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Project • By Nuno Capa | ArchitectChurches

Ancestral Church of Fraião

The architectural intervention in the Ancestral Church of Fraião, in Braga, Portugal, is an intervention of analysis and decision. An analysis about the degradation state of the latest interventions carried out in the beginning of the 20thcentury. The coatings and extensions made with painted cement mortars, both inside and outside the main church, reinforced the decision to uncover its original characteristics by removing the degraded coatings.The scarce information about the former construction further drives to the commitment to unveil its essence and the interventions previously carried out. Attilio Fiumarella The design plan presents a simple spatial organization, composed by two rectangles of slightly different dimensions... More

NewsNews • 29 Apr 2022

BUZZ creates artful church pavilion made up out of 60 slices

The building looks like a study model blown up to full size. BUZZ designed an abstract interpretation of historical archetypes made up out of a sequence of 60 sections. Shengliang Su The contours of the planes follow an abstract church shape on the outside and an oval void shapes the main assembly hall on the inside. The sharp geometric exterior contrasts intentionally with the softly shaped interior. Shengliang Su Openings gradually grow with each slide, strengthened by lighting that accentuates the intervals. The sections are made up out of Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) on the inside with aluminum blades on the outside, creating a continuous illusion. The building is structured with a steel frame.  Shengliang... More

Project • By Hossein MohammadpourChurches


The Church of the "INLIGHT" is a late spatial narrative of the Gothic Church in the abstraction of the sensory-intellectual proportion of the geometric and sacred space of architecture. It is an effort to revitalize the flexible and unrestricted spatial quality of the church to focus on the proportions of man and the built environment. By creating a spatial opening in the central axis, this church attempts to watch, what is invisible, what can be described as a form of conceptual reading, and represents the inherent liberty of the human soul, body, and mind in Christian intention. Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By KPMB ArchitectsChurches

St. Monica's Roman Catholic Church

A light-filled beacon of modern faith and inclusion In rapidly transforming Midtown Toronto, the intersection of Broadway Avenue and Yonge Street is among the many zones undergoing incredible change. A neighbourhood abundant with single-family homes, it is seeing the addition of more high-density, mixed-use residential communities offering greater access and diversity to growing locales. In this context, St. Monica’s small footprint needs to stand on its own as a strong expression of faith for the increasing number of parishioners. Through the majestic steeple and eye-catching curved roof, the church captures that expression – small but mighty. KPMB drew from our previous experience with worship spaces to create distinct and s... More

Project • By schleicher.ragaller architekten bdaChurches

Church St. Fidelis

More and more people are leaving the church, more and more are in search of spirituality. St Fidelis in Stuttgart reacts to this with an open programme. Since December 2019, the almost 100 years old Catholic church has also been a centre of spirituality and church music. schleicher.ragallerarchitekten designed a place of silence for believers and those looking for life’s meaning.   Buses, suburban railways, cars – Seidenstrasse in the west of Stuttgart is characterized by traffic and noise. Yet amid the hectic everyday life, St Fidelis offers contemplative quietness. The Catholic church was built in 1924/1925 according to plans by Clemens Hummel, modelled on Italian basilicas and in a stylistic competition of historicism... More

Project • By Silpi ArchitectsChurches

Chapel at San Juan Bhavan

Beyond the brick meshA product of contextual conditioning with breaking the monotony, the San Juan Bhavan Chapel is designed as a dialogue between the physical and spiritual realms. Situated amidst the thick green cover of 7.63 acres in Unichira-Ernakulam, the Chapel is proposed as a buffer for the existing building complex. The 4420 sq. ft structure with exposed brick walls is a raw and pure expression of the spiritual ideologies and principles. Location and ContextSet in the middle of the plot with lush green vegetation, the structure is accessed from roads on both northern and eastern sides. The existing complex consists of a seminary with residential units, a common dining hall, a congregation space and an outdoor basketball court. T... More

Project • By Architecten-en-enHotels


In a 2013 market consultation procedure by the Eindhoven municipal council, DELA was selected as the most appropriate candidate for the redevelopment of the Mariënhage area. This location, originally an Augustinian monastery, borders on the city center of Eindhoven. It is literally the historic center around which the city has been established. Mariënhage consists of five national monuments, of which the Augustinian church and the former Augustinianum with its Student Chapel are the core. The historical complex is transformed into a ceremonial building and congress hotel. Existing buildings will be restored and new functions will be added. At the heart of this plan, there is “De Knoop”. A new structure which connects... More

