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Project • By BIO-architectsPrivate Houses

Forest DublDom

The «Kashtan» DublDom home, as it’s called, so impressed the audience that many started dreaming about their serene residence surrounded by the forest.  Eventhough nature offers you a peaceful environment, it also poses a challenge for your dwelling. While planning this elevated home, we considered how the trees will affect the property and home experience.  Our goal was to provide a home to harmonize with its surroundings. Caption Typically, our firm prefers one storey houses, but in this project, we decided to explore. We still believe that on small plots and for year-round living, a one-story house is more convenient.  When you're surrounded by a tall forest, this provides another solution for creat... More

NewsNews • 25 Feb 2022

McLean Quinlan orientate timber retreat towards spectacular views across Wyoming’s Snake River Valley

McLean Quinlan placed an understated home on a clearing amongst the Aspen and Pine. The house is positioned to take in long views across Wyoming’s Snake River Valley and the mountains beyond. David Agnello The clients wished for a house that embraces its majestic setting. A peaceful place to recharge whilst reconnecting with nature. David Agnello McLean Quinlan distributed the program in two contrasting volumes. A glazed living quarters and a black timber-clad sleeping quarters. David Agnello The elongated transparent living structure is flooded with natural light. The architects opted for a douglas fir frame to provide a warm feeling of enclosure. David Agnello The second volume contains bedrooms, a guest room... More

NewsNews • 3 Feb 2022

Monoarchi design four twisting cabins shaped by their surroundings

On a 5,000 square meter site in the southeast corner of Tangshan Mountain in Nanjing, Monoarchi has completed four hot spring huts. According to the features of the site, which include one side of stacked rocks that stand out from the woods, the architect positioned the huts in four distinctive locations ranging from deep in the forest, to gradually transitioning in the stone-piled area of land. Hao CHEN Preserving the existing landform and vegetation, a plank path of the site passes through the woods and rocks, connecting the four independent huts like the vein of a leaf. The four huts feature two completely different forms. Hao CHEN Large glass windows in each glass room break through the façade, facing different ang... More

Product • By VicousticVicBooth Office Conference Booth 3x4

VicBooth Office Conference Booth 3x4

The 3x4m VicBooth Office Conference Booth is probably the largest acoustic booth on the market.Large booths like the 3x4 conference booth were designed for office meetings, permitting partners and workmates to have a discussion or watch a presentation. The available room is like an open environment that isolates itself from outside noise and guarantees privacy to the conversations inside. Staging a presentation for a small audience that grabs the attention of everybody and is well understood has become a challenge. By making use of its acoustic qualities and accessories for suspended TV screens, this booth will catch everyone’s eye.  The VicBooth Office range is a complete sustainable ecosystem of phone booths, private spaces, a... More

Project • By Hello Wood LtdApartments

Wauhaus Cabin

Treehouses, design cabins, forest huts, glampings - the long-lasting popularity of exciting accommodations is not surprising; many of us want to leave behind the noise of the city from time to time and get closer to nature. Modern treehouses - which take the children’s tree platforms to a whole new level - provide this experience. We can retreat in a canopy-level house or a cabin with legs to watch the wildlife of the quiet forest, listen to the rustle of leaves or immerse ourselves in the view unfolding before us. Caption Hello Wood’s newest cabin, the Wauhaus, rises above the ground with the help of its long legs. After the futuristic WorkStation and the minimalist Kabinka, the Wauhaus makes new cabin dreams come true. T... More

Project • By RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTUREPrivate Houses

Cornwall Cabin

Overlooking a lush wooded valley below, the Cornwall Cabin rests on a steep sloping site in a rural corner of Northwestern Connecticut. As a weekend retreat for a Manhattan mother and her young daughter, the 1,500 square foot modern prefabricated cabin - located two hours outside the city - was carefully designed for simple, low-maintenance living. The compact floor plan efficiently accommodates the essentials for their weekend lifestyle. Custom built-ins for storage, benches, bookshelves, and bunk beds were incorporated throughout to maximize space and usability. Caption The cabin is sited to allow for uninterrupted views of the valley to the South. As such, the house is a linear composition oriented on an East/West axis, with expans... More

NewsNews • 19 Jan 2021

Nature and architecture meet in Scandinavian inspired hotel concept by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

In the Breitenbach landscape of northern France, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter have completed hotel concept '48 Nord.' Drawing from the traditional Scandinavian 'hytte,' a place of retreat and reconnection with nature, the concept comprises 14 cabins scattered across the landscape. Florent Michel The 14 'hytte' cottages' are divided into four different typologies. The 'grass' hytte, located entirely on one level, is universally accessible. The 'tree' and 'ivy' typologies are thin and tower-like, combining verticality and panoramic views. The final typology, 'fjell' includes substantial protected outdoor space and is designed specifically for families.  Florent Michel Compact, light and discreet, the cabins sit on stilts. Each u... More

