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Project • By Studio ISATransports

Skywalk at The New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station is a major transportation node with approximate average foot fall of 450,000 people daily. The Airport Express line and the Yellow line of the Delhi Metro also have a subterranean underground station at the Ajmeri Gate side in-between the railway station and the Parking building . On the surface there is the Bhav Bhuti Marg and the drop off Zone of the Railway station. ISA Project consulting Pvt LTD ( STUDIO ISA) won the competition for the design of the Bridge addressing all the requirements in a creative, unique and modular way. The highly creative architecture design firm used cutting edge technology using Grasshopper , Rhino , Unreal engine to provide a unique structure with a Zinc Fish skin roof and cover ove... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsConcert Halls


The double-curved glass façade of this music hall is fitted with 66 panels of Omega stainless steel mesh, each measuring 57 feet in length and 10 feet in width. Woven in various mesh densities with flowing transitions, the architectural mesh offers both privacy and solar protection during the day. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsWarehouses

Christie's Art Warehouse

GKD provides suitable building shell with architectural metal mesh. Christie's auction house operates a storage facility for art and exclusive objects such as jewelry and wine at the Singapore Free Port. The entire building is clad in Omega 1520 architectural mesh, the weft wires of which are coated in a dark golden color. To ensure that the outer shell of the warehouse is in keeping with the valuable goods stored inside, the architects from 3BM3 in Geneva clad the building using 211 mesh elements with a total area of 4,600 m². The ends of the mesh were curved to create loops, which were then used to attach the material. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsPrimary Schools

Ecole d'art de Calais

This art school constructed in the center of Calais was part of a large-scale revitalization effort. Its curved façade is clad in three large swaths of golden Escale metal fabric from GKD, adding a contemporary flourish to this historic city. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsConsulates

Dayton Convention Center

Flexible GKD Escale 7 x 1 stainless steel mesh enabled the construction of a unique three-story rotunda at this convention center entrance. The metallic façade is reminiscent projects a contemporary, high-tech aesthetic while providing effective solar protection and unencumbered views from inside. More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsAuditoriums

Children's Palace

Home to 20,000 students, this crescent-shaped structure features a façade of GKD Escale, a metal fabric with the flexibility to wrap compound curves while allowing the natural flow of light and air. Veiling the structure, Escale also hides utilities beneath its silver skin. More

Project • By s squared architectsHousing

The Sun-Sculpted Spiral Dream

From the words of the design team, it all started with Mr. and Mrs.Arun requesting them for a utilitarian house which should be functional and comfortable duringsummer and should have a unique aesthetic appeal to it. As a response, the architects came up with an idea of sculptural residence.The result is definitely unique and one of a kind. One does not help but notice this residence as it stands out as a graceful sculpture in silent testimony to the vision of its conceivers in the midst of other houses in the fast growing suburb. It is a simple two storey structure with seamless walls and sweeping curves. The curved exterior walls sandwich the building mass between its extended fins creating a layer of privacy andprotection. The plan of th... More

Project • By Beck + Oser ArchitektenHousing

Houses Alte Hofstetterstrasse

The two houses, which are combined in one building, continue the existing development along the slope edge and the street. They close the last existing gap in this line. The valley and mountain views remain unobstructed.   The parking spaces are arranged along the Alte Hofstetterstrasse. A short staircase leads to the entrances of the houses, where the bicycle parking spaces are located in a covered room under the parking. On the spaciously glazed ground floor with living, dining, kitchen and outside seating you can enjoy the view over Flüh to the monastery of Mariastein and the ruins of Landskron. On the floor above there are two rooms and the bathroom under the spectacular, multiple buckled roof shape. The sculptural stairwell... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsUniversities

Zerrenner Foundation School Unit

ULMA Architectural Solutions has supplied and installed 12,000 m2 of Vanguard range in the educational complex in the city of Sete Lagoas, Brazil.Sete Lagoas School has been built on a large plot on Avenida Cornélio Viana, on the outskirts of the city, with the landscape of the Sierra de Santa Helena as a backdrop.The studio of the architect Gustavo Penna was responsible for its construction.The entrance curved facade, its main architectural featureSeen from the main road, the complex is defined by the curve facade of the extensive entrance, which acts as a welcome gesture and takes it shape from ULMA’s Ventilated Facade system. The project is full of meanings and is based on the idea that different activities can coexist in harmony; theref... More

Project • By Eisenman ArchitectsCultural Centres

Cidade da Cultura de Galicia / City of Culture of Galicia

The City of Culture is a new cultural center for the Province of Galicia in northwestern Spain. Its design evolves from the superposition of three sets of information. First, the street plan of the medieval center of Santiago is overlaid on a topographic map of the hillside site (which overlooks the city). Second, a modern Cartesian grid is laid over these medieval routes. Third, through computer modeling software, the topography of the hillside is allowed to distort the two flat geometries, thus generating a topological surface that repositions old and new in a simultaneous matrix never before seen. The original center of Santiago conforms to a figure/ground urbanism in which buildings are figural, or solid, and the streets are residual... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERSecondary Schools

Holland Park School

With the brief to create a building that neither looked nor felt like a school, Aedas Architects designed the high profile school in west London where 1,500 pupils can be taught in a very modern and flexible teaching environment.The six-storey school building with its unusual façade, is wrapped with an undulating skin of bronze and copper fins that extend along its western façade and over the roof to engulf the building. To the east elevation, the fins give way to a curved brise soleil made of 2,200 m² of architectural wire mesh by Haver & Boecker.The wave-like wire mesh cladding made of architectural weave type EGLA-MONO softens the geometry of the building and creates an effective aesthetic sun protection screen in front of the classr... More

Project • By UNStudioUniversities

Music Theatre

The relationship between music and architecture is a classical one. Too classical for our times, may be the thought of many contemporary architects. But that is not our view; UNStudio likes classical with a twist… The theme of the acoustic space, explored for its dramatic potential by Le Corbusier and Xenakis is still to us a topic of fascination and incredible potential today. And since the MUMUTH theatre belongs to the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and is therefore a place where young musicians receive their instruction in the performing and musical arts, it seems to us even more appropriate to let the architecture communicate that this is a building in which music lives. This desire to make a building that is as much... More