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Product • By MoreLAX table

LAX table

Referencing familiar forms, combining new surfaces and a mix of materials, linking to Danish and Italian styles. That is our LAX collection.The X-legs have taken on a substantial role, shouldering the tobacco-lacquered steel frame on a solid board made of smoked oak. It is three centimeters strong, tapering to one centimeter at the edges. More woods and styles are available.  More

Project • By Doblle ArquiteturaHousing

New House - A new way to live

The project was conceived as a study of different alternatives for a refuge residence that at the same time can be replicated in different situations, such as countryside, beach or even in the same urbanized centers. Hence the proposal to make a modular structure in which it is easy to assemble and standardized manufacture, seeking greater precision and generating less waste, this makes our proposal sustainable and less aggressive with the environment. The aim of the project was to propose the primitive shape of the house: open to the landscape. The play of lights and shadows enriches the transformative perception of the house, as volumetry we have a subtle square box that does not interfere with nature and can also integrate with the diff... More

Project • By MAD ArchitectsOffices

Cargill office in Russia

Moscow based architectural bureau Mad Architects has developed a project of the new Cargill company’s office – one of the leaders in the global agriculture and food supply industry. New department of the corporation is located in the center of Krasnodar andin the office with area of 1800 sq. meters. Design-code of the space is based on the “Floral” motifs, ideas of comfort and naturalness. The concept opens with a live phytocomposition made from real wheatears. It is located behind the reception desk. In addition, there is ribbed walls and big lamps.  Various design elements are also made with natural colors such as aquamarine, brown and verdigris. At the same time, the office filled with natural light which gi... More

Project • By Sergey Estrin Architectural StudioOffices

Eurasia Tower Business Center

The field of activity for architects were public spaces of the 70-floor tower, as well as several halls and lobbies, located on the first floor. That is a kind of a complex of the connected entrance areas with the reception desks. Also Architects made the underground parking lobby with a total area about 4000 m2. The influential eco theme was chosen as a basis for the interior solutions: it is manifested in the selection of materials and in the way the space is shaped. Architects came up with the idea to make the interior look like the real forest filled with light. It came out gentle and emotional: as if the light is streaming through crowns of threes. Surrounded by rigid cold urban shapes the space is alive and sensationally pl... More

Project • By van Keulen Ontwerp BA register interieurarchitectuurShops

Bakery Huissen

This design was about moving into a new building. We tried to move and use as many excisting elements into the new location. Just so we had to minimize the materials and financial investment, yet making a fresh and industrial bakery. The new location was a lot bigger, which resulted in a nice seating area, to have a cup of coffee and a nice sandwich. By placing the seating area and the front of the store, people get drawn in and see the comfortable cozy charisma. It wasn't just about re-using materials, also new regrowable materials were used. By adding LED lights into the cable trays, we created a friendly looking bakery. More

Product • By Cult of DesignRONDINI HOME


Modern and environmentally friendly furniture for you and your children. Made from natural materials. More