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Project • By Brusnika Company, RussiaCar Parks

Multi-storey car park in Novosibirsk

Even though a car park is a utilitarian part of housing estates, why should it be unsightly? Brusnika is constantly exploring new ideas for its car parks in different cities.  Caption The team has recently completed a three-storey car park in Panorama residential quarter, located in Novosibirsk. Drawing an analogy between parking vehicles ramps and New York Guggenheim Museum space, Brusnika decided that the parking for 279 cars can additionally benefit from a display of art objects and lighting solutions.  Caption Inspired by the quarter location neighbouring the city alpine ski slope, and Novosibirsk proximity to the Altai, mountains were chosen as the key art theme for the new structure.  Caption The salie... More

Project • By ZJACar Parks

Underground parking garage Brinklaan, Apeldoorn

A beautiful and ambitious plan envisioned a rigorous change: a parking lot besides a busy road was to be transformed into a park, right in the middle of central Apeldoorn. It required the construction of an underground parking garage, a low-traffic area, new bicycle paths and a prominent role for the local brook, The Grift, that after a long time was to be brought above ground again. OKRA landscape architects designed a city park, the Catherina Amalia Park, that adds a green gateway to the inner city and creates a space to meet and mingle for different groups of residents and visitors. Under this city park in Apeldoorn, architectural studio ZJA designed a two-story parking garage with a capacity for 240 cars. During the weekends the garage... More

Project • By ZJACar Parks

Parking garage and city square Houtmarkt, Kortrijk

From parking lot to city square Bordering the historical city centre of the city of Kortijk in Western Flanders are two parks, Begijnhofpark and Stadspark. Right in between those two parks lays the Houtmarkt, formerly a place where visitors to the inner city and the health care centre St Vincentius parked their cars. The new parking garage that architects ZJA has designed in collaboration with SBE not only houses 170 cars but also offered the opportunity to build an inviting city square. What used to be a dreary parking lot is now a green square. OKRA Landscape Architects was responsible for the lay out of the new Houtmarkt and by means of paths that vary in width and follow flowing lines, they created a square that has a spacious and com... More

Project • By Studio Woodroffe PapaOffices

Bircham Park MSCP

More than just a car park this is a hybrid building that combines two types of apparently contradictory operations: an office and retail building with the utility of a car park building to create a new compact typology.   In S333’s original masterplan for Derriford Hospital’s North-West Quadrant this building forms part of a new entrance and visitor hub. The building delivers services, amenities and secured parking for 600 cars to 11,000 staff, patients and visitors that move through the hospital on a daily basis.   The design brief set out two clear objectives: firstly to remove on-grade, hospital parking currently on the site to release land for further development phases and secondly for the building to improve... More

Project • By Taillandier Architectes AssociésCar Parks

Matabiau Ramblas Car Park

The hereby presented project consists of the construction of a public underground carpark of 400 spaces, built underneath the metro tunnel, at the top section of the allées Jean Jaurès in Toulouse (Occitanie region, France). The allées Jean Jaurès are the Champs Elysées of Toulouse. From 1824 to 1960, called the allées Lafayette at the time, they had a grand central pedestrian fairway flanked on either side by motor vehicle lanes and the tramway lines: it was the toulousain Ramblas. In 1960, the landscaped pedestrian area is cleared to make way for the tarmacked road dedicated to motor vehicles: the allées Jean Jaurès we know today. Currently, the allées are part of the larger... More

Project • By mado architectsExhibition Centres

Nur Commercial Building

Nur commercial project is located on a 790-square-meter land near the main road of Noor city between the sea and the Sisangan jungle. Considering the accessibility and landscape The land has special situation. The client request was to establish a recreational/commercial hub on this land. According to the subject of the project, the typology of Iranian BAZAR was studied. In these studies, the design team emphasized on two issues. The first issue was Iranian traditional bazar program and the other one was Iranian bazaar voids/in between spaces. By studying the Iranian traditional bazar, we find that the Iranian bazaar was not merely a trading place but had all the major program of a city such as religious (mosque), social (school, carvansara... More

