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Project • By AshariArchitectsArt Galleries


Mirror manifests honesty, transparency, and clarity in the Iranian culture. As one of the traditional architectural techniques, mirror fabrication has deep cultural roots and influenced by spiritual and religious beliefs. Caption Authentic artists consolidated small and large mirror pieces to creative decorative and geometric designs. The fragmented mirror pieces reflected the surrounding environment in a regular geometric composition revealing an abstract presentation of the environment composition. Caption With the presence of light, color, texture, and fluid reflections provides the visitor with a unique experience to depart from reality and picture himself in imagination. This departure depicts a transition into a world of w... More

Project • By A I MRestaurants

BB Bistro’

The planning of this project started with the idea to respect and protec the existing tradition of the place and the cucine. The planning eliminated every kind of superstrucutre to discover the authenticity of the place.We decided to respect and protect the existing place, by bringing to light the perimeter walls of the space, enphatinzing the historical imperfectios by highlighting the original layout and the new volumes which are conformed to the technical and modern needs moreover they act like contrasting frames with the historical part. Simone Furiosi Simone Furiosi The design approch aimed at enhancing the history and the tradition of the place, it was necessary to work with the utmost attention in the choice of all the fur... More

Project • By HONGDesignworksApartments

TAO Residence

TAO Residence locates in Lincoln Park real estate, Beijing. The owner hopes this life space contains comfort and controllability, fill with the exploration of freedom and interaction. “Creation is the precision of art and the passion of science” ——Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov HONGDesignworks combines elements of mechanical technology and the fashion of art to customize this private space. The characteristics and habits of the owner would construct this space and provide life energy infinitely.  The space reveals a brief composition with mechanical aesthetics. Classic color matching——black, white, and gray cooperate with leather, metal, and specular texture. Tan, Xiao / Ten Photography Studio... More

Project • By Studio LukaOffices


In collaboration with On studio, we created a colorful, happy and sophisticated space for Konimbo, a company specializing in e-commerce. The design, which reflects the character of this innovative company, was created in direct communication with the colors, textures and surfaces of the architectural design. We also created special pennants for every room, different from every sign you’ve ever seen!  Project Managers: Dina Bigger and Aviv Bronstein.    More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Evolent Health

Evolent Health added two floors to their Chicago headquarters and needed to carry the brand of their single existing floor to the new space. Working with leadership, bold, sophisticated branding elements were developed to express their culture and values. More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Feeding America

Feeding America offers help to those in need through a nationwide network of food banks. Their mission is simple: to feed America’s hungry and engage the country in the fight to end hunger. Branded elements in their updated office bring Feeding America’s stories to life, showcasing their brand patterns, extensive color palette, and beautiful photography. More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


Global medical supply manufacturer and distributor Medline occupies a new headquarters outside of Chicago. The campus provides multiple areas along a tour path to reveal their brand’s high-energy culture and laser-focus on quality. More

Project • By Samuelov StudioOffices


Our interior design for Locusview, a digital platform of construction data for energy infrastructure, was inspired by the company’s merging of low-tech and high-tech. Our mission was two-fold, to create a beautiful design in line with the company’s values, while focusing on giving users a top-notch experience.  We designed a cafeteria lounge full of color, sober designs and functional spaces; a spacious and efficient kitchen space and a relaxing and imposing terrace, which serves as a place to relax and recharge in the middle of the day.  More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


CDW is a leading technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Digital technology and connectivity inspire the brand treatment throughout the 8-story campus, celebrating CDW’s history, innovative technical solutions and culture. More

Project • By ArquidFactories

Idilia Chocolate Factory

The project comes from the need to expand the factory's production while respecting the existing buildings. The extension unifies the existing complex by using the same precast concrete façade and adding a play of colors based on the brand's image.   Beyond the building itself, this project speaks of the importance of architectural intervention in industrial environments. Historically secluded, hidden areas, built quickly without a design that allows users to enjoy them; but which are currently increasingly close to cities and consumers.   The industry today is cleaner, wants to open up to visitors and occupies areas sometimes as large as some small cities, demonstrating the need for architecture and urbanism to be part... More

Project • By ARCO Arquitectura ContemporáneaPrimary Schools

CimOrt Salones de Primaria

A flexible and functional design was the goal for the remodeling project for this primary school classrooms. Furthermore, creating a learning and wellbeing space for students and teachers, we pursued the vitality of the space to be easily reconfigured and adapted for all the activities to stimulate interaction and team work, favoring group study in order to erase the traditional methods.   The materials selection defined the color palette bounded by some of the client´s requirements, such as the use of neutral and light colors as the basis of a setting that must be ready to be transformed infinitely. The furniture is made of oak wood selected for its light texture and warm color, we searched for a similar finish for the floor b... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices

Help at Home

Help at Home offers skilled care, support and services for families with elderly and disabled individuals in their homes. Their new office showcases carefully curated moments inspired by those they serve and reflects the company’s mission and core values. More

Project • By Spark ChicagoRestaurants

Art of Dosa

Fast-casual restaurant Art of Dosa introduces a taste of South India to Chicago’s Revival Food Hall, with a greater mission of popularizing the dosa throughout the city. The design draws aesthetic inspiration from the bold colors, textures, and interiors of South India, creating a vibrant experience for visitors. More
Sherwin Williams - USOarquitectura
Sherwin Williams - USOarquitectura
Sherwin Williams - USOarquitectura
Sherwin Williams - USOarquitectura
Sherwin Williams - USOarquitectura

Project • By usoarquitecturaOffices

Sherwin Williams

A compelling thing about this project was the client´s invitation to work again with them in a proposal that will allow to consolidate the task teams -operating from different locations- into the same space that was going to be developed in three stages. It seemed complex, but the correct planning and identity, which we defined as a team in the previous project, laid the groundwork to carry out this new challenge achieving the client´s intended purpose.   Being a company well known for its logo, a world globe covered with paint, the immediate answer might be overusing color and to paint each wall in a different shade and turn the office into a sample book, but we decided not to follow that path. In our experience a worksp... More
TEC CCM2 Edificio Sur - usoarquitectura
TEC CCM2 Edificio Sur - usoarquitectura
TEC CCM2 Edificio Sur - usoarquitectura
TEC CCM2 Edificio Sur - usoarquitectura
TEC CCM2 Edificio Sur - usoarquitectura

Project • By usoarquitecturaOffices

Tec Monterrey CCM-2 Edificio Sur

The project’s goal was to create a work and study hybrid space with a warm and fun atmosphere for the students of Tecnológico de Monterrey University, faculty staff and clerks. It is located in an existing building in the south of Mexico City where the university fitted several areas for the support of their campus that is being remodel, taking a space in the second level with a 3,885 sq. m in a single floor.   The design is formed by three areas dedicated to each kind of user: the one for students, teachers and clerks respectively. Based on the sports practice in this campus we worked on a flexible design with collaborative and private zones.   Open work stations, with no assigned places and adjustable height, be... More