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Project • By VOID opdPrivate Houses


Guarumo is a contemporary residence located on the Costa Rican Pacific coast, where the characteristic tropical landscape is harmoniously combined with modern, simple and discreet architecture, all with a high degree of aesthetics / design.  Leonardo Finotti The project is located on a steep hillside, so the adequate positioning of the architectural program is essential to guaranteeing a proper adaptation. The staggering of its blocks favors a real adaptation to the topography of the site, minimizing the impact to the soils and avoiding large movements of land and expensive retaining walls. At the same time, it capitalizes on the spectacular views of both the ocean and the dense natural landscape that surrounds it.   Leon... More

Project • By Aroma Italiano Eco DesignHousing

NoRootsHomes Modular&Prefab Cabin

NoRootsHomes is a new modular freestyle prefab eco home designed for faster building and adapted​ to all-terrain. ​NoRootsHomes is an innovative eco sustainable house. Its system structure is a steel frame seismic resistance and timber frame with hemp insulation and ventilated wooden roof that naturally regulates the interior temperature. NoRootshomes suits every lifestyle. ​The highly configurable design offers different options indoor and outdoor, like exterior cladding and interior finishes. NoRootsHomes sustainable design ​is low waste and more efficient, contributing to the climate-change challenge, the circular economy and guaranteeing more flexibility and control in every construction step compared to the most traditional buildings.... More

Project • By STUDIO NEBAPrivate Houses

Vacation Getaway in Playa Pelada

CONCEPT   Connecting with nature,  Simplicity and purity. Creating an environment of peace and solitude where simplicity and complexity meet. - LVL + 0The house is transformable into a single unit and also a double unit with provision of the staircase. It allows secluded privacy for each individual. Each unit will give the same ambiance yet a different experience. The open floor plan provides flexibility in usage of both spaces.   LVL + 1 The moment you enter the upper floor with winding open staircase, it gives you a feeling of a natural flow with the wind. In the bedroom the morning sky or gloomy night light welcomes you.  Just two steps further outside on the balcony, the copper bathtub stands, a luxury ce... More

Project • By STUDIO NEBAWorkshops


CONCEPT Nourishing spaces to body and soul. A sanctuary for Gyrotonic®, Pilates and Ballet, overlooking the soothing ocean waves and calming lush greenery. SITEPlaya Pelada, Costa Rica One of the most impressive coral reefs in Costa Rica. --- ⁣Chi Chi Studio is a multifunctional space to connect with yourself and your surroundings. With constraints of the structural limit set by the use of natural materials, it became an opportunity to carve out intricate spaces within those limits. An interesting act of constraints turning into opportunities.    The studio building expresses itself in its natural and authentic way through the physical properties of the materials. The lower floor houses an open juice bar with an indoor... More

Project • By Cañas ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Indios Desnudos

In the Papagayo peninsula, placed on the tip of an seaward pointing, and slightly downward sloping ridge of a peninsular shaped lot, with forest on both sides ( one a natural reserve), is the house named Indios Desnudos. It is named after some of the most characteristic trees on the lot, indio desnudo (naked indian) they make up a focal point of the house, especially in the main living area. A house is designed to enjoy outdoor living and the views. Because of this, it is designed to be comfortable without the (optional) use of air conditioning. The internal spaces are integrated with the exteriors, which makes being in the interior feels like being outside. All living spaces have a view of the sea or the forest reserve. It has its main... More

Project • By Latitud 10 Arquitectura COSTA RICAWellness Centres

Relax-Yoga-Breath COSTA RICA

The project is located in San Joaquín de Flores, Heredia, Costa Rica. Although the location is in the suburban area, the owner had a very special idea for this project aiming for a very peaceful space.We started with a challenge from our client to define a space to get away from the daily stress. A place where he can go, disconnect from the reality and have peace of mind. Also besides the peaceful place, he requested a private place to practice meditation and for last a place to hang out and have social meetings when planned. But the most important fact was to be careful that neither of these spaces would interrupt with each other. That’s how we started to tailor different layers of sensations in order to accomplish the challenge.Trying to... More

Project • By Fernando Alda FotografíaPrivate Houses

Floating Leaf House

Los jobos is a new and quite neighborhood at the south area of playa tamarindo community. This area is located in the ‘green corridor’ that connects tamarindo and langosta estuaries with the forests and mountains that surround tamarindo. This corridor is used by animals to come down from the mountains and have access to the water of the of the estuaries during the dry season. The property that is surround by a beautiful forest and it has a stepped slope next to the access leaving 100% of the property under the street level. Because of this, our client asked us to lift up part of the program trying to reach the views and also share a great connection with the canopies of the trees that surround the property. Social and services areas, the st... More

Project • By CINNO - Fab Lab VERITASPrimary Schools

Mobile Fab Lab

The Fab Lab Mobile is a traveling space where you can develop activities related with co-creation processes, and also where you can make "almost" anything, develop your own ideas with digital fabrication machines and processes such as laser cutters, printers & 3D scanner, electronics and programming. It is an initiative of the Research Center for Innovation VERITAS University of Costa Rica, becoming the first one in Central America. ​This mobile space allows us to empower technology, inclusive and participatory manner, with free access for everyone. Here you can be part of the creative industry and become a maker. Our main goal is to cross the country and the region having active presence in: - Primary, Secondary & Technical Profe... More