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Project • By superspaceResidential Landscape

nyc farmy

with the global population expected to reach 9.8billion by 2050, food demand will be %60 more than it is today, and climate change, urbanization, soil degradation will not help any, in addition to water shortages, and pollution. it will not do any good losing farmers into city life either. we need to come to our senses before it is too late and we need to act now!  superspace   Hudson River was where the Highline roughly stands now when explorer Henry Hudson arrived in 1609, long before the city started selling ‘water lots’ which developers rushed to buy some of the Hudson rivers to turn into factories, warehouses, and living quarters for immigrants. the area of the project was as important as fishing, hunt... More

Project • By superspaceResidential Landscape

valens housing

80% of the world will be living in the urban areas when the bells toll 2050; sprawling as a solution will lead to the inefficient and lavish use of resources and add more to our carbon footprint day by day, meaning around 2.200 people in a km2 will also concretely feel the effects of climate change, not to mention other living creatures we share the world with. are we ready to live together? do we have a backup plan that cares for all that, nature, the human, the cities... superspace Istanbul is one of the most chaotic and dense cities in the northern hemisphere of the world, with a daily population of around 20million people traveling around the wonders and disgraces of this lively and relentless city day and night jumbled rough... More

Project • By AllesWirdGutOffices

K30 – Office Complex Kruppstraße

Sustainable Office Shelves for the Work World of the Future The design delivers on the promise of a future of flexible work by creating an office building as an open-shelf system that offers multiple versatile green spaces: Expanded work areas on balconies, terraces, or a garden house not only provide for a perfect setting for collective activity; the office complex also makes a valuable contribution to the local microclimate and biodiversity. Guiding ideas such as resource-saving construction, climate-friendly operation, and foresighted life-cycle planning are the backbone of a design with an attitude. mattweiss The main structure of the seven-building complex consists of wood, while the thermal-storage prefab-slab ceilings and the... More

Project • By BDPHotels

Wren Urban Nest

The newly opened Wren Urban Nest, based in the heart of Dublin, is a 137-room, nine floor hotel designed and built using the most advanced carbon reduction technologies, making it one of Europe’s most sustainable hotels in a major city centre.     Eliminating the need for fossil fuels, the building uses 100% renewable energy and is the first hotel in Ireland to comply with the World Green Building Council’s definition of ‘Net Zero Operational Carbon’, without having to purchase carbon offsets. Caption With architectural, civil and structural and mechanical and electrical engineering design from interdisciplinary practice, BDP, the team has taken a number of steps to set the agenda and exceed ‘N... More

Project • By GPM Architects & PlannersShops

Sapphire 83

Sapphire 83 is a distinct example of a neighbourhood shopping complex that gives the user an opportunity to ‘shop while walking.’ The project is a combination of multiple amenities, including a Cinema hall run by INOX, 120 service apartments, almost 100 retail outlets and numerous family restaurants. As sustainability concerns are taking predominance and the need for safer public spaces is rising, our approach towards commercial spaces needs to provide a relevant solution. One of the unique models to explore is reflected in Sapphire's design language, straying away from the conventional malls and instead exploring the open-haat typology, thus promoting a sustainable design – access to multiple retail stores and safe open s... More

Project • By nomad.studioParks/Gardens


Kokedama Forest is a 1,000 SQF miniature sculptural forest consisting of more than 1,200 forestry seedling kokedamas nested within an inverted dome carved out from a fragile and intricate metal network. Acting as a green amphitheater, the visitor is both a spectator and a protagonist which is simultaneously embraced by its peaceful parlance and invited to actively question her/his role at the center of that symbolic arena.  Guests are welcomed to enter the micro-woodland and be surrounded by the levitating kokedamas: hundreds of seedlings proudly displaying their intimate relationship with soil supported by a 7.5 feet high three-dimensional metal structure. This assemblage is woven with steel inviting the contradictory blend of streng... More

Project • By Park AssociatiOffices

Pirelli 35

Snøhetta and Park Associati are the winners of the competition organized by Coima for the refurbishment of the existing 1960’s office block Pirelli P35 in the heart of Milan, Italy. The proposals for the Pirelli 35 competition by the two practices perfectly interpreted the client’s brief on project’s complementary aspects. Coima came up with the idea of offering the two practices the chance to cooperate and create the perfect collaboration. Park and Snøhetta have taken up the challenge and then they have been working hard together to tackle the complexities and develop the two ideas.   The new project – Snohetta’s first in Italy – is the result of a decidedly great collaboration, in w... More

Project • By OKRAMasterplans

Merwedekanaal zone (NL)

