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Project • By Adam Knibb ArchitectsHousing

Harts Farm

With our Harts Farm project, we delved deep into the sites history, character and surrounding buildings, and noticed the strong farming past which is commonly associated with the area. Along with a barn influence, the proximity of the large neighbouring barn lead us to design a building which took a contemporary stance on a traditional form. Although contemporary in form, the proposal takes on a sensitive approach in order to respect the historic character of the area and the Grade II Listed status of Harts Farm Building.  The materials proposed also reference back to the existing agricultural buildings. Timber slats are orientated to represent traditional barns and along with a more poetic contemporary idea that they mimic the surrou... More

Project • By samo architect studioApartments

Pixel Residential building

Pixel, a five-story house with a different skyline ... As the home is the most basic starting point for man and his physical understanding of the world around him From the architect's point of view, seeing this design, a definition of a house should be made in mind In this case, the architect has designed the house according to the child's simple view of the word "house". Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Product • By AngoFalong


FALONG is outdoor wall light designed by Ango x Dots Design Studio. Forms found in nature such as the hexagonal structure of the honeycomb, snowflake formations, and the structure of bubbles are all creations that nature has developed as extraordinarily efficient systems. In the Falong series, the complexity of bubble structures has been refined and reimagined to form three-dimensional pieces, where light is reflected and refracted between the light source and the structure of the light body.   Falong is an exciting sculptural lighting collection that similarly brings a unique marriage of modern metallurgy and machining with age-old hand forming techniques carried out by master craftsmen.   Credit image : Bangkok Design Week... More

Project • By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)Offices

Neo Children Clinic

The project was to design a Children’s clinic. The requirements were to create a reception, waiting area, Doctor’s consultation room and a day care space with a single bed and seating space for the care taker. inclined studio We went for an open plan concept. Partitions were used as envelopes to define spaces. Partitions could be moved, as and when required. inclined studio The space is being used by the kids.  We wanted to make it playful, easy and fun to be. As Doctor’s clinic are generally intimidating for children. The children who generally come to visit the Doctor are unwell. We wanted the space to be warm and inviting to make them feel comfortable, secure and happy. inclined studio The Clinic... More

Product • By Andre Restelli DesignSilla Clip

Silla Clip

Made with steel and leather by hand from Mexican artisans, the Clip chair was born from the experimentation of forms that are achieved from the unfolding of a single metal piece; Just as unfolding a clip... More

Project • By VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanismSports Centres

Aquatics Centre Paris 2024

The architectural team of VenhoevenCS and Ateliers 2/3/4/, in cooperation with Bouygues Batiment Ile de France, Récréa, Dalkia and an extensive team of consultants, has won the competition to design the new Aquatics centre in Paris that will be completed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It’s the only building that will be built for the Olympics Games of 2024 and includes a new pedestrian bridge that connects it with the existing ‘Stade de France’. The winning design contributes to an unforgettable experience of the Games in Paris. But, perhaps even more importantly: after the Games, a beautiful and innovative sports centre will remain for the inhabitants of Saint-Denis, Paris. Proloog The facility is d... More

Project • By RENSONOffices


Hilverdaflorist Offices, The Netherlands  - Structure coated linarte façade sections. -(Straight Even 25). Linarte Wall cladding. With Linarte, façades or façade sections can be finished to create a sleek whole using vertical profiles in various designs, both inside and outside. Gates or doors can also be clad with Linarte, allowing them to blend seamlessly into a uniform façade. Caption The façade system offers many design possibilities thanks to the various vertical aluminium façade panels that can be used and the integration options for, among other things, doors, lighting, logos and fire extinguishing facilities. Linarte is available in virtually all finishes, such as RAL, NCS, co... More

Project • By Dazhou And AssociatesShops

M Pavilion

M Pavilion is located in the lobby of an office building in Xuhui District, Shanghai, a coffee shop design commissioned by the Chinese famous coffee brand M Stand. In order not to disturb the daily operations of the building, we proposed two strategies at the beginning of the design process: a rapid construction and a light touch to the site. Then a delicate and decent scaffolding pavilion came into being. Fangfang Tian A Light Box  Be light. We hope to bring relaxation and joy to people in a rigorous working atmosphere through a light form. The heavy volume above is in sharp contrast with the slender structure components, and the translucent skin attracts people to walk in. Slightly cantilevered floor makes the light-filled box... More

