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NewsNews • 16 Jan 2022

Cave-like Zolaism Café offers a sensual and perceptual feel of returning to nature

In Aranya-Qinhuangdao, China, Zolaism Café by B.L.U.E Architecture invites visitors in to escape the pace of the city. With the inclusion of man-made stones that recall the mountains and the seas, the design aims to highlight the ability of architecture to create emotion and memory.  Eiichi Kano The architecture of the cafe is carefully orchestrated to look improvisational. Centred around organic forms, the rocks supporting the cave define three sides of glass enclosures. The different rock column sizes conceal the steel structure that divides the space. Furthermore, private restrooms can be found in two of the stone formations.  Eiichi Kano Chairs and tables are located freely throughout the spaces between the... More

Project • By TRA StudioShops

Pearl River at Chelsea Market

Pearl River Mart started almost fifty years ago, when the relationships between the US and China, were non-existent, it was since the beginning a symbol of friendship between the two countries, an attitude which, during the years, evolved into a beloved neighborhood Institution. TRA studio TRA studio has worked with PRM since 2001, when we were approached to design a vast 20,000 square feet space in SoHo, followed in 2008 by the 10,000 square feet Pearl Home, to house the vast Emporium that constitutes the Pearl River Mart’s diversified merchandise, encompassing over 15,000 products, ranging from inexpensive home goods to the most curious and expensive. The SoHo store already incorporated some of the support spaces that are now... More

NewsNews • 3 Nov 2021

Dramatic fashion: (SO)What Chengdu by Various Associates focuses on Chengdu’s renowned opera culture to express and reinterpret the local cultural context

An iconic fashion boutique in Chengdu, The (SO)What brand advocates for the unrestrained and independent character of the contemporary female. Various Associates focused on the expression and reinterpretation of the unique local cultural context, turning to the renowned opera culture of Chengdu.  URVIRSION CO. / Zheng Fang, Tang Cao Facing a street with a steady stream of pedestrians, the double-height façade offers direct views into the store. Optimizing these views and sense interaction, Various Associates took the idea of ‘Stage’ as the core design concept, maximizing the site to construct a dynamic stage that integrates modern technology with dramatic tension. The result is a multi-sensory, immersive spatia... More

NewsNews • 29 Oct 2021

Reuse, Renew, Recycle: Recent Architecture from China

The Museum of Modern Art highlights a new generation of Chinese architects with commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Eight projects are presented, ranging from the adaptive reuse of former industrial buildings, the recycling of building materials, and the reinterpretation of ancient construction techniques, to the economic rejuvenation of rural villages or entire regions through non-invasive architectural insertions. Shengliang Su Chi She Gallery by Archi-Union ArchitectsLocated in Shanghai’s West Bund area, this 2150-square-foot (200-square-meter) gallery is the result of a rehabilitation of an old warehouse into an exhibition space for the Chi She artistic group. When Philip Yuan and his team at Archi-Union A... More

Project • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureRestaurants


People’s usual assumption of a Chinese restaurant tends to be typical, but we want something different that’s worthy of a fine dining experience. —designer quote   The height of style in China is widely considered to be during the 1920s, a period of British occupancy that gave birth to an amalgam of Oriental and Occidental cultures. During this era, Chinese interior design architecture and fashion took the influence of modern, shapely silhouettes and simpler patterns. This period of style is chosen as the concept behind Sun Tung Lok’s design, where elegance is delivered through the subtle mixture of details.    soaring twenties — The European influence on 1920s China is conveyed through the... More

NewsNews • 14 Apr 2021

The Field: A ‘residence’ for Buddha in a mundane world

The Field is an art gallery located within former aluminium factory buildings in Huli District, Xiamen City, China. Commissioned by the Buddha artist Jiang Sheng, TEAM_BLDG Architects renovated the buildings into a studio and exhibition space. The new purpose-specific space exhibits Sheng’s JIANGJIABAN Buddha statues in a way that reflects humanity alongside the divine and religious. Courtesy TEAM_BLDG In collaboration with the client, the architects conceived the architecture as merely a medium to carry the Buddha statues and contain the essence of Buddhism – a ‘residence’ for Buddha in a mundane world. The character of the original buildings remains visible. These buildings are called Building 1, Building 2,... More

NewsNews • 13 Apr 2021

Runxuan Textile Office interprets the production process of cloth through its undulating architecture

The Runxuan Textile Office is located in Zhangcha, a well-known textile town in Foshan, China. Most villages in this region have an industrial park, and textile workshops are scattered throughout the town. Here, Masanori Designs were engaged to create a unique office for the Runxuan Textile brand. Yun Ouyang The new office occupies the first floor of an existing property. The entirety of the building’s façade was made available for the brand, but the owner required that the façade renovation should ensure ventilation of the upper floor and respect the existing tile cladding. The resulting design features a pure white tone and interprets the production process of cloth via an architectural language that extends fro... More

