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Project • By Peripheriques Marin+Trottin ArchitectesCultural Centres

Espace culturel Beaumont Hague

Building a cultural space in Beaumont-Hague, in Cotentin, means to integrate an architectural project that takes benefits from the landscape qualities of this piece of peninsula. On the shore, sunken roads are planted of wooded hedges that protects from the wind, and becomes vegetal vaults to filter the light over time. These landscape elements are secular forms from the site culture but also inspiring spaces that can be employed for the design. The cultural space is a compact block 43m large and 11m high. We appreciate the changing play of the facade, alternating presence and lightness. This versatile building combines program, urban scale, music and nature. Inside, sustainability and function are emphasized. We are « digging »... More

Product • By Vanceva Colors PVB interlayersVanceva Earth Tones Collection

Vanceva Earth Tones Collection

Incorporate soothing colors into your architectural designs. When laminated between two sheets of glass, Vanceva interlayers enhance the safety and UV protection in architectural glazing. Now available in an array of natural earth tones, these polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films also bring greater aesthetics, warmth, and serenity to any architectural space. Traditional methods of making colored glass can be costly, particularly when the volume of colored glass is small. And not all colored glass may be appropriate for building codes and requirements. With Vanceva EarthTones, architects and designers have an innovative option to expand their creative boundaries and fulfill their vision without sacrificing structural integrity. Select from a ran... More

Product • By SaflexSaflex Clear PVB interlayer

Saflex Clear PVB interlayer

Enhanced safety for architectural laminated glass Globally, architects and designers rely on Saflex® Clear PVB interlayers in laminated glass to help meet regional standards for safety glass. Protecting people and property, Saflex interlayer adds post-breakage safety and security to laminated safety glass applications. Unlike monolithic glass, properly designed laminated glazing made with Saflex interlayer reduces the risk of injury from broken glass because the glass adheres to the interlayer after impact.  By holding glass in place, the interlayer provides protection by preventing the release of glass shards from becoming dangerous flying or falling glass fragments.  This may also help keep the system integral once broken&... More

Product • By SaflexSaflex Crystal Clear PVB interlayer for low-iron glass

Saflex Crystal Clear PVB interlayer for low-iron glass

Give your design something it never had before: a laminated glass so clear it almost disappears. There is now a solution to your challenge in finding safety glass elements that are highly transparent and neutral. With Saflex Crystal Clear PVB interlayer, you can fulfill your vision of a perfect aesthetic for premium applications and designs requiring laminated low-iron glass.   The stunning signature look that architects want As the main champion of the look and brand image of your projects, it’s up to you to specify a distinctive glass and stamp your signature style on your buildings. After all, creating iconic buildings often means using unexpected materials in new ways. When you want high transparency and virtually invisi... More

Product • By SaflexSaflex Storm PVB interlayer

Saflex Storm PVB interlayer

Storm and cyclone resistant interlayer for laminated glass Saflex Storm interlayers are specifically designed and formulated to meet the exacting building requirements for laminated glass in severe wind and windborne debris markets.  These are tough, resilient interlayers that provide rigidity, strength, glass adhesion, and protection against windborne debris and flying objects.  Laminated glass made with Saflex Storm PVB interlayer is designed to retain glass shards in post breakage scenarios.  Whereas no single product offers complete protect from a powerful cyclone or storm, these solutions can be used to help maintain the building envelope and aid in keeping the structure intact throughout the duration of severe wind st... More
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 01
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 02
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 03
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 04
Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina 05

Project • By Grupo GámizFactories

Sede de Enovos (Luxemburgo) - Muro cortina

The company's headquarters should express Enovos' commitment to innovation and the intelligent use of natural resources. Consequently, the new building had to meet the nearly zero energy building standards. The use of glulam oak beams for the realization of the facade curtain wall system contributed to this, while providing to the interior space, in addition to extensive clarity and visibility, the beauty and warmth of wood. More

Project • By O.F.D.A. associatesOffices Fujiyoshida

We designed a coworking space on the 3rd floor of an office building located about a five-minute walk from Fujisan Station. One of the attractive features of the building is the glass curtain walls covering its three sides, and we placed work desks along them so that all users can enjoy the view from the windows. A wooden screen with a sliding door is mounted in front of each desk to block the sunlight or look outside.   We elevatedthe center of theroom by 900 mmto create a break area where you can enjoy the panoramic view, including Mt. Fuji. The space around the break area is elevated by additional 1100 mm and various functional spaces, including a reception area, individual booths, a meeting space, and a phone booth are provided u... More

Product • By heroalheroal C 50 GD

heroal C 50 GD

The facade system heroal C 50 GD (Glass Design) offers architects and planners completely new possibilities. Thanks to the use of a glass fin, which takes on the static task of the traditional aluminium mullion, a particularly narrow view width is achieved. At the same time, this concept benefits from the idea of reflection in two ways: the view width of the mullion is visually reduced on the inside while the installation depth of the mullion is decreased on the outside. This opens up a world of new possibilities for creating maximum transparency – even on large surface areas up to a height of 5 metres. Optionally, the glass fin can be individualized with LEDs and decorated panels. More