NewsSpecification • 12 Nov 2020

Specification case study: Poisson Blanc by naturehumaine

Naturehumaine designed a minimalistic and refined chalet located in rugged terrain north of Montréal, Canada. The architects shaped the structure in a compact volume to reduce the footprint on the site. The squared floor plan is topped by a gabled roof structure. The modest budget led to a reduction of circulation areas, compact spaces, grouping of services and simple and affordable materials. The result is a minimalistic monochrome volume that fits well within its natural landscape.  Raphaël Thibodeau Wooden facade cladding - Modern Siding in Ultra White-1 by MaibecThe white wooden siding with vertical orientation is factory coated and provides increased protection against effects of the sun and the harsh Canadian e... More

Project • By GreenSpurPrivate Houses

Lost Whiskey Cabin

The first iPhone was released in 2007 and in less than 20 years there ain’t much the damn thing won’t do: from ordering pizza, to a real time global news feed, to documenting every inch of our lives all in 4k resolution. I’m addicted; my kids are addicted; and I don’t think it’s all been good for our family. The Lost Whiskey Project is about exploring our personal limits of slowing down and simplifying. It’s about the value of time and experiences over information and accumulation. This 160 sq.ft.all concrete structure is one part Scandinavian minimalism and two part Virginia countryside. With a crackling fire that heats the hot tub, solar panels, cisterns, murphy bed, shower and compost toilet this off-... More

Project • By Josh Wynne ConstructionPrivate Houses

Mike’s Hammock

Eventually, if we are lucky, we all grow old. I designed and built this home for my aging father. My dad adopted me when I was two. He was the hardest working, most selfless man I have ever known. His whole life he fantasized about retiring to a cabin in the woods. Unfortunately, health issues cut his career and his dreams short. I had to rescue him, but our budget was tight. To keep him close, I found a prime spot on our family farm.   I had to evict the pigs from their pen! The pen dictated the building size, as I chose not to remove trees to build the house. I minimized the foundation to protect the palms and maintain drainage. The structure was cantilevered beyond the foundation to keep it light in its location and to allow for t... More

Project • By Ryan Thewes ArchitectPrivate Houses

Caney Fork Cabin

This modern weekend cabin was designed for a couple along the Caney Fork River in middle Tennessee. Located in the river’s flood plain, it was required to be lifted off of the ground. By raising the living area slightly higher, we were able to capture views of the river. This also allowed us to dig in slightly creating a full size storage area underneath.   The clients were very interested in green design and off grid living. The house utilizes many reclaimed materials such as the metal siding, some interior wood features and re-purposed insulation in the walls. An array of solar panels on the roof provides an excess of electricity that is sold back to the grid creating a net-zero result. Rain water is collected off the roof an... More

Project • By Rangr StudioPrivate Houses

Cabin in the Woods

Three long cantilevers on the top of a secluded hill give the spaces of the house commanding views into the woods and the feeling of being suspended in the trees. The living and dining spaces combine to form a Great Room, with a wall of sliding glass doors looking out onto the pool and deck. Paul Warchol Paul Warchol Paul Warchol The house, for a young family of five, contains two master suites and three additional bedrooms, allowing the owners to accommodate friends with their children. The large screen porch, on one of the cantilevered ends of the house, contains an outdoor fireplace and creates the feeling of being in a tree house Paul Warchol Paul Warchol The pool's design creates the illusion of a body of wat... More

Project • By Arkitekt Folstad KnutPrivate Houses

Sinnes Cabin / Timber Temple

Timber Temple, all wooden, mountain cabin. A playful reinterpretation of the motifs and sedimentary stacking - or heaviness of -norwegian traditional architecture, while maintaining a contemporary and modern line. Challenges of differing conditions during winter, snow, and summer use solved with the concrete spot-foundations raising the main volume off the ground while utilizing the rising landscape to achieve a simple «yard» which works both in high snow and heated summer days.  The plan demonstrates a strong hierarchy between intimate, smaller areas and more generous spaces. A high ceiling living room living room with outdoor access and a generous but simple bathroom with custom aluminium sitting tub in a rich green, a r... More

Project • By Alric GalindezPrivate Houses

Dachas House

Dachas is a housing complex located in Bariloche in a sloped site facing the Nahuel Huapi lake. The word Dachas comes from Russian, meaning country home, log cabin, small rest area in a rural setting. The site is limited in its upper and lower sides by streets hidden in a dense woodland area, a peculiar urban situation, in which the building plays a key role in opening the area and introducing the landscape into the site. In the middle of the woods, two inclined irregular objects, molded by the southern winds, mix with the existing pine trees of the site, framing the impressive lake backdrop and hinting the access into the complex. A street level parking area receives the cars. In its extremes, two wooden bridges grant access to the upper... More

Project • By DARP (De Arquitectura y Paisaje)Private Houses

Mountain Cabin

The cabin is the second construction within a property located on the top of a hillside in the municipality of El Retiro to the east of the city of Medellín.   The house is reached through an esplanade surrounded by a native forest and a pine forest on a slope covered with vegetation on one side and with the main house on the other. From this point, a sequence of atmospheres and spaces begins to unravel, stimulating and intensifying the experience and the relationship with the landscape.   The construction was decided to be placed below the level of the existing house, taking advantage of the steep slope of the lot and to preserve the visual relationship between the access site, the mountains and the... More