Project • By LapitecChurches

Viareggio Church

Sustainability, sobriety, simplicity. These are the themes underlying the national architectural competition “Diocesan Paths” promoted by the Italian Episcopal Conference. TAM Associati architecture studio won the competition for the church of Varignano, a suburb of Viareggio. The project put forward was designed with the utmost respect for the history of both the neighbourhood and the parishioners. The new structure - which includes a large liturgical space, the rectory, a churchyard and an area dedicated to the community – was created to replace the previous church which had become unusable. “All the design choices were conceived with conceptual and constructive sobriety in mind, avoiding any kind of 'monumental'... More

Project • By RABATANALABChurches

Nuovo Complesso Parrocchiale, Santi Pietro e Paolo

RABATANALAB & Francesco Paolo Zaccaro designed this stunning church project in Oppido Lucano, Potenza, Italia. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. From the architects: The lot is located in the north-east/south-east expansion zone of the old urban area. The land is located on two different altitudes and cut by a steep road. The new expansion lines give the site an ideal size of hinge between the old town and the new urbanization. The church will have the task of orienting, disposing itself, as in history has always been, “ad orientem”. With the facade facing west and the apse area to the east, the church appears as an isolated body. To solve the problems related to the practicability and the removal of archit... More

Project • By Photoshoot.ptChurches

Divino Salvador Church

The project was born from the study of the liturgical Christian space evolution and from an attentive look and comprehension of the complex morphology of the intervention site. A base built by a granite wall extends from the surroundings, sustaining the temple. A courtyard separates functionally the Main Hall from the Church, like an exterior antechamber which inspires the users to silence and recollection. At the courtyard stands out the sky, the sound of the magnolia leaves swept by the wind and the running water. A glass door invites anyone who enters the courtyard to be part of the big Christian family. Inside, presbytery and assembly rise up forward God through the large vertical clerestory which draws the passion of Christ on the wall... More

Project • By studio millionyearsBars


‘Changtteul’, The ‘Changtteul’ means a frame containing a window in Korean. It is the name of the old and abandoned church. As its name suggests, the place has its own windows. The windows have a metaphorical gaze. Through this motif, the space was planned for dramatic experiences in abandoned religious facilities. The first window is the 'window between man and God' and originates from the placeness given from birth.   It was a place for God and also for man. It was a place on earth that praised God in heaven and that man was comforted by God. It's been dirty so far. The original meaning of the place is revived by wiping out ‘the window of man and God’ again. The second window is ‘the window... More

Project • By Váncza Muvek StudioCathedrals

Szeged Cathedral renovation

In the international discourse on contemporary architecture it seems to be evident that intervention into historic buildings is always a sensitive issue. This is particularly the case when the project is not only a simple renovation, but there are alterations or additions to the original building – it is always difficult to find the balance between past and present, between the attitude of sheer preservation of a monument and the voice of contemporary architecture. Additions copying eariler times and contemporary impacts that ignore their context are the two extremities to avoid – the desireable solution lies somewhere in between. There is no ultimate recipe, the questions need to be asked and answered in every particular case. 3H architerc... More

Project • By Dellekamp SchleichChurches

Santuario Señor de Tula

In collaboration with AGENdA Agencia de ArquitecturaLocation: Jojutla, Morelos, MéxicoStatus: Under constructionArchitectural Project: AGENdA Agencia de Arquitectura | Dellekamp/Schleich Camilo Restrepo Ochoa, Derek Dellakamp, Jachen SchleichTeam: Francisco Franco, José Manuel Estrada, Gustavo Hernández, Mariana Mejía, Juan Camilo Ramírez, Camilo Toro, Helen Winter Renders: Sana Frini, Samuele Xompero, Cesar Melgarejo, Camila UlloaIlumination design: Lightchitects Landscape: Entorno Taller de PaisajeStructural engineering: Ingenieria Estrutural Oscar TrejoThe Santuario Señor de Tula, a shrine that housed a contemporary chapel and some 18th-century ruins of San Miguel Arcángel church, was partially destroyed after the earthqua... More

Project • By Fisher Heck ArchitectsChurches

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

In order to accommodate a growing congregation in a developing suburb of Austin, we were selected by this church to design a new 1,200 seat worship hall adjacent to their existing chapel and multipurpose building. The result had to provide the church with more of a presence at the street, but still fit into the area's residential context.  Upon entering the church through 10 foot tall custom bronze doors, parishioners are be able to experience a variety of materials such as wood, stone, steel, fabric and glass, all working together in harmony and highlighted by various clearstory windows to further enhance the spiritual experience for parishioners. More

Project • By Modular Lighting InstrumentsChurches

Paters Redemptoristen

Modular Lighting Instruments was part of this unique renovation of the church from the Redemptorists, who are located in the center of Ghent, Belgium. Our white lighting accents made a beautiful combination together with the lively stained glass.   Products used:  Scotty SLD50 Smart Lotis Lotis Tubed   Photographer: Tim van de Velde Architect: Arch&Teco More