Project • By AOEPavilions

Shanxiao Sales Pavilion

Chongqing is a poetic land with half of the city, half of the mountain and trees cover thousands of miles. The project is located in Nanshan, Chongqing. Nanshan, located on the south bank of the Yangtze River in Chongqing, has a wealth of tourism resources including natural scenery, cultural landscape, and specialties. In recent years, Nanshan has successively appeared some commercial buildings with cultural connotations such as bookstores and homestays. These buildings are simple in design and distinctive in shape, which has made Nanshan gradually become a synonym for elegant and introverted. And its artistic conception corresponds to Tao's poetry.In people's haunt I built my cot;Of wheel's and hoof's noise, I hear not. How can it leave o... More

Project • By ONE-CU Interior Design LabOffices

Shenyang China Overseas • Wang Jing Mansion Sales

ONE-CU creates a real estate sales center based on thinking on community, space and people “Sun shines through leaves, casts mottled light and shadows, and fills the wood color-dominated space with warmth, vigour and natural ambience,” the design team said.   Endowing commercial space with public attributes In many cases, the design of real estate sales centers in China is luxurious, magnificent, aesthetic and locally relevant, but lacks intimacy and the atmosphere of daily life.   ONE-CU, a design studio excels at interior design practices in real estate field, believes that as a carrier of urban lifestyles, property sales centers should be made more human-friendly and intimate through practical design strategies... More


HARMAY Beijing Flagship Store

Hear ye, hear ye! HARMAY, our favourite online cosmetics retailer, has landed in Beijing.   Beijing headquarters are big time, and it seemed right to go in with a bang— 650m2 of bang, to be exact. Like their other two locations, the Beijing shop is true to brand’s vision and its clientele. It is a sophisticated, fun, and very hands-on retail experience. Stepping into one the online retail giant’s physical stores is designed to be like stepping behind the scenes: The products, distribution, and delivery process are all put out for the consumer to engage with. Like a show, we all have a role to play.   The new warehouse is spread out over two floors, where there is a gaping void —quite literally, we hacke... More

Project • By Renzo Piano Building WorkshopUniversities

Citadel University Campus

The citadel is a pentagonal defensive fort, commissioned by Henri IV and built by Jean Errard de Bar-le-Duc at the beginning of the 17th century. It occupies a key area of the city of Amiens, on the northern bank of the river Somme, between the historic city centre and the northern quarters. Occupied by the army, who forbade public access until 1993, it was the subject of an architectural competition in 2010. The idea was to restore the fort and give it a place at the heart of city life by installing a university campus for 4,000 students (part of l’Université de Picardie Jules-Verne [UPJV]), at the centre of a vast new public space.   The conversion and re-opening of the citadel, the restoration of its three historic ga... More

Project • By Atelier Li XiaodongMuseums

Dragon Boat Museum

The project site lies within the Shunfeng mountain park, embraced¬ by picturesque lake and mountains.   To celebrate the tradition of dragon boat festival of the place, the architect has laid the primary volume of the museum above the lake, intending to create a poetic sense to bring human, architecture and nature together. Using steel as main structure for the two-storey building, the museum is in 50 meters long and 13 meters wide. Though with strong and masculine language expressed by the steel structure resembling the energy of dragon boat race, the curvy veranda and façade has instilled elegance and serenity into the architecture and bring perfect harmony to the place.   The building façade is covered wit... More

Project • By PLAT ASIARestaurants

Aranya Forest Dining Club

The aim of the dining club is to experience the forest that is next to the site by the shore. The first thing is to deal with the relationship between the building and the nature: by doing this we let the building in contact with the forest from three sides, which then divides the volume into three units with trees planted in between, therefore the building intersects with the forest in a harmonious way and the range of scenery viewing is maximized. The three major units are connected by a circulation block facing the community. Glass curtain walls are applied at the forest-facing facade. Light transmitting concrete is used on the side facing the community, and a layer of timber gratings sits in front of it, which hides the entrance behind... More

Project • By ARCHSTUDIOOffices

Dingshi Logistics Office Building

A compound features courtyards filled with light and shadowsThe project is an office building of a logistics company, located in an industrial park on the outskirts of a city in Northern China. The industrial park occupies a plain and expansive land area, which is adjacent to an urban road on the north and next to an unexploited urban land on the south. The office building was planned to sit at the middle of the industrial park, with pine trees, lawns and footpaths forming gardens on its north and west sides, while on the south side is a wide front court and a parking lot.The architecture is 85 meters long and 50 meters wide, stretching in east-west direction on a site of about 8,000 square meters. Considering the site is relatively large,... More