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Project • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Hazu House

Close to the coast, the site is surrounded by mountains and many fields, and now has the atmosphere of a village forest, which is rarely seen today. What I immediately imagined was the traditional Japanese architecture of Gassho-zukuri.  Hiroshi Tanigawa Hiroshi Tanigawa This project is an architecture that reconstructs it with concrete. A few years later, the surrounding trees will grow thick, and the large roof that can be seen through the gaps will be assimilated with the surrounding nature by the work of the time of weathering, and will become a landscape. Hiroshi Tanigawa Hiroshi Tanigawa It was assembled the structure with oak pillars and cedar beams into the outer shell of the concrete.The shadows created b... More

Project • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Sagamine House

  The site is an old developed residential area on the outskirts of Nagakute, next to Nagoya. A slightly conservative impression of the client's couple wanted a modern house with exposed concrete. Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura That's why I designed the interior using white oak to suit the couple. I dared to lengthen the distance from the entrance to the living room, and made a plan that strongly emphasized the story. The living room is wide open to the east and a white oak frame is set around it to design the scenery like a painting.  Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura Hiroshi Tanigawa, Yasuko Okamura... More

Project • By Yohei Kawashima architects inc.Apartments


This plan is an apartment that has 4 floors and consists of 22 residences. Every residence is planned general by studio type or 1 bedroom type. moreover, the type of hallways is a general and efficient plan with a hallway on one side in Japan. Because this plan had to be needed efficiency and cost performance. In such a situation, we mainly considered a way of connection and harmony to around environment outside. ©Koji Fujii /TOREAL As a plan, the outer corridor, elevator hall, and living room terrace, which are inevitably created in the efficiently arranged standard floor plan, are covered with a structure like a colonnade. We plan to make such a covered semi-outdoor space a buffer zone that connects to the surrounding environme... More

Project • By Yohei Kawashima architects inc.Apartments


This project is an apartment house that was planned in Miyako island, Okinawa prefecture. This building is located in a residential area, and soon, adjoining land of this building also will be constructed building. So this building surrounding environment will be changing steadily. ©Koji Fujii /TOREAL From such a situation, We mainly considered how to adjoin unknown next building and how to be appropriate environment and comfortability about each dwelling unit. ©Koji Fujii /TOREAL In the plan of this building, There are seven residences. Thus, we considered three-dimensionally whole the building every 7 volumes of residence like stacking. every residence become almost closed space from the outside, however, the user ca... More