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NewsNews • 27 Aug 2021

Ferrum 1 Business Centre among the first buildings in Russia to be constructed with a sculptural Corten steel facade

Situated on the historic site of the former Rossiya factory in St Petersburg, office building Ferrum 1 (Block 16) by TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten is one of the first buildings in Russia to be constructed with a sculptural Corten steel façade. Corrosion-resistant and extremely durable, the characteristic rust-red patina and texture of the material give a striking and expressive appearance to the building.  The name of the office building – Ferrum – is Latin for iron and references the material structuring the façade as well as the history of the former industrial history of the site.   Ilya Ivanov Constructed in a geometric grid, the façade presents itself as a coherent, dynamic, organically flowi... More

Project • By Atmosphere DesignLabOffices

Adl-Mecone office facade and interior

The project consists of a four-story commercial building in Ernakulam, India. The design called for efficiency-oriented structure with minimal sacrifice for aesthetics. Being in a tropical humid climate, a climate responsive façade was required to reduce operating costs. These criteria led to the conception of a perforated Corten steel curtain wall encompassing the four-story structure. In the context of an indistinguishable concrete fabrication, the building ensures a rigid identity and a probable landmark.   Facade The façade is made using weathering steel-a steel alloy which forms a stable rust-like appearance after exposure to weather for several months. The rusting process facilitated by the forces of nature and p... More

Product • By ArcelorMittal ConstructionMascaret


Mascaret® is a perforated cladding system with 4 wavy shapes. Different perforation are available. Mascaret® is specially well-adapted for sun screen and transparent facade. Its specific perforations create a transparency filtering light depending on time, weather and season and disclosing a dynamic indoor environment.    Used as sun screenVertical or horizontal installationTailored made perforation Visible fixing More

Product • By GreenCoat by SSABCOR-TEN


A NATURAL BEAUTY. Long lasting attraction, year after year, with practically zero need for maintenance. Use COR-TEN® steel to make your mark as an architect, and let it contribute to sustainability at the same time. Genuine COR-TEN® steel is produced by SSAB under a license from US Steel Corporation. COR-TEN® steel is a versatile material that is manufactured under total process control. The steel’s purity, optimized chemical composition, consistent mechanical properties, tight dimensional tolerances and excellent surface quality allow for predictable and problem-free performance that gives you the freedom to truly express your vision as an architect. Bend it. Perforate it. Mix it. There are endless opportunities to bring... More

Project • By Alberto Tonconogy ArquitectosResidential Landscape


Located on a golf course of a suburban neighborhood of Buenos Aires.  It was built almost exclusively on concrete and glass.  From the street two solid and subtle concrete volumes hold a floating glass body.  Two different zones are located at both sides of the glass cube. One of them holds the basic home functions, and the other the complementary program. The central greenhouse brings the outside into the very core of the house, not only does it articulate the two main volumes, but also connects them in a vertical and horizontal manner using metal and transparent elements. By walking through the well-defined circulation of the house you get a perceptible aesthetic experience. Everything happens along this pathway.... More

Project • By Nat TelichenkoPrivate Houses

Autumn in Baan Bubble

Baan Bubble dome house with a magnificent sunset & lake view, designed in the spirit of retro-futurism; landscape with very special thematic terraces - a Chinese garden with a dragon trail, a classic Japanese Rock Garden, and Mediterranean line, where the Red Vine infinity pool is located. There’s a Bubble Boat attached to the house, snow-white ship with a deck terrace and romantic views of the pool and lake. Inside the ship there is a lounge zone for a beautiful, relaxing guest reception. Fotographer: Ivan Avdeenko Video Production: Oleg Malofeiev, VP Studio.   More

NewsNews • 16 Oct 2020

Steel Craft House reveals the design potential of corten steel

In Utrecht, the Steel Craft houses stylizes the features of a working-class home with a corten steel façade designed by Zecc Architecten. An abstraction in material, features such as traditional a roof cowl with dormer and a chimney are translated into steel. Stylistic elements like a plinth, alternating stone bands, brick-on-edge courses, and cornices can also be found in the steel sheet patterns. Credit: Stijnstijl Fotografie The colour of the corten, which refers to the patina of the archetypical Dutch brick, together with the stylized forms creates a distinct architecture that at the same time merges with the neighbouring brick residential buildings.   Credit: Stijnstijl Fotografie Windows in the new façad... More

Project • By Studio MODULEOffices

Campus Orange Lyon

The new regional headquarters for telecommunications company Orange is an extension and renovation of an old telephone exchange. While making the most of the industrial building, it also gives an urban coherence to the city block by breaking the project into two ‘folded’ volumes that wrap around the existing building.Our starting position with regards integration within the neighbourhood was to create a large, uniform building on a continuous ground plane, so reducing what we see as the negative effects of a multiple development, which can be overloaded with too many building types and too many textures.The new buildings find harmony in the homogenous grid of their facades (echoing the existing building) and the cut surfaces tha... More

Project • By Martin StaceyHousing

Casa AS

The AS house seeks to complement a simple, comfortable life without worries in a privileged place surrounded by nature and tranquility. The family that owns the house wanted to stay connected and live in their day to day, so it was essential to maintain an open house scheme. We also wanted to take full advantage of the views and the relationship that Puembo houses can have with the exterior. The house seeks to adapt to contemporary life but also seeks materials that are timeless. A white volume is wrapped by a stone wall that becomes the protagonist of the house and is used to separate the private from the public area. It is also a protagonist in lighting where both natural light from an entrance in the ceiling, and artificial lighting from... More

Product • By Alpha Wellness SensationsOutdoor Corten Himalayan Salt Sauna

Outdoor Corten Himalayan Salt Sauna

A free-standing prefabricated 6-person CorTen steel Himalayan salt sauna with halotherapy option, 220V power requirements, heatproof speakers and chromotherapy feature. Alpha Wellness Sensations is a global leader in luxury spa manufacturing, indoor and outdoor design of traditional saunas, infrared saunas, steam rooms, hammams, salt rooms, snow rooms, cold plunges, experience showers and tanning beds. Our company runs its own research facility and production capacities in order to provide a wide range of innovative and tailored wellness solutions. All of our products are fabricated in Belgium, 100% hand-crafted and fully compliant with EU’s rigorous product safety standards. Because the world is overwhelmed by environmental pollutio... More

Project • By ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNIIndividual Buildings

Nesso - private elevator

An accessibility project integrated into the landscape, on the shores of Lake Como.A rationalist-style villa at the foot of the lake that needs to be restored and enhanced, however, presents a major problem of accessibility: the entrance to the property is at 28m of height higher. The only way to access it is by descending a long, narrow staircase that winds through the sloping rocks.The need to find an easier and safer solution to access the villa becomes the most important element of the project due to the intrinsic landscape importance of the place.After studying various alternatives, the least impactful solution for the landscape turned out to be a vertical lift. The project idea wanted an element that was integrated with the surroundin... More

Project • By SERA designResidential Landscape

Master house

Riverside house More

Project • By Archea AssociatiOffices

Antinori Winery

The site is surrounded by the unique hills of Chianti, covered with vineyards, half-way between Florence and Siena. A cultured and illuminated customer has made it possible to pursue, through architecture, the enhancement of the landscape and the surroundings as expression of the cultural and social valence of the place where wine is produced. The functional aspects have therefore become an essential part of a design itinerary which centres on the geo-morphological experimentation of a building understood as the most authentic expression of a desired symbiosis and merger between anthropic culture, the work of man, his work environment and the natural environment. The physical and intellectual construction of the winery pivots on the pro... More