NewsNews • 19 Mar 2021

Schindler City by Neri&Hu challenges industrial park typology

Located in Jiading, just outside of Shanghai’s city centre, Schindler City is a new 32,5000 square meter headquarters designed by Neri&Hu for the world-renowned elevator manufacturer Schindler. Containing offices, factories, warehouses, research facilities, and a showroom, the architects sought to overcome the sense of isolation and vastness that characterizes many industrial facilities by emphasizing human scale landscape elements and public spaces throughout the project. Dirk Weiblen The architectural proposal is two-part: a continuous base ground level with floating lightboxes above. As a unified architectural solution, this arrangement challenges the typical office block/industrial park typology of individual buildings l... More

NewsNews • 3 Mar 2021

Existing house transformed into a delicate work of art at the KennaXu Gallery

In Shenzhen, China, a delipidated existing residence behind green trees and accessed by a small path has been transformed by DA Integrating Limited into a contemporary art gallery. The project was spearheaded by gallery owner Kenna Xu, who spent his childhood in Shenzhen and wished to establish an art gallery for the local area while pursuing global visibility. Kevin, Benmo Studio The original building was constructed in the 1990s. Situated in a residential community, the site is a strong blend of living atmosphere with nature. The architect thus saw an opportunity to make a powerful connection between art and daily life. Kevin, Benmo Studio Working with an existing building, however, posed some constraints. The original house w... More

NewsNews • 26 Jan 2021

Powerhouse Company complete a soaring canopy for the Paper Roof Reception Centre

Powerhouse Company are known for their sensory rich approach to design, using conscious design choices to enhance the subconscious design experience. Their latest completed project is Paper Roof Reception Centre in Tianjin, China, which takes a fresh approach to tradition by playing with the form and function of traditional Chinese architecture. Weiqi Jin The reception centre was built to showcase a new city district being developed beside Jin Hai Lake in Bin Hai.  It comprises a sleek, two-story glass box structure situated under a dramatic canopy roof supported by slender pillar legs. The curved roof features upswept corners which are typical of traditional Chinese architecture and regarded as auspicious, in addition to having... More

NewsNews • 25 Nov 2020

LAND Community Center forms a gravity-defying gateway

Conceived as a gravity-defying gateway for a new residential development in Xi’an (Shanghai), LAND Community Center contains recreational spaces organized around an oval sunken courtyard that allows natural light to penetrate deep underground. Lujing Architectural Photography / YIike Studio/Hui Yang This gravity-defying structure not only has a unique architectural expression, but its raised nature allows the ground plane to remain open to a civic space for gathering and activitiesThis gravity-defying structure not only has a unique architectural expression, but its raised nature allows the ground plane to remain open to a civic space for gathering and activities. Referring to a city wall and gateway with its mass, the buildi... More

NewsNews • 6 Nov 2020

Ten Times Hotel a unique transformation of old dormitory building

Located outside the city of Ganzhou, Ten Times Hotel is a unique transformation of old dormitory buildings undertaken by Monolith Architects.  Using the existing external steel frame as the basic structure of the overall building, a new façade system is set up. The structural frame also provides structural support for a new roof attic and a new logistics traffic space.   Credit: Lei Mao The design retains the basic shape and volume of the original building and celebrates the most widely used materials in rural Chinese architecture, such as steel structure, broken aluminium glass windows, brick, concrete ad plywood. Credit: Lei Mao A new glass façade reshapes the overall image of the building and also turn... More

NewsNews • 6 Nov 2020

He Art Museum by Pritzker-prize winner Tadao Ando draws from local architectural traditions

Located in China’s Guangdon province, the He Art Museum (HEM) by Pritzker-prize winning architect Tadao Ando features the architect’s signature use of concrete and natural elements including light, water and wind. The design is further influenced by Lingnan architectural culture and circular/elliptical forms. Credit: Chen Xiaotie At the centre of the design, a double-helix pair of staircases rise up four floors. A skylight inspired by Lingnan building tradition bathes the interior in natural light and helps to draw light deep into the floorplan. Credit: Chen Xiaotie A total of 16,000 square meters and with 8,000 square meters of exhibition space, the building comprises four circular floor plans that increase in size... More

Project • By via.Exhibition Centres

Atrium House Show Gallery

Atrium House is a celebration of heritage and traditions. To design the sales gallery for the development, via. reinterpreted traditional Chinese courtyard houses. Entrance of the suite is marked by a timber framework against a composition of Chinese bricks, creating a powerful impression. Custom-made cast concrete panels created with bamboo formwork is used to echo the materials in the residential development. A pathway leads to an indoor garden, featuring slatted timber grilles and intricate brickwork. An additional theater space showcases two artworks in a space highlighted by symmetry and harmony. More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2020

White Upland is a dream-like landscape created in steel

Shanghai Huijian invited Wutopia Lab to design a welcoming stage in front of the sales’ center of their project in Huzhou (China). While keeping the interior unchanged, the only request of the client was to make the façade ‘different’ from the generic. The request comes from a resistance to the generic developer fare that dominates the surrounding architectural landscape and the region as a whole. Credit: CreatAR Images Giving Yu Ting of Wutopia Lab complete freedom of design, Yu Ting created a new space named White Upland that is described as a ‘combination of architecture, landscape, interior, lighting, art installation and the most personal moments we have in our lives, memories and emotions.’ W... More