Project • By SiloSupermarkets

Albert Heijn XL Zorgboulevard

The histories of Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn and the city of Zaandam are inextricably linked. At the flagship branch of the supermarket near Zaans Medical Center, shoppers are immersed in the chain's rich entrepreneurial history.Step into the world of Albert HeijnDesign agency Silo selected highlights from the company's 125-year history to create a surprising, humorous and delicious graphical storyline. The hand-drawn illustrations show the quality products for which the supermarket is renowned – wine, coffee, biscuits, and fresh vegetables – but also the facade of one of its first locations. The drawings also include interesting facts about Albert Heijn.Better take the stairsUsing the stairs to go up to the parking deck, you walk... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERCar Parks


 Turning ordinary parking into extraordinary spacesIn 2016 Dealer Tire LLC made the decision to relocate to a new headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The privately held company provides tools and services to over 10,000 car dealers and over two dozen automotive brands, and is also one of America´s largest tire distributors. The move included the intensive renovation of a long empty historic structure in Midtown Cleveland – Victory Center.When looking for a new location, Dealer Tire was seeking a place that was loft style but had an industrial atmosphere to echo the company’s aesthetic. Victory Center, a four story H-shaped building, had been vacant for more than a year after a state assisted renovation project and proved to be the perfec... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERCar Parks

Domain 8

The property for “The Domain” was purchased in 1999 and opened its first 65.000 m² space featuring offices, high-end retail stores, apartments and hotel spaces. The space was reclaimed from old IBM Manufacturing and administrative buildings. The strategy when proposing “The Domain” was to create a “second downtown” for Austin, Texas while increasing employee productivity through proximity to surrounding amenities.The 8th building in the Domain was reconstructed in 2017. Domain 8 features almost 28.000 m² of office and retail space. The 12 story building also features on-site parking at a 3.7:1000 ratio.The buildings parking garage features 1600 m² of Architectural Wire Mesh from Haver & Boecker. Wire mesh facades are a favorable choice... More

Project • By Astron Buildings S.A.Factories

Multi-Storey Car Parks of the New Generation

The demand for parking spaces is rising continuously, especially in towns, but the spaces available are often limited in number. Astron offers individual solutions made of steel that are robust, efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, the structures require only minimal planning and short construction times. As the European market leader in prefabricated steel halls, we also know how to be convincing in the car park sector. Our designs include parking decks, multi-storey car parks and individual solutions such as the incorporation of a car lift. More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERCar Parks

Parking de Moulins

The architecture of car parks is almost tainted with negative associations caused by many functional and gloomy buildings. But there are some ways to make the architecture of parking garages interesting and attractive. For example, the car park in the French town of Moulins has recently been renovated and transformed. The facade was enveloped in architectural wire mesh cladding made of EGLA-MONO 4391 by Haver & Boecker. The flat surface on one side of the wire mesh appears to generate patterns across the full plain of the façade created by homogeneous light reflections. The architectural wire mesh cladding not only enhances the appearance of the car park, it also increases it´s functionality. The open area of 52 % provides natural lig... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERCar Parks

Parking Terre Sud à Bègles

Façade Cladding with Architectural Wire Mesh ensures natural ventilation as well as natural lighting.Specifically planned through sustainable architecture and green spaces, a new residential area has been built south of Bordeaux offering the residents a better quality of life.”We have designed a car park that combines savings of space and energy. As one example the parking decks are naturally lit. The outer skin of the building made of architectural wire mesh provides brightness and elegance. It is conceivable to use the structure for different needs, such as an office space.” Daniel BERGUEDIEU, architectThe parking garage in this new ecologically sustainable area "Terre Sud" is enveloped in 3,265m² of façade cladding which, from the outsid... More

Product • By ESMERY CARON「Architex®」Semi-standardised textile architecture

「Architex®」Semi-standardised textile architecture

The product of Esmery Caron's know-how in the field of textile architecture, Architex® créations gather a whole range of unique steel-textile or wooden framed structures, modular, resistant and innovative in their design. ☞ Architex® brochure available on request or on our website More

Project • By ESMERY CARONCities

Innovative Car Parks by Esmery Caron

Texispan® protects your clients from rain, hail and sun and creates value for your products and services Exclusive shape and configuration flexibility for spaces both flowing and remarkable Central poles to make car moving easier High quality finishing and high resistance materials and fabrics Texispan® brochure available on request or on More