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Project • By BergmeyerRestaurants

Shake Shack

Like an ideal dining experience, an ongoing design partnership thrives on delivering fresh, high-quality menu offerings with consistent service. Caption Shake Shack's restaurant expansion has been a savory opportunity to introduce the Shake Shack brand experience and serve up its delicious menu items to a growing list of locations all over the USA. Our collaborative project approach and trusted partnership with the fast-casual chain has allowed us to take on many roles with their internal team over the years, including prototype design, implementation, interior design, and project architect, to name a few. Caption While every location consistently delivers on Shake Shack's brand and food service standards, the experiences are un... More

Project • By WAO ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Facet House

This project was a geometrical challenge for the agency. The objective was to build a detached house for a family with two children and a dog in an area of suburban housing in Cachan (south of Paris), on one of the town’s last few buildable plots. Aurélien Chen The site presented a few constraints due to its irregular quadrilateral shape; it was also bordered by a street, a path and a car park. The rules on non-constructible strips around buildings imposed a restriction of 43 m² of triangular ground floor space, and the house could only reach a maximum height of three storeys. Its maximum potential volume would give it a slender aspect that would make it look like a turret. The choice of a prismatic shape enabled us... More

Product • By MuraflexARCO


Encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas in an architecturally discreet space with a superior level of acoustic privacy. ARCO is a freestanding pod that offers great visual transparency and whose geometrical disposition helps to reduce the noise disturbance often found in the open floor plan workspace. ARCO is designed to be easily disassembled and repositioned to offer the most flexibility for the ever-changing, fast-paced work environment. More

Project • By HEDHospitals

Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center

The Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center (CNADC) at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is one of 30 prestigious Alzheimer’s Disease research institutions. Addressing Alzheimer’s requires multidisciplinary integration, therefore the primary components of the CNADC - education, research and patient care – need to be consolidated into one, integrated facility.The renovation and expansion of the Tarry Building’s eight floor creates a close-knit environment where researchers, clinicians, and social service staff can work collaboratively as they move into the next phase of leading-edge research and patient care. In addition to the research facilities, HED’s design advances the patient and family experience from arri... More

Project • By HEDOffices

Williams International

A world leader in the development and manufacturing of small gas turbine engines, Williams International had outgrown its former facility. It would take a unique property to accommodate WI’s over 600 employees and have room for its turbine engine R&D development and advanced manufacturing. Strangely enough, it was in an empty movie studio in where WI would find its new home. The former sound stages were converted into approximately 50,000 sf of advanced manufacturing cells for turbine engines, and the 200,000 sf office space, spread across three floors, was modernized to include premium amenities for WI’s employees, including a rec. room, fitness center, corporate store, and cafeteria as well as coffee nooks and kitchenettes on each flo... More

Project • By HEDOffices

Tyler Technologies Headquarters

For more than 30 years, Tyler Technologies (formerly known as New World Systems) has provided solutions for Local Government and Public Safety agencies and their specialties include software, hardware, training and support.  The company is privately held and employee-owned, and has reliably and organically grown to more than 400 employees without mergers or acquisitions common in the industry. To ensure a proper environment for future growth and to enhance its ability to serve and innovate for the needs of the marketplace, Tyler Technologies purchased a building and renovated three floors.  The renovation allows the company to address changing technologies and workplace expectations, attract and retain top talent, and host clients... More

Project • By HEDOffices


Meritor, with a portfolio of products in the trucking and defense industries, recognized that the design of its workplace could perform as a key strategic asset to help it achieve and sustain a leading competitive position in its marketplace. The new design attracts top talent and engages them in product development teamwork in entirely new ways like enabling agile organization of product teams; supports teams with new technologies, tools and other workplace assets and infrastructure; makes a place for the product in all stages of development.  The project evolved from initial conversations with company executives using simple thumbnail diagrammatic sketches into interviewing a large cross-section of the staff and observing the current... More

Project • By HEDOffices

Keyence Corporation

Keyence, a leader in the factory automation industry, needed a new headquarters that would support its growing workforce and evolving organizational structure. The new headquarters should emphasize creativity, confidentiality and collaboration, and prioritize the egalitarian power structure central to the company’s lean process. A key tool in showcasing products and attracting and retaining new talent, the space should also reflect and reinforce Keyence’s brand and company culture.HED’s design approach met each of these criteria. Positioned on two floors and connected by a custom blackened-steel and ash staircase, the renovated interior is divided into public and private spaces. Public spaces include a welcoming reception, large, open-plain... More

Product • By DynamobelCell


CONNECTING TALENT. A COLLABORATIVE WORK SYSTEM THAT CONNECTS TALENT.The way in which work is conducted in offices has changed significantly over the last quarter of a century. The evolution of office equipment and space optimization have played key roles in all the changes witnessed. The bench-style layouts of the last decade have now inspired new, more collaborative approaches to work and these, in turn, are forcing changes towards designs which offer greater freedom within the office. The old pyramidal organisational model that hindered interaction between all the talent in the organisation is a thing of the past.Dynamobel, forever with its finger on the pulse of such developments, has developed a new office furniture programme called “C... More

Project • By dpai architecture incLibraries

Brock Library

Dpai was asked to renovate an existing reading space and respond to the current demands and expectations of faculty and students, while reflecting the changing layout of learning spaces. A central curvilinear partial-height partition was proposed to provide three meeting rooms for small to medium study groups and video conferences, while retaining light and vision through the space with generous glazed panels. Access to natural light is a precious commodity in the modernist tower and priority was given to the open-study and small collaborative study groupings. The previously non-descript study room, a bonus space created as the physical volumes of the library, decreased and stacks were removed. It was given texture and a layer of new materi... More