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Product • By CRETOX Concrete Panel | Haute CoutureFX-4083 Vintage Plain Smoky Grey Concrete Panel | Smooth Concrete Panel

FX-4083 Vintage Plain Smoky Grey Concrete Panel | Smooth Concrete Panel

Smooth concrete panel CRETOX Panels are concrete panel that has a versatile usage.  Available in 7 mm and 11 mm thickness options.  60x120 cm in serial production | Special size up to max 295 cm x 122 cm Lightweight natural concrete panel for exterior and interior cladding   More

NewsGuides • 20 Sep 2020

A guide to designing with concrete

Known for its design flexibility and visual appeal, concrete is without a doubt a favoured material -  if not the favourite material - of architects. We’ve taken a look at the evolution of concrete in the field of architecture over the centuries in our Compact History of Concrete. Here, we take a practical look at the use of concrete in current architectural practice and some of the key points to consider when designing with concrete. Colour and Texture: Colour and texture are perhaps two of the biggest ways to make an impact with concrete.   Concrete is of course known and loved for its smooth mid-grey tones. But many projects in latter years have made a statement by adding colourful pigments, including bright red, yello... More