Merwedekanaal zone development Utrecht appears to be the fastest-growing city in the Netherlands. A large part of the extra housing will be built over the coming years on the City Island. OKRA, together with the municipality, urban planners, owners, developers and users, is developing an attractive, high-density housing neighbourhood, accommodating app. 6.000 new dwellings, within the island. The current phase includes the sub-area 5, a 24 hectares area. Healthy urban living The design process has been strongly led by the principles of the healthy city. Thanks to a favourable location in relation to the new centre of Utrecht, the sub-area 5 proved to be an ideal testing ground for innovative mobility concepts. An integrated water system,... More

Project • By FIBANDCOResidential Landscape

Eco Home

Material used are all sustainable and they includes Green Blade banana veneer, bamboo flooring and acoustic fibers tiles. Penetrable window frames and sun screening louvers, all dressed with Green Blade create an open living environment incorporated with passive climate controls. Bladeless ceiling fan, food waste digester, and a portable hydroponic farming greenhouse provides a green kitchen environment.  The bathroom, clad in blue glass, is equipped with air drying faucet, vacuum water closet, water saving washing machine and grey water recycling plant in a stylish “green house library” environment.   More

Project • By PCA-STREAMMasterplans

Réenchanter les Champs-Élysées

PCA-STREAM has intensified its research into urban metabolism with a new study undertaken at the request of the Comité Champs-Élysées, an organization that brings together the boulevard’s main public and private stakeholders. A counterpoint to its historical narrative, the idea was to draw up a diagnosis of the Champs-Élysées and to provide prospects for 2030 which seek to connect its local context with the broader issues of our contemporary urban global condition. The future prospects of the avenue are not only relevant to Parisians as they aim to remedy falling out of love with it, but also to the future of our urban condition. With the support of a team of technical experts, researchers, renowne... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerShopping Centres

Eco Quarter Cartoucherie Wood'art

The mixed-use eco-district “Cartoucherie Wood’art” will be built on a former industrial site on the left bank of the Garonne with a total of 3,100 m² apartments, 6,000 m² of commercial space and public facilities for schools, sports and leisure. The nine-story hotel tower and the two residential complexes that we have planned are part of the award-winning project in the Adiv’bois national competition in France. 75% of the buildings is constructed in timber – an increasingly popular choice in France.The master plan divides the 13,000-m² area into two sections: The ten-story hotel tower enhances the bustling Place des Halles to the east; the two-story residential buildings lie on the quieter west s... More

Project • By LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTSResidential Landscape

THE LINK City-Forest

Architecture firm Luca Curci Architects presents THE LINK, a vertical city for 200,000 people. The project aims to rise above the challenge of population density by successfully combining vertical expansion with economic innovation. A self-sustainable city-forest, that will absorb CO2, produce oxygen for cleaner air and increase urban biodiversity. With interconnected communities’ programs. No suburbs. Less poverty oriented. With its 300 floors THE LINK will reach the maximum height of 1200 meters. The project combines sustainability with population density, and it aims to build up a zero-energy city-building. The city-forest is made of 4 main towers, connected one each other, equipped with green areas on each level, natural light an... More

Project • By G8A Architecture & Urban PlanningBars

Organic Cafe

Density has always been a strong characteristic in the urban design of Hanoi. Historically horizontal concentration has been typical and more recently vertical construction has intensified the capital. Going against the trend of compressing building density, the Organic Café plays with architectural contrasts to propose a resilient microcosm within the urban context. The site, in a particularly compact area of Northern Hanoi, is composed of two lots; an existing seven storey tube house and a low-rise steel structure.  The project draws its design references from traditional shophouse typologies that provided natural ventilation and lighting across a horizontal organisation, their density broken up by intermittently distributed... More

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsCommercial Landscape

Bamboo traffic signs ‘s-Hertogenbosch

‘s-Hertogenbosch is the first municipality in the Netherlands to use traffic signs made of bamboo. The bamboo traffic signs are placed in the countryside near the city, to test whether the signs are sufficiently resistant to different weather influences. The bamboo traffic signs are developed by HR Group in cooperation with MOSO®. MOSO® Bamboo N-finity material is specially profiled and impregnated for outdoor use in the factory. In previous laboratory tests, Bamboo N-finity achieved durability class 1 and is therefore extremely suitable for outdoor use. The test with the bamboo traffic signs is a good practice test for the material, which is a sustainable alternative for the widely used aluminum.   Traffic safety and s... More

Project • By gabriel verd arquitectosApartments

Habitat Bulevar

Team: Gabriel Verd + Buró4 This project commenced just as the economy was beginning to recover from the recession. The aim was to come up with a residential development that was the different from the one widely used in the area and base on an obsolete partial development plan. The old plan proposed blocks with a wide width and interior courtyards for ventilation, but where the orientation of the homes and the organisation of the free areas were not a priority. To amend the plan, a detailed study had to be drafted, setting out a different type of block, one that was ccompatible with the general plan in force and wich would help to create a new city model. To achieve this, a more efficient and sustainable volumen than the traditiona... More