Product • By Andre Restelli DesignSilla Oliva

Silla Oliva

Handcrafted by Mexican artisans, the Oliva chair shows a slight design that recreates some gestures from the Mexican traditional chair; The leather pleach of its seat and the fluent form of its structure create a balance between traditional and contemporary design. More

Project • By Fusion DesignApartments

Z-house: a little attitude about life

Culture is derived from nature. From the theories of rare and exotic animals in the Classic of Mountains and Rivers, to the “Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism”, which was once a cultural orthodoxy, to the poetry of the Tang and Song dynasties, the connotation of Chinese culture is almost all related to nature. Fusion Design felt the traditional heritage inherited from Chinese culture, and created a free space for Z in Shenzhen with a tropical monsoon climate. In the busy city, focusing on enjoying one's own life is Z's attitude to life and a kind of wisdom about life. Caption Caption SPACE-Harmonious “Ordinary hermits live in the mountains and forests, but real hermits live in the noisy city. “ People wh... More

Project • By Geometrium Design StudioHousing


Hall A spacious hall with a full-length wardrobe and a console for small things. The wish of the customers was to make a third of the cabinet for children's clothes with a special distribution of shelves. A console with a backlight and a mirror is an accent, a decorative lamp brings a little humor to the rigor of the forms. Panels to the left of the console with a hidden door to the pantry. The slope is traditionally finished with slate. A hidden door leads to the laundry room.  The hall is separated from the general area by a translucent Rimadesio rack partition, which allows daylight to penetrate. Nick Rudenko   Kitchen-living room and dining room. The space of the living room, dining room and kitchen is combined into... More

Project • By archoffice | architecture & construction officeOffices

Neshat Office

Due to the location of the land and the volume of the building, an attempt was made to form the initial concept in such a way that it came out of the shape of a rectangular cube and had full and empty spaces and facade according to Iranian architectural patterns. Caption On the other hand, due to the existence of a neighboring brick building and the fact that brick is one of the main elements of Iranian architecture, it was decided that the total volume of the building be made of brick. Caption The openings are designed in such a way that while observing the proportions of Iranian architecture as much as possible express the type of interior space so that behind the window The triple rooms are located in the main hall, or behind... More

Project • By Cristina La Porta StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Rivera

Villa Rivera is an imaginary home inspired by the 80s in the iconic city of Miami.  The predominant colors are peach, beige and mint; a large swimming pool covered with white tiles covers almost the entire outdoor area. Caption The tiles are a fundamental element of the design, since they are also brought back inside, creating a connection between the two areas, which is even more emphasized by the presence of large sliding windows, which allow you to divide the interior and exterior only partially. Caption The house follows organic and inorganic shapes at the same time: there are straight lines in many points of the house, but most of the details are characterized by curved, soft or circular lines. Caption In fact,... More

Project • By Gydey Valery ArchitectOffices

The office and hotel complex.

The project of an office and hotel complex in the center of Odessa 2019.I proceeded from the task of carefully inserting a new building into the historical context of the city on the site of an old, emergency building. For increased comfort of the complex and to unload the city center, a multi-level parking has been developed.  Caption Expecting that the city authorities and architects of the city would be skeptical about such a contrasting introduction of the proposed building into the existing historical environment of the city,  I simultaneously developed, without a significant change in the planning solution, the second version in the  Renaissance style with a minimal risalit and the third version with a classical p... More

Project • By gon architectsApartments


Renovation of a penthouse in the Chueca neighbourhood In the last twenty years, during which Andrés had occupied a room in his sister's house, he kept in the storage room all those objects and design furniture that he had been collecting. In May he called me for a coffee after having signed a deal to buy an 84 m2 penthouse on Calle Pelayo for 210,000 euros. Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán y Rocío Romero) Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán y Rocío Romero) Gonzalo, now I want to live alone. I need a lot of light and darkness to sleep. I hate air conditioning. I work at home on weekends and meet with people although I never have parties. I collect contemporary art. I like to eat in the kitch... More