offer unobstructed, majestic views to the surrounding park an... More